21 December 2010

Christmas Cards

It's traditional to send out a holiday card with photos of your family. But my family has kind of slacked off in that area for many years... so this year, I decided to remedy that.

It was sent around by email and I had lots of fun with it. I crowded my family, two cats (who are indoor cats and thus were very unhappy with this arrangement) and one of our ten hens onto our porch and used my good old friend self-timer to take our portrait. Then I went back inside, petted my quaking kitties, and got to work on this card.

The photo was originally wayyyyy overexposed, but I think it fixed up pretty well.

How about you? What did your family card look like? Link up, link up! If you designed it and it's pretty you could be featured.


  1. Awe, that's cute! I'm glad you fixed the problem. :D


  2. cuuute! i really like your Christmas card :)

  3. spectacular! We didn't even send out cards this year :P

  4. Pretty neat, you amazing graphic design-html lovely! :)

    I'm having a photography challenge on my blog, if you're interested in visiting.


  5. Cool! I love it! It is a little hard to tell that the chicken is a chicken (just because of the exposure) but you fixed it up great!

  6. I love that Olivia! My family has tried to do one every year, but my mom makes them. She is a graphic designer, so they are usually pretty good. (bragging on my mom :) We can never do group shots either because there is too many of us! But, I love how you added some of your pets into the picture. Great idea!

  7. I'll post it on my photo blog, and blur out our last name, is that okay?

  8. Pretty! I bet you hear this a lot, but you look like your mom :)

  9. That is adorable! You, of course, look gorgeous and have very friendly looking parents. ^_^

  10. P.S. I will link up! I am going to send my Christmas card to some people via email and put it on my blog as well. ^_^

  11. That Christmas card is really sweet!
    My Dad makes a Christmas card with our family photo on it and individual photos of all of us each year!
    I don't design them cause Mum and Dad like to do that :)

  12. Very pretty! Our Prime Minister sent out one of those family cards, does that count? I've never done a picture card, my family are extremely unphotogenic and there's a snobby attitude towards it here anyway.

  13. Your Christmas cards are adorable. I just got a Christmas card in the mail yesterday from an internet friend that's VERRYYY creative. He's an artist, and had he not put his company logo on the back of it, I would've never known he had made it. It was quite awesome.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)
    ~ Heather Joy

  14. I made a card sort of like yours, which is on this post: http://megan-thelifeofagirl.blogspot.com/2010/12/christmas-pictures-and-presents.html



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