28 November 2010

"Words for Snow" Art Contest

*sighs with happiness*

Well, dear readers? It has been exactly a month since my November design was installed and I thought I'd combine the previously cozy feel of HorseFeathers with the sleeker look from last month's design.

I'm especially in love with this little quote I found:
The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them; there ought to be as many for love.
~ Margaret Atwood
And in honor of winter and all its names for snow — and reaching over 300 Followers! — I am going to host a little contest. I was thinking about doing a writing contest, but I decided I'd rather leave it open to all art forms.

1. Your art may be in the following forms:
short stories (800 words or less)
digital artwork (including digital scrapbooking)
music (three minutes or less)
video (three minutes or less)
If I have missed one, please comment and ask if your art form is okay.

2. Your art must have something to do with winter. Whether or not it encompasses snow, winter must play a part in your artwork.

3. You must finish and submit your art by December 18 December 31. Winners will be announced on January 1 after being judged by myself and my dear mother (who has her college degree in art, by the way).

4. Please keep it clean — I am okay with mild profanity in your writing but as the finished product will be posted here on HorseFeathers, please don't write anything too nasty.
And please keep all other artwork nice and family-friendly, too.

5. One entry per person, please. If you enter multiple times you will be disqualified.

The winner of this lovely contest will receive a $50 gift certificate to Robin Blogs.
This includes the cost of any scrapbook kit used to design your blog up to $6.00.
You can use this certificate yourself, give it to a friend, or use it in your own giveaway. (At the moment I am not sponsoring any giveaways for a while so this would make an excellent prize!)

It's easy! Just put a post on your blog with either a photograph of (for visual art) or the actual story/poem (for written word). Then link up with the gadget below this post and ta-da! You're all set.
If you'd like to include a little story or explanation to go along with your entry, that is lovely. In fact, it's encouraged. Why does your entry remind you of winter?

I think that this contest is going to be a lot of fun! So go, link up! And if you care to spread the word, feel free to take the code for the snazzy little button shown earlier in the post:


  1. You know that I LOVE the look, Liv dear! Eek! How wintry! :)

  2. coolio :) i might just enter!

    and congrats on the 300 followers! you totally deserve 'em!

    blessings always & forever,
    anna :)

  3. I totally love the new look!!! :)

    I could do any of the 'art forms' but I think I'm going to do the jewelry one, because I have an amazing idea!!!

    I look forward to more of your amazing posts!

    much love,

  4. LOVE the new look! You're really good at graphic design. :)


  5. what if you dont have a blog?

  6. GORGEOUS new look! Oh goodness, I love it. :)

  7. i loooved the idea of the contest!! i really think i'm going to participate! :) i would like to use photography, but i have a question... well i live in florida, so no snow... can i take a picture even if it doesn't have 'real' snow but that symbolizes winter?! :) and i looved the new layout too!

  8. I will most likely enter ;)
    And this look is so cool!

  9. Hey,
    Could it be a song? even though I'm totally not going to enter any songs, I'm just wondering if it could be music?

  10. Cute idea! I just put your button on my sidebar, I'll have to enter later. ;)

  11. That sounds like fun! I have one minor problem though... I am an Aussie, and it's the middle of summer here! Oh well!

  12. Wow, amazing new look! Love it to bits.
    It looks so....winter-y! Such pretty colours too.
    We have got so much snow here in the UK. Have you got any in the US?
    God bless

  13. I've got three things to say...

    1. Congratulations on NaNoWriMo! I hope you had an *amazing* time. :)
    2. I love the new design! It's so...wintery. ;)
    3. I will definitely be joining the contest, as soon as I can get my hands on a pretty photograph capturing winter's beauty (hmm...no snow...yet). :)

    Swirly Girl xx

  14. Sounds exciting!
    I'm terrible at ever entering anything on time but maybe I might with this. At least, I hope so. :)

  15. Congratulations on 300 (now 312) Followers! :)

  16. Cheese-head: You could provide a link directly to your entry. :)

    Gaby (and Brittany-Amelia): Certainly! Whatever says "winter" to you personally.

    Iris: Oh, good point. I've extended it to song and video.

  17. I love the new look! It's really cute!


  18. I love the new look Olive Tree! (Or should we start calling you Olivia?)


  19. Hi Olivia! I had a question, if you win do you have to submit a lot of personal info for the $50 or is it just like a coupon code?

    I love the look and I love your blog!


  20. Danielle: Neither. I'll just email you a little certificate you can present upon your purchase. I'll keep a record of how much has been used until it's all gone.

  21. I've entered! My entry is at the bottom of that post.


  22. Thanks for the great opportunity :)

  23. Hi there - I would love to join in with your challenge - my post will be published tommorrow.

  24. I LoVe lOvE LoVe the new look of your blog, Olivia! I am also really excited about entering into your contest.

  25. I'm trying to enter but there's not a submit button or anything... :(

  26. It won't let me enter since I don't have an image. :/ Is there any other way I can submit my poem?

  27. Brooke, just use your header image or something. :)

  28. Okay, I entered. Sorry I was confused. I should have realized that the picture was just so it could show I entered. LOL!

  29. The linky list is closed... does that mean the contest is over?

  30. Nope, it's open until the 31st. There must have been a glitch, it's fixed now.

  31. Going to enter!! This is a great and fun idea! Can't wait to find out who the winner is.. :)

  32. Thanks for the contest, Olivia! I found your blog through another participant, and was so excited. :) Congratulations on your large number of followers! I love your passion for snow.

  33. Hey Olivia! I was wondering if instead of using the linky, can I send it to you as an attatchment through email? My blog is temporarily closed and this would definitely be more convienent for me =]

  34. I've entered the contest "Words for Snow".
    I'm Amy's Life.......I had a really hard time choosing just one photo.
    Here's another Post of Winter that I LOVE!!!


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