14 December 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

(Sorry, I just *had* to name this post with that horribly cliché title.)

My family got our tree yesterday (yes, just yesterday, we're a little behind) and I pressed my parents to decorate it that same night.

Our tree is full of eclectic and random ornaments. Some are from my parents' childhoods; others were accumulated through their and my lives. Our tree isn't sculpted or perfect; it's kind of Charlie Brown. Trees like this, bedecked in epic ornaments, have personality. More than that, they have stories.

Here's some photos. You'll notice another one in the brand-new header. I know, I know — bad Olivia switched up the look again. But I love Christmas too much to let it go by undecorated on HorseFeathers.

my awesome broken ballerina... she's so melancholy and epic

this actually *does* relate to Christmas... see here for epicness

our handmade cresh (most of our ornaments are handmade too)

amazing bokeh...

Below is my entry for my dear friend Hannah's photography contest... speaking of contests, I've extended the deadline for "Words for Snow" because I've gotten a vast — wait for it — 15 entries. Come on, guys! $50 is worth more than just 15 tries!

Aspire Photo Challenge


  1. Maybe they're waiting for the perfect picture to come across before they enter...just to make sure their's is absolutely perfect.

  2. What do you mean, a little behind? My family hasn't gotten our Christmas tree at all! :)
    And I love the ballerina picture. Happy holidays!

  3. Gorgeous photos! We have yet to get our tree...we tried to get one this past weekend, but were sadly unsuccessful.

    And I love the new look! I adore the warmer tones :)

  4. Carlotta, I totally agree! The old one made me shiver just looking at it. There's enough cold outside my window; I like my blog to be friendlier.

  5. LOVE the new look, girlie! The simplicity is paired perfectly with the vintage and whimsical feel. And wonderful entry -- TOO fun! :)

  6. Indeed, dangerous things (and photographs) can happen when I put on the Santa hat. ;)

  7. Love that last picture! So cute!

  8. First of all, love the new look! Hey - I'm all for someone changing their blog design up a lot. ;D

    What an pretty tree you guys have got too! We just have a false one (though I have tried convincing Mom to get a real one for someday).

    Merry Christmas! =)

    P.S. What is Bokeh and how do you get the look for it? ^-^

  9. Bokeh photographs are all those with bright circles in them — the first one is an example, as are the two before my contest entry/self-portrait. You make it by taking a very out-of-focus photo of a collection of bright lights. Tutorial coming soon. :)

  10. Nice pictures and beautiful design!

    For the content, I'm entering I just needed it to snow. lol It finally has, and we got out tree yesterday(too**), so I should be entering soon. :)

  11. did you extend it coz half the entries are really bad?

  12. That was rather rude, Anonymous...
    No, I extended it because I would like more entries. It's a pretty big prize, after all.

  13. I think you captured the rich essence of Christmas! I love your pics, Olivia :)

  14. Hi Olivia-
    First off, I really enjoy reading your blog and I would love to comment more often, but unfortunately I don't have a blogger acount. :( Anyway, your blog rules!

    Second, I was wondering what type of camera you use. I am asking for a DSLR for X-Mas this year and any information would be helpful, because I LOVE your photography!

    Thanks for making such a great blog!

    Marie :D

  15. Great pictures! We only got our tree on Saturday... lol We're not one of those families that does it first thing after Thanksgiving. And you're like my mom -- she likes trees that have "personality" too. I prefer things more on the perfect side, but I see how "personality" makes things unique and beautiful. :)

    And I am going to enter your contest. I have a short story that I'm finalizing. I'm very excited!

    ~Liz B

  16. Beautiful photography! For your fashion posts (threads) How about: a la mode poussin. It Means 'Fashionable Chick' in French.

    Or 'Sujets' Pronounced 'Sushae' means Threads in French. Or 'les fils' thats another word for threads in french.

  17. Trez magnifique, Olivia! I simply *adore* bokeh, and, as soon as we get our tree up (you're not the only one 'late' to do so!) I'll attempt to take some shots and add them to your contest. :)

    As for the new look, it's much cozier than the old crisp blue one. Soft reds and golds, splashed with a touch of Christmassy green, is so much warmer. What a wonderful layout!

    Warm wishes for your cold winter nights,

    Swirly xx

  18. Hey Olivia,
    I was wondering, can I enter in "Words for snow" more than once?

  19. Bridgette: No, just once, please.

  20. I love decorating for Christmas! I just threw some garland around the house yesterday. I'm quite proud with my work :D

  21. Olivia,

    I love your Christmas tree photos! We just bought ours today (yes, I know, terribly late), and I can't wait to decorate it. I especially love your cardinal-in-nest ornament - it's adorable!

    Merry Christmas,
    Queen Lucy

  22. Dang first anonymous commenter, that was pretty rude. I'm sure you couldn't do any better now could you?


  23. I want to enter, I really do, I am going to go take a pic of my entry right now (erm, soon), I made it the first day, I'm soooo sorry!

  24. Can you please make a blog post about ideas for posts? I just started blogging and can't think of anything to post about, and you seem like an expert! Thanks!

  25. Nice Tree.

    Olivia, where did you get your background from?

    ~ Laura

  26. That's a great idea, Julia! I'll add it to my list. :)

  27. Laura Isabelle: I do all my own graphic design, but the paper is originally from Memory Scraps.

    (Weird time lapse with comments there...)


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