05 December 2010


Yesterday I went to Boston to celebrate my friend Sammy's birthday (her 'party' was a shopping trip). There was four of us: me, Sammy, her friend Megan, and Hayley (with the short hair).

I was so proud of my scarf and peacoat outfit. Little did I know literally half the population of Boston was wearing peacoats and this exact same scarf.

For lunch, we stopped by one of the adorable restaurants on the way into Boston — New England people know what I mean.
 Above: Megan and her beautiful eyes.

 Above: Hayley.

Above: The birthday girl and her mozzarella stick. Ignore the creepy orange light in her eyes; they're really a lovely brown.

Mmm. Pizza.

I *love* this photo. I don't know why, but it's just so kitschy and awesome. I love it.


We walked all the way from Urban Outfitters to the Little Italy area... that's like five miles!

Above: The subway we dashed into to warm up halfway through our long walk.

We walked in from the Gucchi store (oh how I wish I was a billionaire!) into this shopping mall where people spray-painted so they looked like bronze statues were singing carols. And there were 8-foot-wide ornaments hanging from the ceiling.

Awesome local market...

...And our amazing Italian restaurant. With very Italian customers. VERY Italian. (Except for us. There is me who is Irish by heritage, there's Hayley who's British way way back [I think...], there's Megan who's father is totally Scottish but has a British accent, and there's Sammy who's half-Indian, half-American.)

It was fun and I spent altogether too much  money. Huzzah for Boston! (The drive — 3 hours each way — was worth it.)


  1. Oh how fun! Wish I could go shopping in Boston, looks like a lot of fun! By the way, I just *love* the photos! :)

  2. P.S. The first two pics of you are gorgeous! You could seriously be a model. =)

  3. Awesome photos :D

    how do you get the picture to have all of those little dots, like in the christmas tree picture? I don't know exactly how to explain it.

  4. reply to your comment: So now I feel dorky for saying that. Hello! What do you model for?

  5. Awesome pictures, Olivia! That sounds like so much fun. We went to Boston when I was eight years old, but I just remember a TON of walking.

  6. I love the one of the lights of the cars :) why did you delete the post of the Scavenger Hunt? xx

  7. The bokeh shots are amazing! Great job overall!!

  8. i love those pictures!!! looks like such fun! :)

  9. Anna Gray: I'm freelance; I work for whoever will hire me. I've done catalogs, TV ads — I was even cast in the Taylor Swift music video for "Mine". I'm one of the diner girls, one with the curly hair in the beginning. ;)

  10. I love those photos! They are SO beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Looks like you had lots of fun! =)

  11. Beautiful photos as usual! And I adore your outfit. As usual.

  12. Reply to comment: Ahhh, I saw you! How did you get cast? Did you go through an agency?

  13. AMAZING pictures!! I LOVED your outfit! :)

  14. Hi Olivia!

    That's awesome that you got to go to Boston! I love your outfit by the way, it looks cute on you! :)


  15. So fun! I love Boston!
    Lol, every cold-weather city-dweller wears that outfit!

  16. Oh, that looks like SO much fun!!! Haha, I wish I were there;)

    Your outfit is adorable too. I especially like the boots.

    Are you considering modeling for a career, or are you just going to do it as a hobby or something on the side? :) It's awesome that you got to in Taylor Swift's video!! Have you ever met her personally?!

    Hope you have a blessed day,


  17. When you have pictures of yourself, do you use a tripod or do you get someone to take them for you?

  18. Beautiful photos, Olivia! You're sooo lucky to live so close(even if it is three hours)! Oh how I miss New England...


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