23 December 2010

Let It Snow

We've been starved for snow up here. I mean, come on; we can legally use Canadian currency at the tollbooths but we don't have any snow five days from Christmas?

Thankfully it started snowing yesterday and didn't stop until a good three inches had drifted to the ground. Looks like we'll have a white Christmas after all — that is, assuming it doesn't all melt tomorrow. Yuck.

(PS: I'm now officially on Christmas vacation! No more school until January 4, woohoo. Also had a swim meet last night, and we kicked butt. Just as a random FYI.)

Flash + snowfall = bokeh? Who knew?

Life lesson #476: Chickens do not like snow. They do not like snow at all. And I was getting some very angry chicken-style glares when I dumped them in the snow for a photo shoot.
Complain, complain, complain... Okay, Susan, we get it.
Hildegarde was much more chill.

Life lesson #457: Nor do small white cats named Willa. I tried to get her onto the snow-capped porch and she hung on to my coat like a clawed koala bear. It was kind of cute. But also kind of painful...

Luckily our other cat, Daisy, was not as high-strung about the whole thing. Daisy may be a grumpy old cat sometimes, but all it takes is a "oh, pretty kitty, Daisy" (not good kitty, pretty kitty) and she starts purring up a storm. See, I used to dress her up in this cape that came with one of my Barbies when I was, like, eight. And we'd pet her and tell her she was a pretty kitty. She lapped it up... and often came trotting out of my room with the cape in her mouth, mrrowing for us to put it on her.

They're both indoor cats normally, by the way. That's why the flipping out and the lack of collars.

*sigh* Lovely snow. Please don't melt, lovely snow.

I must get myself ready for yet another Christmas party — but hey, I'm not complaining! I get to wear my little black dress again; photos tomorrow if I can figure out some new way to wear it.


  1. AAAAHHH! JEALOUS!!!! You have all that snow!!! LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY GIRL!!!

  2. Such a beautiful snow! I love the pictures.

  3. Daisy is so adorable--I love those photos you got of her! And the snow is gorgeous! I do hope it stays through Christmas. :)

    Merry Christmas!

    Elizabeth Rose

  4. Lucky! It's Christmas Eve Eve and it looks as if I'll have a brown Christmas. Yay (not!). Your snow photos are lovely - did your hands freeze while taking them? And I love the contrast between the black chickens and the white snow. Lovely!

    In Christ,
    Queen Lucy

  5. Ooooh, you guys got a good snow! It's snowed here in NC three times, I believe. We're supposed to have snow on Christmas too (which could be good or bad...it would be bad because we're traveling to SC Christmas morning!).

    What kind of chickens do you guys have? We own four Rhode Island Reds. ^_^

  6. Lucky girl! :P We have to go back to school the 3rd! Oh darn! And really, your cat looks beautiful with the snowy background. I LOVE those blue eyes! And, yeah, bokeh shows up in weird times. I once took a picture of my nails and it came out in bokeh because I had used sparkly nail polish under the light!

  7. Very lovely photos, Olivia!
    I wish it would snow here... It never does nor will it most likely ever will. Of course it snows in the mountains and other places in the state I live, but not in my neighborhood... *sigh*

    Hope you have a very merry Christmas! Can't wait to hear all about your holiday.

    With Love,
    Jessica Nicole

  8. After Thanksgiving we got hit with a lot of snow! And we've had snow ever since! :)

    It snowed all day today,so I hope it will do the same on Christmas!
    Glad you got snow too!

  9. awww too cute! ♥ haha I love the expressions on your black chicken's face. :) ahahah!

  10. So pretty! I love snow, but sadly, we don't get much here. :(

    I love your Siamese. Such a beautiful cat!

  11. I, like you, prefere not to use flash as I think it makes stuff tacky. But boy, I love that snow bokeh! Who knew is right!

    I love you girl, I was cracking up at your "Okay Susan, we get it." comment. Completely hilarious!

    Have a Merry Christmas!


  12. Lucky! We're supposed to get snow on Christmas this year. We'll be lucky if we even get an inch.

  13. Nice pictures Olivia! :)


  14. Those are great snow photos! I've been too wimpy to go outside and take pictures! :)
    Your chickens are hilarious!

  15. Oh, your snow is so pretty! And so is your kitty. Give her a kiss for me!

    Merry Christmas!

  16. I love your photos Olivia! I think your photography style is different from other bloggers-they have "fun" story in them!
    I loved this post!

  17. lovely pictures! wish I had snow in Florida. ;) Merry Christmas!! :)

  18. Love the pictures! I wish it would snow where I live, hahaha then I could take some cool pictures like those! By the way I just wanted to say... love the blog, I wish I could be an avid blogger! Hahaha well... keep blogging!
    -Danielle ellelucille.blogspot.com

  19. Beautiful pictures!
    here in Quebec, there are a lot of snow, as every year, we can make a rink. Lots of fun!
    I love the snow bokeh =)

  20. You're so lucky to get snow!
    I live in the south and it usually only snows once all winter
    I love your snow bokeh:)

  21. Daisy is gorgeous against a snowy backdrop! Seeing your snow pictures actually makes me kind of want snow at least once this year. :) We don't always get snow, so it's usually a treat. :)


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