05 January 2011

confessions {part one}

Carlotta's gotten me hooked on these confessions... Good idea, I think, and perfect for a post with limited time-slash-creativity.

confession: Today I got out of bed and threw on the same thing I wore shopping last weekend (sweater minidress, slouch hat, grey tights, black ankle boots, green flannel shirt loose and unbuttoned). Big no-no for Olivia. I considered wearing my dad's old sweater instead (sigh) but it was too small to work with my leggings.

confession: As I have said before, I'm far too fickle when it comes to design, and I'm already plotting for my next HorseFeathers look. (Double sigh.)

confession: This post was originally going to be about the word "meh" but I ran out of things to say. Meh.

confession: My #1 internet pet peeve is copycats. As such I am terribly frightened of accidentally copying someone else. This is kind of a good thing because it drives me to make posts/designs/photos that are original. I was a little iffy doing these confessions, but Carlotta gave an open invitation on her blog so I went ahead (Carlotta dear, you okay with this?). I was also iffy with this post so I asked Hannah and she gave me her permission. Always better to be safe than sorry...

confession: I've been slacking off in the photography department. In between homework assignments yesterday I got a few neat self-portrait shots, but that's pretty much it for the past few days.

confession: Like Carlotta I have a "thing" for lowercase letters. I try to restrain myself. But sometimes I can't resist. I once wrote a paper for English without capitalization, the teacher (bless her) gave me an A for creativity. Go Mrs. D.

confession: I am in no way, shape, or form looking forward to swim practice today. I feel like a blob of jelly. My muscle tone has just jumped off a skyscraper.

confession: Also like Carlotta I'm addicted to my technology. My iTouch. And laptop. And especially camera. I don't think I'd survive without at least one of them. Wow. That isn't good. Must work on that.

confession: I've been slacking off Flickr-wise. I am now making myself upload my pics to Flickr then use the URL for my blog. Double-whammy, plus should make HorseFeathers load a little faster too.

confession: Geometry is my arch-nemesis. Just sayin'. If I ever murdered anyone, it would be geometry. Especially proofs. And altitude equations. Ew.

confession: I sometimes wonder what life would be like if I had an older sister or brother. Or even a younger one. The idea is I can wear their clothes and use them as unsuspecting photo models. My parents have become slightly wary of my camera, I'm afraid.

confession: Though I try not to do the whole "branding" thing, if offered everything in the American Eagle store I would be so overjoyed you have no idea. So comfortable. So amazingly stylish. I love. that. store. And my mom does too, weirdly enough, we went to exchange some things and she ended up buying this adorable peasant blouse. It's better than when she went to Abercrombie with me. I mean, it looked good, but that is a decidedly non-parent-age store. More than even AE.

confession: People say I look older than I am, but I don't see how that's true. On my first day at high school back in September I was asked directions by a new student. When I said "Girl, I'm a freshman, I'm more lost than you" the chick replied, "Seriously? I thought you were a junior or a senior." What are you people thinking? I'm not *that* tall.

confession: I'm actually only 5'6" and a quarter and that makes me kind of sad. You have to be 5'7" at least to try to get into this modeling agency I was looking at. Shoot. Though on the bright side, I'm a whole inch taller than I had thought before my mom measured me. Woot.
Maybe I can get another 3/4" in the two months or so before I head to New York. It's happened a few times before. I can hope.

confession: I consumed wayyyyy too much sugary/fatty foods over Christmas break, so now I will go eat something healthy. Like a clementine. That's healthy, right?


  1. Are you really 6'6" and a quarter? :P

  2. Whoops, I always do that! I mean 5'6". Ugh.
    Though my grandfather is close to 7', perhaps I'll take after him after all? :P

  3. Haha, yes clementines are amazingly healthy. ;)
    (or at least I should hope so, as I practically live on them.) I love the whole confessions idea! :D

  4. 6'6"? You are either very tall for your age, or you made a little typo. And 5'6" isn't short either, compared to most people. I am your age, and still under 5 feet.
    Nice blog post, great blog!

    I noticed you got rid of the anonymous feature. Are you planning on ever bringing it back?

  5. Yep, typo.
    Re: anonymous feature... maybe someday, but Anonymous (whether it was one or many) was just getting on my nerves so I got rid of it. Perhaps if Anonymous can't have the feature he/she/it will feel less inclined to troll.

  6. I *so* loved this post, chica! Totally agree with you on geometry. Gag gag gag. And I'm totally fine with you using this idea - I *did* ask if anyone had any confessions, after all. Like you, I can't stand copycats on the internet, so thanks for linking to me :)

  7. I think a reason people think you are a junior is maybe because of make-up, it can really make a huge difference! Plus, it's not too uncommon to have 5'6" juniors, or even seniors. I know a girl who is now in college and is only 5'1".
    Happy New Year and good luck on growing that other inch! (It is possible, I grew almost 5 inches over a summer XD)


  8. Ah, you're 5'6"? That's hugely tall! I'm only creeping up on 5'3" and a quarter, maybe more (last time I measured was at the end of October), and I'm aching to gain some height!

    I'm loving the confessions thing. Seems restrained yet revealing. Looking forward to future 'confessions' posts! :) Great job on the blog.. can't wait to see a new design if you do get one!

  9. Hey! We're the same height! =)

  10. :)
    I would give a lot to be a few inches shorter!
    And geometry proofs are my arch-nemesis too.... grrr!

  11. elite modeling! Oh, they're the best. Which agency do you currently use? I'd like to know, since I'm interested in modeling, but I'm not that tall.

  12. At least your not 5'4 like me! But, hey! I'm still taller then my mom =)!

  13. First off, I did a confessions post a few hours ago, so please don't think I copied you or Carlotta! =)

    American Eagle is one of my favorite stores too. The shirts they carry are so. incredibly. comfortable. So stretchy and cute! lowercase letters are fun to use too. Sometimes I feel the need to type in lowercase letters.

    And about consuming sugary/fatty foods over Christmas break....join my club. ;)

  14. Icefox: Right now I'm part of a smallish, local agency that's just for Maine. They don't really do national things. The reason I like Elite is that they can get you catalog jobs for something other than L L Bean... There's only so much attraction in hiking boots and kayaks.

  15. Nice post, I'm short so I can't really relate to you on this one. But luckily I'm almost normal height now, and a lot of my friend are short, but I'm rambling now.
    Nice post Olivia!

  16. I loved this post Olivia! I should do the whole "Confession" thing sometime. =) People are always telling me I should be a model because of my height: 5' 8" (And still growing... :/) Maybe I'll look into that modeling agency. =) And I do hope you grow enough so that you can model with them!


  17. I did a version of the confessions post after seeing Carlotta's first post of the sort. It's really therapeutic! As for the height thing... I'm not that tall, but I'm only off by an inch. I want to grow more since I always feel really short even though I'm second tallest in my class. This American school system always trips me up, but if freshman is fourteen/fifteen, I'd say that you look the same age as students that age at my school with better makeup.

  18. Gosh. You're so tall! I'm only 5'2".. way shorter compared to you. :P

  19. Hey Olivia can you do another "Wear It" soon? I loved seeing your fashion ideas!

  20. I love your self portraits, specially the lip one, real cool.

  21. I'm in Algebra, and it's blech too. I'm sure you remember. :)
    So cool that your teacher gave you an A for creativity!
    I am small for my age - 4'10''. *hehe*. A lot of people thought I was 8, when I was ten. But I am small all around, so...My dad says I am 'petite' and I love thinking of it that way. :)

    I love clementines! They are very healty, too. *wink* But seriously...


  22. I love reading these confession blog posts! I'd love to be your height; I'm only 5'4" and I don't think I'm getting any taller. Haha, I use my little sister as a model without her ever knowing.

  23. I love this Confessions idea! It's so great. Nice post Olivia! I know what you mean about geometry, boy o boy I know what you mean *gag*.
    Having brothers and sisters is great fun, maybe you should adopt one at your school!

  24. P.S. I managed to get the expand/collapse toggle menu! Well, at least my brother did. He has conquered it! I am so super happy.

  25. 1. I agree, I detest proofs. And I do not see why we would need them.
    2. Hey, I'm only 5'1''. Just have a big personality and it'll seem like you're taller. Also, have big hair. :) That's what I do, and it makes me feel a lot taller.
    3. Is that like a moving head to New York or a trip head to New York? I went to NY when I was about 9, but I'd love to go again. Have fun!

  26. Excellent post Livvi, dear!

    As you have heard me rant before, I hate geometry so much. Shall we plan its murder?

    And on the height thing...well, you know me. 5'0" and....stopped. It's awful in school between classes when the halls are jam-packed with other kids, all of them taller than me. Most of the time I literally have to claw my way through the crowd to get to class. Else I get pushed in the opposite direction....

  27. Great post, Olivia! I 110% agree with you on algebra! I totally hate it too =)

    I'm 5'6" as well! My Mom is 5'2", and my Dad is 5'8", so who knows I might be done growing, but I'd like to be 5'8" :)

    Love & Blessings,


  28. Wow! Everyone thinks 5'6" is tall? I'm 5'11". I was 5'9" at fourteen . . . . that sucked. I'm used to being tall now, so it doesn't really bother me, but I did not like it when I was a kid. Also people guess my age anywhere from three to five years YOUNGER than I am, so I don't think height has much to do with it. :) I rarely wear makeup so that very well could be part of it. :) Great post btw!


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