12 October 2010

Featured Blogger: Katherine

Katherine was one of the winners of my 200 Followers Giveaway. Her prize was to be featured on HorseFeathers, so here's her interview and review. :)

OT's Review: Katherine's blog Observations on Becoming is lovely little nook in cyberspace. Katherine is obviously very dedicated to her religion and blog about it frequently. I especially love the little quote she has as part of her profile: "Pursue Love!" 1 Corin. 14How thought-provoking and heart-warming!

Katherine's Interview:

What to you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy reading,writing,singing, playing piano,laughing,and spending time with friends and family.

How would you describe yourself (both physically and personality-wise)?
I am about average height, light/dark brown hair and eyes, and tan skin. Personality wise, I'm a quiet, shy person in general, except when I'm with close friends and family. I am a very passionate and practical person, which can be kind of conflicting at times. :p Compassion and justice are very important to me, but most of all G-D and living for Him is what drives me.

Why do you blog?
I blog because this life is an everyday journey, and as human beings we can share,encourage, and enjoy with one another, and writing on my blog is a way to do that. Also, it's a way for me to write how I want to and about whatever I want to. But the main reason I started a blog was to encourage other young ladies.

How has blogging helped you grow as a person?
I have learned to not care so much about what people are going to think about my personal opinions and beliefs, and that it's my blog, my right. ;) Letting go of fear of people's thoughts about you is a big thing, and blogging has helped me with that.

Is there anything you want your readers to take away after reading your blog? What message do you want to communicate?
Yes. I would love if young girls felt empowered, loved by G-D, encouraged, and open to themselves. I want to communicate is that G-D loves us, we should love ourselves, so that we can love others. So to answer both questions- love. :)

Lovely! Head on over to Observations on Becoming and follow if it strikes your fancy.

And now, dear readers, I must proceed to the dreaded Third Period. Oh, how I absolutely despise schooldays. :(


  1. Thanks Olive Tree!
    Great interview. I've checked out her blog--it's awesome! Nice posts Kathrine, your blog is super.
    God bless

  2. I think that for the most part, it was a pretty good interview :-)

  3. Thanks again, Olive Tree!

    many blessings,

  4. That was a great interview. I enjoyed reading it!


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