03 January 2011


One little word for 2011.

It's simple.

We do it without thinking.

But sometimes we forget to breathe.

Sometimes we get lost in clutter, both mental and physical.

Sometimes we are suffocated by all the bad things and forget about the good.

This year, I will remember to breathe.


  1. Ah, very true. Take time to breathe.

  2. That's a great word for 2011. We often forget to stop to breath and enjoy things. I chose grow for 2011, because I want to grow in my faith, relationships, and everything else.

  3. Sometimes I forget to breathe too... especially when I'm angry at someone. I just can't think, and I say things I don't mean.

    This post was short and beautiful... just like a breath.

  4. LOVED this, so true!! and I LOVED the new layout! :) love your blog, dear!

  5. Lovely post. :) You're right, we all just need to breathe.

  6. This is a great reminder for us at the start of a new year.
    God bless you.

  7. nice word:)
    my word for 2011 is live
    remember you'll LIVE through any challlenges


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