13 January 2011

Teeny Tiny Happy Things

Huge piles of snow (how do they get it up so high?)

New photos in my Etsy Shop

Homemade bread

Sun peeking through three windows to finally reach me in my dark little bedroom

Kitty cats

Birds in the snow

A new look for my website

Bare feet + snow

My cell phone camera (better than I expected)

Peppermint hot cocoa with pretty swirled cream on top

{all these photos are from the past 48 hours. yesterday was a snow day (at last) and today was back to school... sigh. midterms next week... double sigh.}


  1. you have lots of snow! nice pictures :)


  2. I love the photo of the hot chocolate. Louis

  3. Lots of little happy things in this post! :)

  4. Wow, you got way more snow than us! Luckily we still had a snow day yesterday. :D And ugh, I have midterms next week too, along with a test to see if I get into a high school in my area. Love the pictures, especially the "om nom nom" one. Actually, the shirt I'm wearing right now says "Nom Nom Nom" on it! :D


  5. That is the biggest pile of snow I have ever seen! Where I live the whole state shuts down if there's snow and we've been hit really hard in Tennessee standards. hehe=snow days galore. I love the picture of the window. You are a truly amazing photographer.
    Tessa Brooke

  6. Beautiful photos!

    bare feet + snow = COLD??

    I'm not looking forward to having midterms next week either...

  7. Bare feet and snow? Crazy, Olivia! Here we got hardly any snow although the rest of England got a lot more, but now it's just rain. Typical.
    Your cat is adorable!

  8. Ooh, we had snow too! I *heart* snow. :)
    I LOVE homeade bread! You are making me sooo hungry...speaking of that, we made homeade bread last week! It was dee-lish. ;)
    I love the new look on your website - very professional.

    ~bree rosalie

  9. Wow you got a lot of snow Olivia! I'm in TN right now and we got a couple of inches.
    I love the look of your website and blog! They are very clean, classy and cute, easy to read too.

    *high fives* Bare feet in the snow is a must! I have ran out in to 3 feet of snow with my pants rolled up and with bare feet. ^_^ Love it.



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