01 January 2011

Ring It In

... and by "ring" I mean "smash gong and cymbals and other percussion paraphernalia so hard and loud you loose all sense of hearing due to ruptured eardrums".

Can you tell I'm a wee bit excited?

I stayed up reading the Pretty Little Liars books (second season coming out soon, eek!) and watching old X-Files and that Babies movie (adorable, by the way) and reading blogs. And now... it's 2011.

Wow. That looks so weird. 2-0-1-1. Just when I had stopped writing "2009" on the top of my school papers, 2011 comes in. Sigh.

I love new years almost as much as I love new schools. (Having moved around a lot in my life I have a bit too much experience with new schools...) It's a new start. A chance to reinvent yourself. A chance to be even better than the old you, or perhaps to let the old you shine a little more.

The official color for 2011 is honeysuckle — which happens to be a favorite color of mine. Grey and crimson are tied with grey and honeysuckle as far as color schemes go — anticipate the next HorseFeathers look to be honeysuckle and grey. Love. (Honeysuckle, by the way, is a warm pink... see the color of "2011" in the graphic at the end of this post.) Don't worry — not too much will be changed for the next look. The crimson shall become pink, is all, and maybe a few photo changes.

But that's all in the future... and speaking of the future, you know how there were all those hilarious, failed predictions of what would happen in 2000? Well, I looked for some for 2010 but everyone seemed too wary. Except one site that spoke in Scientific Gibberish about climate change models from 1980. Apparently it's funny if you're a scientist.

My predictions for 2011:

  • The robot vacuum cleaner people will expand into cooking robots, dusting robots, and mopping robots.
  • Harry Potter 7, Part II will be a blockbuster but not actually very good.
  • There will be the release of a road-safe hovercar but it will only work in big cities.
What are your predictions? Link up in your comment!

So happy 2011, everyone, and have a lovely new year. :)


  1. Honeysuckle huh? That's my favorite color! I guess I just didn't know it had a name! :D SO thanks for that... Happy New year! Though it's only 11:20 here. :)

  2. It's not 2011 for another two hours here in the Mid West ^_^ But happy new year!!

  3. I'm staying up right now waiting for the clock to strike twelve where I live... no one else in my family stays up! Right now it's five minutes till 2011. You're right - that does look strange. And I love love love the honeysuckle color!
    --Love MCat

  4. Happy new year to you too! :)

  5. Happy New Year Olivia! I hope that 2011 is above and beyond your expectations! Hehe, another new look for HorseFeathers huh? Can't wait to see it!
    But I do love this look you've got going right now. Have a lovely day!

  6. Happy New Year, Olivia!

    I didn't know years had their own colors...interesting. It is a pretty color, though.

    Haha! Love your predictions. Those will be fun to look back at a year from now, eh?

  7. Happy new year! That's one of my favorite colors! Especially paired with a light blue:) I stayed up last night working on editing my Nanowrimo novel.
    and took 10 million pictures of my clock on 11:59
    Have a great 2011!

  8. Happy New Year. My daughter has me hooked on the Pretty Little Liars t.v. show. New season starts Monday. She read all of the books too. :) Love your blog.

  9. Road-safe hovercar...can we have hoverboards too please? (Watched a Back to the Future marathon last night hehe)

    Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year's to you, Olivia! I think Honeysuckle is a beautiful color, and your blog would look great in it (: The fruit- honeysuckle-.... not so much. ;) Hahah only kidding! My New Year's resolution is to be less of a procrastinator and to go to church and pray more often. You have great resolutions too :) ..Sadly I forgot to take pictures last night, bummer :P But I had a lot of fun, and I hope you did too!

  11. You know, it's kind of funny. I always imagined honeysuckle to be a creamy white/yellow color. I was very surprised to learn it was pink!

    One of my goals is to try and learn something new every day. I want to be able to hear something new and go, "I didn't know that before!"

    By the way, Olivia, I really love your new background! It looks really awesome!


  12. @☆Akire Zyll Flickerclaw☆ Oh yeah I watched back to the future to :)

  13. Ah, the new year is today! I spend the night at my friend's house. We poured sparkling apple-cider in champaign glasses' and toasted when it hit 12:00 A.M. My other friend was there, too :)
    Happy New Year Olivia!

    Back to the Future is AWESOME! ;D

  14. Aw! I love your header! :) So cute. :)

  15. It's funny how it was 2011 where I lived way before you!
    It feels like ages since I went to the bush dance New Year's Eve party and stayed up 'till midnight!
    Great post :)

  16. I loved this post! And I agree with you about what a new year means. This year is really going to be something special. And maybe only special in the fact that you realize that it IS going to be special -- so you MAKE it special. That's my goal. :)

    And, actually...I must digress. Harry Potter 7, Part 2 will be a blockbuster, but will also be fantastically amazing. I'm sooo looking forward to it! (Yes, I'm an HP nerd, and thought Part 1 was absolutely amazing.)

    ~Liz B

  17. Happy New Year! (Sorry this is so late)


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