12 December 2010

Anonymous Strikes Again.

There seems to be a rash of people commenting as Anonymous and writing long, involved, kind of rude comments. My dear friend Hannah had a similar comment. And it appears that the oh-so-spineless Anonymous has struck again, on my previous post. (Still not loving any of the names, by the way... keep trying!)

I did not publish this comment on the blog but I would like to address it here. Shall we take a look?

I don't expect you to post this as a comment but I just wanted to let you know a few things. I really like your beautiful blog design, your neat informative writing style, and your LOVELY photos, but I think you should stay away from modeling. You always look like you're trying so hard to look beautiful but really, it's not working (i am NOT saying you aren't pretty, you are. I'm saying you try to look all amazing and superior. Girl, put a smile on your face). Your outfit seems very normal, something that I would wear all the time, but you do have a good sense of fashion. It's just this outfit seems regular and not something so important to blog about. My message: Stay away from the whole modeling thing. DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I am not one of those blog hater people who purposely go around and write mean things on everyone's blogs. I LOVE your blog I just think a few things need to be altered. No one's perfect. P.S. I liked the name Olive Tree better because it seemed more original and had an interesting origin.
1: I think you should stay away from modeling.
Whoa, where did that come from?
Well, I can understand how Anonymous can be confused. Media has blown modeling way out of proportion. It's gone from (in the eyes of the world) a respectable career to a supposed world of starving Glamazons.
This. Is. A lie.
I mean, yes, you do come across anorexic models. Yes, some are snippy and like to go on America's Next Top Model (worst representation of modeling ever, by the way).
The truth? We models are honest, hardworking, talented people. Most models are also actors, including me. I do TV commercials more than still photo shoots, and I've never walked a runway. Anonymous, would you tell me to stay away from acting? I'm guessing not. Looks like someone needs to check out my post about modeling myths.
You see, Anonymous, I have been a model/actress literally since I was a baby. My first photo shoot was for a hospital when I was a tiny baby. It's a way of life for me, and I enjoy acting.
Anonymous, your comment makes me doubt that you've ever been on the set of a model/acting shoot. You obviously have a very weak perspective of what this craft truly is. Please refrain from criticizing that which you do not understand — it makes you look extremely stupid.

2. You always look like you're trying so hard to look beautiful but really, it's not working. You try to look all amazing and superior. Girl, put a smile on your face.
Well that was rude.
I'm sorry if you think I'm trying "so hard" to look beautiful. I can assure you I am not.
I mean, sure, I care about what I look like. I wouldn't leave the house having just rolled out of bed with greasy skin and such. And I assume I am not alone there!
Yet again, I can see how Anonymous could have jumped to conclusions. I am naturally a very theatrical person. Very theatrical. My normal stances (even just standing in the hallway at my locker) are thus rather extreme (according to friends). So while it looks like I'm trying wayyy to hard to pose for a photo, I'm really just standing like normal old me.
Or was Anonymous perhaps referring to my makeup? Yes, I wear makeup. But I don't wear it to try and be someone I'm not. I generally just wear a lick of mascara, to be honest. When I'm feeling funky, makeup can be my mode of expression. It's an art when done right, and you can have some serious fun with eyeliner and glitter. For me, my makeup is just another outlet for creativity.
Or maybe my lack of smile is what caught the eye of Anonymous. It's true: for that particular self-portrait session I didn't smile much. Reason? I was bone-tired. I wasn't trying to look sexy or beautiful. I wanted to share the outfit and makeup, not my face.
I am by no stretch of the imagination perfect and I don't want to masquerade as such. Any beauty you may perceive is my own, not forced or faked.

3. This outfit seems regular and not something so important to blog about.
Hmm. Not quite sure how to handle this one.
Of course this outfit is "regular". I was going to a party, and my friend's family isn't the particularly outlandish type so I decided against something crazier.
And I still posted about it, yes.
Because even when I'm not in crazy clothes, I still like to share what I'm wearing. I remember a really nice comment a while back from a girl who said that she was very uncomfortable with her fashion expression, but after looking at some of my more toned-down outfits decided to give it a shot and she was ever so much more happy for it. So I apologize if an outfit for a party isn't exactly ground-breaking material. But it's my blog.
I can post about what I like.
If you don't like it, oh dear Anonymous, you don't have to read it.

4. I liked the name Olive Tree better because it seemed more original and had an interesting origin.
Sorry, dear, that ship hath sailed. There was a poll and most people thought it was okay for me to change my name. And I feel more comfortable with my real name. I'm sure you'll survive.

5. I am not one of those blog hater people who purposely go around and write mean things on everyone's blogs. 
Maybe not, but you obviously knew your comment was offensive because you wrote that you didn't expect for it to get published. May I employ that ever-so-articulate expression: well, duh?
And this particular Anonymous (judging by his or her writing style) is smart and well-spoken. I would assume they have more brains than this.
Also, read this Anonymous comment then check out Hannah's (linked at the beginning of the post). See how similar the style is? Little red flags going up... Anonymous doesn't go around and write mean things on everyone's blogs, huh? How many other anonymous commenters are there who write long, involved, criticizing comments that are a weird mix of flattery and insult? I'm seeing a pattern here.


My point is this. Who I am, how I live, and what I post is my own business. I make some of it public on the world wide web because I'm confident about who I am and how I live.
Don't get me wrong here. I appreciate reader's comments and I do love constructive criticism. Really, it is the best way to learn! I highly encourage it, actually.
But when someone decides that they can pilot my life better than myself? I am not okay with that. Especially when our dear Anonymous doesn't have the courage to post his or her true identity.

What really cracks me up about this comment is that the whole thing seems to revolve around their warning not to model. It's just so random, it makes me giggle a little bit.

I can't decide if Anonymous is purposefully trying to upset me or not. If you are, Anonymous, rest assured that it did not work. I raised an eyebrow, yes, but my emotion beyond that is pretty limited. Mostly I just feel sorry for you.

So what do you think, dear friends? Would someone like to shed some light on what Anonymous meant? Do you agree? Disagree? Have you gotten any (ahem) interesting anonymous comments? Do we need to start a mob? (Kidding, kidding.) I'd love to hear your opinions and/or stories!


  1. Let's start a mod >:D Lol, I hate it when this happens! People say my blog is poorly made, and then they swear at me :( Maybe you should disable Anonymous comments so they have to reveal themselves. It's just a thought.

  2. I agree that if this continues I may disallow anonymous commenters. I feel that it gives people a certain freedom to speak their minds, but if this freedom is abused I'm afraid it may have to go away (on this blog, anyway).

  3. Honestly... I find it believable, but only from someone not familiar with your blog or you at all, who just saw that one post and has a tendency to worry about others. I, personally, don't think that it was intended to be hateful, just kind of... concerned and cautionary. When you mix that kind of intention with ignorance, though, it definitely comes across as hurtful. And you DO tend to be theatrical, and pose, but that isn't a bad thing :D! I'm guessing the commenter didn't realize that it was just your personality, not you 'trying too hard'. I wouldn't get too upset over it, to be honest. A lot of people tend to think they know more than they do, and while it is annoying, the world will eventually teach them otherwise. I also think disabling anonymous comments is a good idea-it is way too easy to get a Google account for people to give you grief.

  4. I think whoever it is, is crazy! You are beautiful and you don't even have to try! And I love your poses! I would never be able to do that! And I didn't comment on the outfit post but I think that out fit is so simple but so pretty too! And I like Olivia way better!

    I hate anonymous commenters. I've only gotten one mean comment and it was so hurtful I didn't even share it! It wasn't even about me but it was about one of my family members! It made me sooo mad! I feel your pain! :)

  5. On my blog, way back when, one anonymous commenter kept commenting very hurtful comments.

    so I simply did not let anonymous commenters comment. I don't know if that was the best thing to do, but it worked.

    btw, I really love your blog. today, I just kept going to your blog to see if you updated it. :)


  6. I personally like when I see your outfits,it sometimes helps others (like myself you have no idea on what goes with what) get some ideas!

    I didn't know you were a model!

    I must admit yesterday I was feeling envous and a little angry at myself( I apologize to you and God for having those feelings) But anyway I thinking ,wow,your gorgous, you take terrific photos,have a nice camera,have your blog designing buisness( I'm almost 16 and have only had no way to bring in money except birthdays),creative,and etc.... and I'm totally not! lol,you might say the blogging worl is like public school and your popular (except your not mean like in movies)!! lol,but I love your blog and I think that was a mean comment! I hope you don't get any more!

    Farmgirl @ :

  7. Oh my gosh! Do you think that they'd like it if we went on their blog and critisized something? >:( I would be *so* angry and upset if someone said that to me. And they're completely wrong, too!

  8. Though I myself don't have a blog, I am on the internet, and yes, constructive criticism is good, rude comments (like that) are just not okay. I mean, it was a bit funny how they were telling you to stay away from modeling, but really, anonymous commenter's don't seem to understand that their comments can actually hurt people. I've been seeing a lot of posts like that recently, it's sad especially since its the holidays... BTW though I didn't post on the other post, I loved your outfit and makeup! The snowflakes were really cute, and I've never seen anyone do that before.


  9. I can't believe people like that. Honestly, are they that stupid that they think you are going to change because of their one anonymous comment? Don't worry about what she said, Olivia.

  10. I actually have never had an anonymous commenter insult me on my blog. I suppose I'm lucky...=) But I know that if I got them, I would *really* not like them.

    Olivia, I liked that for the most part that you directly answered her points in a calm and controlled manner. I do think, though, that saying parts of the comment made the commenter look 'extremely stupid' wasn't quite the best thing to do.

    I think that you are an excellent and awesome girl, just the way you are! I know that the 'model stereotype' that many people have is incorrect. Your photogenic-ness is a real gift!

    Hugs & Blessings,


  11. I disagree on all that this anonymous person posted. You are a beautiful girl, and I absolutely adore your blog! I'm glad you aren't taking this as serious as you could, and honestly that comment hardly made sense. They just wanted something to post. You are a beautiful girl! I haven't gotten any anonymous comments yet, but my blog is just beginning. If I do, I'm going to strive to take it with grace, like you did. :)

  12. *shakes head* People who have time to waste posting nasty things on other people's blogs are obviously sad, strange little people. We should pray for them!!! ;)
    But yeah, blocking all anonymous users isn't a bad idea.

  13. Okay RUDE! luckily i haven't gotten any rude comments yet :P


  14. olivia-

    i am so sorry someone wrote that to you! you keep on modeling. you love it! other people are just jealous.

    blessings always & forever,
    anna :)

  15. Oh gosh, I know exactly where you're coming from. I get mean comments by the handfull. People always tell me "Omg, you're gay, you're going to hell." (Note: I'm not saying being called gay is an insult, it's just not accurate) and whenever I try to explain that I'm not gay, they call me homophobic and begin shoving their beliefs down my throat. Sigh.

  16. Wow, that's really rude!! If I didn't like what I was reading, I wouldn't have taken the time to write a comment like that:) I'd just go visit another blog, haha.

    I haven't gotten any rude comments on my blog, and hope I never do, frankly!!


    P.S. What's up with the outfit title giveaway ? *smile*

  17. Oh goodness, I strongly dislike getting those kinds of comments. Stay away from modeling???? What was anonymous thinking?! No, don't stay away from modeling. Also, don't let that comment bring you down. I know exactly how you feel...and it is not fun. Anonymous is probably jealous that you are a model. I agree with Amanda, I like seeing your outfits as well! It gives us ideas of how to wear our own clothing. Thank you for what you do on blogger; your blog is fun, inspiring, and one of my favorite blogs to come to! =)

  18. I love seeing your different outfits. We get to see you when you dress up, and when you just feel like dressing down. I'm fine with that. I also don't think that you always have to smile in pictures. We've seen you smile before. Really. We have. Maybe, you could just say once in a while, "I was tired today. Hence, I'm not smiling very much." That might get the point across a little more. Overall, though, that was personally a really rude thing to say.
    I just read Hannah's post about the comment she got, and I'm catching a resemblance!

  19. oh my word. thats so rude. seriosly whoever you are if you don't like what Olivia posts well....don't read. :P

  20. You know I'm starting to think that they were only jealous of you...lol

  21. At the bottom of your post, you said you would like people to share their stories with anonymous commenters.

    Well, once I got an anonymous commenter that was a stalker, I've had one arguing with me about a topic (and proceeded to use the "H" word), one girl told me I needed to stop posting about my friend and that my post was boring (I posted about the friend ONCE).

    Anonymous commenters can be a pain. I have considered taking the option for anonymous commenters off my blog too. But then again, I think about friends who don't have a blog and want to comment.

    Before I keep rambling on and on, I agree with Blue Jeans, let's start a mob! ;D

  22. Interesting anonymous comment. LOL I couldn't resist this!

    -Blue Jeans...well not anymore but...

  23. Olivia- You are right. This is your blog and your life. You can post whatever you want and people can chose whether or not to read it. It's terrible that someone would be so rude as be so blunt and rude.

  24. Your not alone! I recently got an anonymous comment telling me that I was okay at writing, and should do more, but put no pictures of me on there because I was an ugly *ahem*. These anonymous people have gotten really rude! And maybe for your clothes posts you could do something like "sujets" which is french for threads (Pronounced 'soo-jayz')


  25. Anonymous commenters live to hide out. I recently had a very terrible commenter who was commenting as "Anony'mouse'" and saying in a "polite" way that I shouldn't celebrate Christmas because I'm not a Christian and I don't have any reason to! She told me that I'm uninformed and that it's silly to celebrate a holiday that "belongs to Christians".
    I'm fine with religion, and I never even posted about it on my blog, but yet someone finds that out about me and tell me I don't have the right to celebrate a holiday that means a lot to me and my family!

    I think it's fine if you don't allow anonymous commenters. The only people who comment as anonymous are people who write comments like that anyway.

    Good luck! I hope you don't have any more anony"mouses". Though that gives mice a bad name, and I love mice.

  26. How rude! What a disgraceful use of the anonymous feature (which by the way is a very nice tool).

  27. *breathes heavy* GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
    Looks like we'd better all watch out for this guy as he or she seems to be making the rounds right now.

  28. It's jealousy. Plain and simple.

    Oviously the person never heard the expression "if you can't say something nice...".

    Time they crawled back under their rock I reckon.

    I get mean comments all the time but I take a rather detatched view of them these days - they don't really bother me any more because I can see right through the comments and picture the poor, spiteful person sat at home all lonely and unloved. Makes me feel sorry for them really.

    The main thing to remember about Blogland (IMO) is that you just have to be who you are. Not everyone will like you - that's fact. Hopefully those people remember their manners and leave quietly instead of going for the melodramatic long drawn out anonymous post.

    Rise above it olivia, you're a strong girl!

  29. I wish they would just stop abusing the anonymous tool. If they say it when they are anonymous why can't they say it as their blogger account. They could get lots of people accused of being the single person. I believe I saw a similar comment on on of my favorite blogs. I think your beautiful. Olivia is a outstanding name. Your outfits are superior. Your a awesome person. Don't let that anonymous get to you! I have gotten similar comments when I started blogging. This person is a hateful critic. I believe that everyone should speak, but if this gets out of hand, it should go.

  30. I'm so sorry, Olivia! How rude, butting into your life like that. NOBODY has the permission to do that, especially somebody whose name you don't even know!

    No offence to all the kind, non-Blogger Anonymouses, but whenever I see an Anonymous comment on my blog, I'm always very wary... On my photography blog, I recieved this comment:

    "um yeah great photos and your pics are very nice but I dont think you took this one cause when i zoom in on your eye i can see somebody else taking the picture."

    1. Why are you zooming in on my pictures?
    2. If a friend or relative had taken it, I would have given them credit...
    3. Ask politely if you're in doubt.

    Don't worry about what they said, Olivia. I think you're pretty AND a great model. :)

  31. Aww! So, said commenter may have been trying to say their mind but...um...WHO CARES? This is a personal space and if they have something not-so-nice to say about something kinda trivial, then forget it.

    Btw I love you sense of style Olivia, it's awesome. It's you. Not "normal". Ergh, where did that come from?

  32. That was a little rude! Why would someone do that?

    One time I got a comment on my blog telling me that I posted too many pictures of my friend!

  33. I think that if someone is going to comment as an anonymous member, they should *at least* use open ID or something and make a real name.

  34. Awww, sorry Olivia! From when I saw you on Saturday I know you are a VERY theatrical person and you are fun and crazy and you don't try to be beautiful (but you are, which I told you). I liked those pictures of you; instead of having the typical say-cheese smile, you went for the more sophisticated look, one you'd associate with someone who's serious about what they enjoy doing. I think that Anonymous was trying to rile you up, maybe for attention.

  35. "You always look like you're trying so hard to look beautiful but really, it's not working (i am NOT saying you aren't pretty, you are. I'm saying you try to look all amazing and superior. Girl, put a smile on your face)"

    Mixed messages here. First they're saying your trying to be beautiful and it's not working. Next thing they tell you you are!

    I just love your blog Olivia! Keep Writing!!

    ~Abbie =D

  36. Oh My GOSH, that`s so mean!!!!!! Personally, I luved your outfit since it was so wearable for everyday wear! I`ve gotten several mean anonymous comments in my time on Blogger, but as they say, Life goes on! So, just ignore the person(s) and roll on for the future!

    Luv your blog! :)


  37. Nature Freak-
    "Sujets" is "subjects". I can see why you thought it meant "thread" literally, because online "threads" are conversations about a subject. "Fil" is literally a "thread". :)

    Hmmm... we don't know that it's one anonymous commenter instead of a few... not like there's a bunch of anonymous commenters gathering at their house, plotting what to comment, LOL

  38. OH do not worry about it sweetie. I have been following your blog for awhile now. I am 29 and love everything about you. I shared your blog with several friends and we all can not believe how young you are. Everything about you is beautiful and YOU WILL go far in this life.

  39. for the threads contest, how 'bout 'paraphernalia', 'kleding'(dutch), 'Kleidung' (german), or 'éadaí' (irish)?

  40. What a horrible jealous person! You are amazing! in fact you are my role model because you are beautiful inside and out and you are just so great in many ways. And I think you make a great model and actor. does this Anonymous know that you were picked to be in a music video with a popular singer?... TAYLOR SWIFT!! I think it was a very rude and hurtful comment. I love the new thing you were doing,I was very exited because i love fashion and it makes me sad that you scratched the words out maybe because you don't want to do it again. But I think you should even if you aren't up to it anymore but i really don't think you should not let that anonymous get his/her/it way.

    I thought the outfit was simply beautiful and i love how you did the snowflake such a good idea.

    and i think you handled that anonymous very well.

    And it's okay to make change, what can i say you grew up kinda like the anonymous should do. change is good and i love the new name! "OliveTree" was cute but that's just it you are older now.
    Anyhow if that anonymous was trying to bring your self esteem down he/she/it did a horrible job because it's obv. you are very strong.

  41. You know I really don't understand this whole obsession with smiling! I got comments on my blog regarding pictures I had posted of myself where I wasn't smiling saying I looked 'so angry'. I actually did find it offensive although I know it wasn't intended to be because that's my natural expression! It felt like a personal insult because I was being told that my natural, relaxed expression appeared angry . . . um, okay. I got upset over it and responded with pictures of me with an angry glare on my face and then realized how stupid I was being and deleted it all. I eventually realized that it didn't matter. If that person knew me at all they would know that I wasn't angry and if I am, who cares? I have the right to look angry if I want. Sigh. Sorry to go off on such a rant, just sort of saying I understand. :) I'm glad the stupid comment didn't offend you. You had such great common sense and composure for someone your age. :)


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