11 December 2010

Wear It: 11.12.10

Hello dear friends:

I've decided that when I do a post about an outfit of mine I'll call it "Threads: (date)". The thesaurus app on my iTouch tells me that 'threads' is an informal synonym for 'outfit'. I'm still not hooked on it for a name, so if you can come up with a better series title I'd be ever so grateful. The best one wins, and the winner receives a custom blog header. :) Congrats, Laura Isabelle! Her title won. :)


Today I am definitely pumped for Cornet Crazie's winter party. I went for an eclectic yet put-together look, not too formal but not too casual. I came up with this:

Shirt: Forever 21
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
Necklaces: Bike from Urban Outfitters, Cross unknown

I'm wearing pretty minimal makeup — just a dab of concealer and a lick of mascara — so I added a funky-fun element into the whole thing by using white eyeliner to make a snowflake. It's cute but sophisticated at the same time. Definite keeper.

There you have it! Remember, winner of the name contest gets a header. :)


  1. What a beautiful outfit! Your eyes are gorgeous, and the little snowflakes are so cute. :)

    For the title, maybe something like "Olivia's Outfits"?

  2. Oh, I love the snowflakes! Too cute. For a name, I like Threads a lot, but how about Stitches or Strands? I don't know - pick whatever you like best.

    In Christ,
    Queen Lucy

  3. Cute outfit =)

    I think I cute name would be "Style (date)"

  4. Pretty outfit! I like 'threads', I think it works really well. It's quite simple, leaving the focus on the actual outfit, and unique too.

  5. Love the outfit! Too cute -- and the little snowflake is darling! For a name, what about
    tellement élégant? It means "So Styling" in French. :-)

    Have a lovely day!

  6. Standing on the table *shocked gasp* ;)

    säikeitä is Finnish for thread...but I wouldn't exactly call that a name. It just looked cool. ;)

  7. how about 'ensemble'? kinda of classy, but casual. :)

    anna :)

  8. that is such a simple yet totally adorable outfit. i love it. as for a name...

    possibly "art of clothes"

    lauren anne

  9. I love the makeup!
    For ideas for the name, what about "LIVing Paraphernalia"? (LIV as in Olivia)
    Or you could use an acronym for it. What about "The Art of Fashion," Or you use "Outfits by Olivia," or "Olivia's Closet." or "Collins's Clothes," Or something like that.

    They aren't the best ideas, but they're what I thought of off the top of my head.

    All the best,

  10. I love love love those snowflakes!
    You could call it something like Olivia's Attire.. sorry I'm not very creative when it comes to those things :)

  11. Personally, I'm liking "Threads":)

    Loverly outfit, Olivia! Totally loving the snowflake - cute!

  12. Oooh, I (heart) Forever 21!!! Also, maybe some names for your outfit posts could be... ensemble 411, my guise, wardrobe wear, everyday costumes, ect...

  13. Fil du Jour? It means "thread of the day".

  14. Cute photos! What about Fashion Frenzy?

  15. That outfit is wonderful, and I love the snowflakes! I thought I'd push towards a different language for the name, perhaps, though I like what you have now.
    The Irish word for "clothing" is "Éadaí", or "Am Éadaí" which means "clothing time". So that's one idea. I also think the word/phrase looks pretty.

    Have a great night!

  16. The bike necklace is really cute:) I think I like threads the best.

  17. Haha how about "{Twine Time-Date-}" Haha. P.s. The date is wrong at the top. ;)

  18. I love the makeup! you make me feel bad i didn't put on any makeup today:)
    i can't think of any name suggestions just now but maybe i can think of some later.
    oh and you have the date at the top of the post wrong. it's 12.12.10 not 11.12.10!
    xo, libby

  19. I got a fashion post name idea! how about something simple, like 'Elegance'

  20. I love that snowflake by your eye! And, I know I'm not the first to say this, but you've got awesome eyes. I'm so envious. =)

  21. What about calling your series:

    "This is Me- Date"


    "External Expressions"

    I'll let you know if I have any more ideas. *smiles*


  22. you are one of the prettiest girls in the world :)

  23. I think that "Threads" is the perfect name for this. It caught me by surprise, so (naturally) I came to check it out. :) Maybe you could use your blog name to make it a little more personal. I'm thinking "{of}Threads" or something similar.

    Love the winter design! :D

  24. How about "Vêtements du Jour" (Clothes/ Clothing of the day), "Panoplie du Jour" (outfit of the day [feminine]), or "Trousseau du Jour" (outfit of the day [macculine]). As you can see, I love saying "du Jour" :P

  25. The outfit is cute! I love your hair!! ( Even though it wasn't the main thing in the photos) :)

    I like threads though.

    How about..."Outfits Olivia" or " Wear it"
    or Some-think fashion or think fashion

    I don't have many good suggestions. I think you should go for something french.

  26. Right now! Congrats to Laura Isabelle for her submission "Wear It". Laura, please email me at ofhorsefeathers@gmail.com. :)

    PS: to everyone who corrected the date... it's European format, that's how I write my dates when I don't actually write out the month and such. I know I'm not in Europe, but I learned it in Latin America and that's how THEY write it.

  27. If this is you I love your hair! and This outfit is adorable!


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