22 December 2010

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel (aka, The Little Black Dress Post)

Whether you're going to a family get-together or a cocktail party, it's always fun to get dressed up. Clothes, hair, makeup... being fancy is fun.

In my opinion, every girl should have a little black dress. Mine is from American Eagle. It's actually a dark, dark blue with small velveteen diamond shapes on it (see inset). It has hidden pockets (which is handy) and is convertible so you can remove the straps and have it be strapless too. (Personally I think strapless, short dresses make your torso look funny, but it's an option.) In short, it has everything. Unfortunately, it's also not available any more. But you get the gist.

In the past four days I've worn it three times. Once to a family gathering, once to a formal party, and once to school. The best thing you can do to a staple dress is make it versatile.

Family gathering...
blurry but you can see the jeans...

Formal party...
(bad photos coming up... low light hates me)

with my momma

At school....
(again, bad picture... you can barely see it, but that's a new sweater which I l.o.v.e.)
That's a creepy face I'm making... o.O

See? The trick is to use accessories. A sweater and jeans or a leather belt instantly grunges down an otherwise formal dress, but sheer tights and heels make you ready for a party.
Makeup is also important. You'll notice my makeup for the two less-formal outfits is pretty much just my eyes. But for the party I put on a red lip and next to nothing on my eyes. It's all about balance.


  1. Love the outfits! I agree -- there's something very special about having a little black dress. Love the photo of you and your momma; you look so much like her! :-)

    Have a lovely day!

  2. I'm wearing my LBD today. It's so comfortable. Frankly it's kind of shapeless but it's so pretty. It hangs like a dream and it has lace detail at the hem. The sleeves can be pinned up or let loose and it works layered as well. I'm wearing it with charcoal leggings and a grey Topman cardigan {yep, Topman, not Topshop}.

  3. Very cute little black dress! I love using accessories to spice up a simple outfit.

    Merry almost Christmas!


  4. Cuuuuute outfits!!! And I love those earrings from your first post. :D

  5. OMGOSH! Can I have your hair? Your face? Your closet? haha. Seriously! You are so adorable! Love it all...

    and yeah! 2 days! WOOWOO! :)

    Love, Ky

  6. very versitile dress you have there! :D


  7. Well don't you and your momma look chic? Those are beautiful dresses and you are right, formal things are always so much fun! Dressing up, makeup, hair, pumps, ahhh. ^_^

  8. You are just the cutest thing! I adore how you adapted the dress to each look - I think my favorite is the last one :)

  9. very very cute. I love this post, because it gives me ideas on how to wear a dress three different ways.


  10. You look absolutely gorgeous in these pictures!

  11. I know that this is going to sound really random, but how tall are you? Your legs look so long in these pictures! (and pretty)

    By the way, I love the jewelry :)

  12. iGirl: I'm 5'5" or 5'6", we can't decide. But my legs are kind of disproportional to my body so they look longer. It's not a good thing some of the time... it's physically impossible for me to do the sit-and-reach in gym class. ;)

  13. *envious sigh* your so gorgeous! I was wondering if you were interested in entering a photo challenge over at my blog. Here's the link:



  14. I have two little black dresses- but since this a comment, not a post, can I do a sort of response post on my blog?

  15. That dress is gorgeous! It suits you really well and makes you look very pretty :)
    I don't have a black dress, but it would be nice to have one for winter next year.

  16. You're very pretty, Olivia!! I loved the picture of you & your Mom. I agree with Hannah; you really look like your Mom, ahaha.

    Hope you have a blessed day!


  17. Great job accessorizing for different occasions. :)

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