11 October 2010

Waiting for Winter

I know, I know — how crazy am I? It's not even Halloween yet and I'm already talking about snowmen and carols. What can I say? I'm like one of those department stores that puts up Independence Day decorations at Easter.

Yes, I'm talking about a new look for HorseFeathers.

It's snazzy, it's clean, it's fresh... it's been approved by a panel of judges I invited to see the test blog (thanks, judges!). And now I come to you with a very important question.


Personally I want to install it RIGHT NOW because it's so amazing, but I realize that we're a far cry from winter at the moment, however cold it is.

So here's what I thought. I'll give you guys two weeks to vote on the new poll to the side. Let me explain the choices:

1. Right After Thanksgiving.
For me, that marks the end of fall. So even though there's pumpkin pie left over in the fridge, winter hath come as soon as the relatives leave.

2. When the First Snow Falls.
What's more wintery than snow? Usually up here in the Land of Frigidness, we get snow quite early... but this has been a warm summer (global warming, hahah) so I doubt we'll get snow before Thanksgiving.

3. December 1st.
Simple enough: it's in between the Solstice and Thanksgiving, a median time.

4. Winter Solstice.
December 21st is this year's winter solstice. Gosh, that's almost Christmas... so late!
To me, winter solstice isn't the beginning of winter, it's the middle of winter. But you may have different opinions.
(Whispers: the new look is far too awesome to wait that long!)

Help me! Vote on the poll...

Oh, fine. The new look can't wait until then. Here's a teeny little sneak peek...

By the way: thank you all for your kind words yesterday. I'm so glad HorseFeathers means something to you all!


  1. I voted for after thanksgiving! lol,Cause that's when I'll probably do mine! And I can't wait to see your new look! :)

  2. Ooh, how awesome! I voted for "After Thanksgiving"--I can't wait much longer than that! :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  3. I have to say, the winter look looks amazing! No lie! :) I'm excited to see it.

  4. I think right after thanksgiving... that's probably when I'll instal mine too :)

    Oh.... Your header looks awesome!!! From what i can see you are using your awesome tea cup picture from your esty shop!! I'm in love with that picture ;)


    p.s. just to let you know that giveaway you told me you'd sponsor is going on oct. 11 - 18, and I was wondering if you will ship to only the USA?

  5. I voted after snow falls! You know why? Because we don't know when that will happen! :D (Kind of exciting, eh?) But after Thanksgiving would be great too!

    BTW, the winter look looks AWESOME!

  6. I'm posting my look for winter (that I made in September :D) when the first snow falls, because snow is important in my design and it would look weird if it didn't have snow. But if it doesn't snow before the middle of December, I'm just going to post it then.

    Can't wait!


  7. I love the sneak peek of the winter look! It looks awesome. :D

  8. Ooh, can't wait! It looks awesome. :)

    And I realized you didn't publish my previous comment--I understand. If you don't agree with me, than I can't make you. I hope we can still be blog friends. :)

    I voted for After thanksgiving. I want to see that look as soon as possible.

    By the way, could you, on halloween, post pictures of you costume (if you dress up)? I love to see costume photos. :)

    Sorry for such a long comment.


  9. Winter Solstice for me... I'm just weird like that. Every season for me starts on the official day. *sigh* I've never seen snow. Oh well...

    Bleah Briann

    P.S. The new deisign looks like its gonna be EPIC! Can't wait. :)

  10. WHAT?! Change the look! Oh, okay.... I'm sure it'll look lovely and I'm excted to seeit but I love this look :) If the current design was a piece of clothing {hypethetically speaking!}, I'd totally ask for it as a hand-me-down :P I really like it! :)

  11. I voted for right after Thanksgiving, cause that's to me when the winter/Christmas season starts. I can't wait to see it--the preview is gorgeous!!!:)

  12. I have no idea when Thanksgiving is, other than the vague notion that it's a Thursday in November. I'd say mid-November is a good time to get all wintery! If you can fit it in around NaNoWriMo. If not, December 1st.

  13. I am just like that... can't wait until winter. I voted for after Thanksgiving, because for me that's when winter and the holiday season really begins.

  14. Now. Who cares if it isn't winter? Mother natures not stopping me from doing the things I love? Why should we abide by her rules? Eh? :) So to sum up. I think now. :P

  15. cool blog!

    i follow you now!~ =D


  16. I can't wait,you always come out with great stuff:):):)


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