11 January 2011

Fashion 1.11.11

Decided against "Wear It" because it implied that other people should wear what I wear and that isn't my intention. I like the simple title "Fashion" because then I can post about other lovely fashion-related things, like I'm about to do below...

Have you seen this blog? It is simply amazing. This girl — Roz — is seriously my new favorite blogger. Not only do her photographs have beautiful English rural backgrounds (*faints with envy*), she has an incredible fashion sense. It's a lot like my own: mixing vintage style with modern trends. Like me, she shops mainly at Goodwill-type places. And the most inspiring part? She recently had surgery on her spine and still manages to maintain her style and composure. Now that's elegant. So if you love fashion, hop on over to Clothes, Cameras, & Coffee (see, even the name strikes some little bell of happiness with me!) and be sure to check out her spine dresses, they're incredible. This one's going right into my bookmarks.

Now on to my outfit. *sighs* I really ought to post more about fashion, it's such a huge part of my life. I got a subscription to Teen Vogue for Christmas (no more supermarket trips!) and I've been dissecting the most recent issue (which by the way features one of the Pretty Little Liars actresses, who I love).
If you have this issue, you may recognize the following quote by Sky Ferreira...
Little did he know, I was wearing old navy.
Though I love getting dressed up, I'm not rich. I get all my designer/runway clothes from Goodwill, but most of my look is scrounged from old clothes in my basement or just bought outright from 'normal' stores. I love designer clothes and if I could would ditch our mall entirely (except the Coach store, perhaps), but sometimes you just have to work with what you've got. So...

skirt: Forever 21
tank top: American Eagle
jacket: Abercrombie & Fitch
tights: American Eagle
boots: Lower East Side (via Payless)

All stores from the mall, none particularly fashion-forward, none very expensive. But I wanted an outfit that looked good and wasn't totally clonelike, that had some fashion.


  1. such a cute outfit, olivia! :)

  2. Cute! I LOVE all of your outfits. Your style is so much like mine (or what it would be, if I had the money to buy clothes). I have no "stylish" clothes in my closet at the moment, everything in my closet is either an old souviner (sp?) t-shirt, or a normal old pair of jeans. Anyway, I'd love to see more fashion posts!


  3. LOVE that outfit! Are you wanting to go into the fashion industry once you graduate high school? ^_^

  4. You're so pretty, and so is your outfit! I love your sense of style and how you stray from the "norm" quite a bit, because that's who you are. :)

  5. P.S. There is a fashion blog that I visit called 'Cafe Fashionista' and she has an incredible fashion style. Her blog address is cafefashionista.blogspot.com =)

  6. What an absolutely adorable outfit! :) So cute! :)


  7. Nice outfit : )
    I never wear tights, but they look so good I might have to start.

  8. cool look! love the skirt :)


  9. I think you should still use wear it. It sounds professional and it doesn't imply at all that we should 'wear it.' Thats just my opinion.

  10. Wanna know why I can't stand your blog sometimes!? Because of YOU! Gosh.......................

    haha- you are just so pretttttty! GORGEOUS! I am absolutely a 150% jealous of your hair, and your style! ha.

    Can I borrow your closet and advice? ha.

    Lots of Love, Makay

  11. Random... wanna know who you remind me of? And I just thought of? Aly Michalka! She is like a blonde version of you... ha. Random- sorry- it jus sorta came to me. ha.


  12. Cute :)
    Wait- so you said that you love fashion-forward clothes and that you would ditch the mall entirely? Does your mall not carry fashion-forward clothes?

  13. that is very, very cute. And while I enjoy fahsion, it has been only a recent thing. Actually, just the last 2 weeks I really have been getting into it, mainly because I realized that you can use anything to create a good outfit. I definitly would LOVE to see some more fashion posts, because you definitly know about it.

  14. Such a lovely outfit! I've stayed far away from tights after my mom made me wear them with my dresses (I hated the seam at your toes ;)), but I'm thinking I need to give them a second chance.

  15. I like your outfit! I agree, you have a great sense of style! :D

    Also, that blog is cool! I'm now following it, haha. Thanks for sharing the link! :)


  16. I still like the name wear it.

    People haven't felt like they have to wear what ur wearing kind of thing.

    But its up to u though

  17. Thank you so much for you what you wrote about my blog - I'm very honoured!
    And my favourite part of your outfit is the jacket. I love the colour, and the shape is quite classic.

  18. I really like this outfit; I think the shape of the jacket looks timeless and a little like a Chanel piece. And I've been following 'Clothes, Cameras and Coffee' for a while now and love it.

  19. Wow. When I read your post, my eyes widened and I hopped right over to her blog.

    Like her, I too have scoliosis. I don't have it as bad as she does, but I am in a back brace for it. If I didn't have my brace, I would have probably needed the surgery she had. Having scoliosis is a really hard, painful, and just plain annoying thing to live with. It's so amazing to see someone living with it as elegantly as she is... I hope someone could say the same for me. Wearing a brace, and having scoliosis in general, can pose quite a challenge when it comes to fashion. Good for her for rising to that challenge. Thanks for linking to her blog!

    And your outfit is adorable. I received some tights for Christmas and LOVE them! :)

  20. Love the outfit!! You need to do fashion posts more often. I love seeing what you wear.
    --Love MCat

  21. Hey I <3 your blog.... haha I went to the mall the other day and I went to Forever 21 and bought a REALLY cute shirt... you have inspired me!


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