06 December 2010


I have a cat who is white and fluffy. I have a cat who is arguably the smallest feline alive. I have a cat named Willa and I'm going to gush about her now.

Willa turned a year old September 1, so she's full-grown. But she's teeny. Her head, large in a kittenlike way, is the size of my tight fist. And I have small hands. When she sits on my lap she barely covers one leg. Seriously. She's tiny.

She's yawning, not screaming. Don't worry. I don't torture my pets. I humiliate them and take millions of pictures, though, which from their perspective is the same thing.
But for her small size she has an alarming amount of energy. She does this curious growl-meow thing when she gets excited. She also likes tearing around the house with her tail puffed out for no discernible reason. She also likes talking — ahem, yowling — at the top of her lungs.

Yeah, that's her back leg that's in front of her face and her front paw in the back. I want to audition
 her for the role of contortionist at the circus.
Oh yeah. This is when I should mention that Willa is Siamese. As such, she has crossed blue eyes and grey 'points' on her otherwise creamy fur. I think she's beautiful. My family has had Siamese cats for as long as I can remember — literally, we have always had at least one Siamese in the house. Did you know they're the oldest breed of cat? It's true. And they're not bad for people with cat allergies like my mom; there's something in their saliva that makes them not as achoo-y.

We drove to Vermont to get Willa. From Maine to Vermont is a very. long. ways. But it was worth it. We drove through the mountains to the breeder's home (very nice people who obviously LOVE their cats, by the way) so her full name is Willa Green Mountain. She's registered as that at the vet's office. Pretty classy for such a little cat.

We have another Siamese cat, too. Her name is Daisy. She's six years old and very dark in color (she used to look like the first picture; we're not sure what happened here). When Willa first came home and we set her on the floor, she just trotted around with all the smugness of a lion cub and made herself right at home. This made Daisy quite unhappy, and for a while she'd have nothing to do with Willa. Now they're buddies. Daisy pretends to dislike Willa, but it's obvious she's 'adopted' her. Seriously. It's hilarious.
Wow. This was my room when we lived on board our sailboat Zora.
That was a LONG time ago!

Daisy and Willa have intricate rituals for their play. Willa stalks Daisy, Daisy pretends not to notice. The vice versa. Willa jumps on Daisy and they tussle a while, then scamper off and go to sleep. It's hilarious.

Willa likes watching TV. You know in that movie The Shining, where the possessed father chases the son through the maze with the axe? (Horror movie buffs, you'll know what I mean.) Well, that extremely suspenseful scene was kind of ruined by the fact that Willa saw fit to periodically jump at and bat the screen with her paw. So instead of holding our breath, we laughed. And laughed. And laughed.
Then today, I came home sick (ugh) and was watching that old flick Lilo & Stitch because we're short on DVDs. Willa was sitting on my stomach and watching the screen of my laptop intently. It was adorable.

And here she is snuggling up to my arm and obscuring my view of the computer. Love ya, kitty cat.

Am I too obsessed with my cat? Perhaps. But if you met her, you'd get it. She has too much personality for you not to love her.
And she's cute, too.


  1. She is a beautiful kitty! Personally, I adore cats. Big, little, skinny, fat, ugly, pretty, brown, blue. Yes. I promise I am not a crazy cat girl or anything...I just think they're...cuddly? We'll stick with that. ^_^

    Your other kitty, Daisy, is also completely adorable! =) I like how you put on the photo "Um, rawr." ^_^

  2. Aw, your cats are so cute! I love cats, and our family has two. They're Seal Point Siamese and are brothers. Siamese are the best.

  3. You have beautiful kitties Olivia, and her full pet name is lovely too! I have a 9 year old Bichon Frise dog named Summer's Princess Abigail. So I know all about the fanciful lovely names like your sweet Willa's full name for sure! =)

  4. Aww, they both look so cute! I wish I a pet, but sadly mom is not much of a dog person and my dad isn't much of a cat person :P

  5. Awwwe! You have such beautiful/adorable kitties! My cousin has one exactly like Daisy.... she's a Burmese, right?

  6. She's so cute! When we got our cats they were tiny- literally they were the size of my fist! I'm obsessed with my cats... and I too torture them by taking pictures. Love the post :)

  7. Aww, so cute. You take such good pictures! Oh, and I love that quote on your header. Anyways, great post:]

    Love & Blessings,

  8. There is nothing wrong with being obsessed with your cat! She is absolutely adorable! ;) I have a cat who I'm also obsessed with *cough*. We're in the middle of trying to make it so she and my rabbit live in peace together.

  9. I love Siamese cats too, but they are just too vocal for my taste! I am more of a dog person I guess, but I've had several that I absolutely loved. I've seen Siamese turn dark like Daisy, but I can't remember where. Oh well, she's gorgeous. Willa looks tiny in those first pictures (kitten pictures?), but next to Daisy she doesn't look overly small. She's adorable and I enjoyed the pictures. :)

  10. Super cute! The name is adorable! Tell Willa hello for me!(:

  11. Aww cute kitties! I have a kitty, a black and white 19 pounder named Sylvestor. He's the love of my life. XD

  12. Aww! Willa is really cute! My dog makes weird poses like that too :)

  13. Oh, Willa is SO adorable!! My cat, Opal, is half Siamese, and half British Short-hair.

    Willa's full name is adorable too :-D


  14. Awwww! I absolutely LOOOOOOVE cats, and yours are so adorable! I used to have one--I'm not sure what kind he was--but we had to put him down. =(

  15. Aww! What an adorable kitten. :) Siamese are not generally my favorite breed of cat, but for Willa I have to make an exception.

    Hugs 'n' kisses,

    Swirl xx

  16. I LOVE cats! I have two of my own (Zipper, a calico female, and Snowy, a maine-coon mix tuxedo female). I love dogs too... and birds... and mice... and a billion other animals. I'm just an animal person all-around.

    Great pictures, btw!

  17. By the way, get well soon! I'm also sick. I have a soar throat. :(

  18. Your cat i so CUTE!! I love them both already! I have a cat who is nothing like yours. she is lazy, loud and very very resentful of cameras. I would love to get a kitten to get my cat off her feet but my cat doesnt really like..... any other living thing :P

  19. Aw, Willa and Daisy are so cute together! I remember when you first announced getting your little fluff-ball, and WOW, how she's grown! Thanks for sharing their adorable pics!



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