02 January 2011

"Redecorate" is a Fabulous Verb

(See the end of this post for our Words for Snow contest winners!)

I'm still a minor. As such, I don't own my own house. Not even an apartment. My current dream home is a little flat in some amazing European place (or Boston, alternatively lol)... not too big, but with lots and lots of windows. And I'll have to own it because I can't see any landlord being to pleased with my constant redecoration...

You see, I am a rather fickle person when it comes to design. I'm sure you've realized this in bloggyland, as I generally have a new look up every month. Sigh. Luckily, redecorating a blog can usually be free for me... redecorating a room? Not so much.

First let's talk about my room. My room has two windows facing in the wrong directions. Seriously. I get zero sun. Which means I have to rely on artificial lighting. It also has a (in my opinion) hideous wooden floor that my parents love and are extremely protective of. (Think, I scooch my chair back and they say, "don't scratch the floor!") This floor is orange. Not a pretty orange either. If it were up to me, the floor in my room would be white — I love the look of painted boards, and it makes everything much less cluttered-looking and dark. Alas.

I redecorated my room last summer. Before that redecoration it was all very IKEA and modern and spare. Thus, me not being the neatest person ever, it always looked like Hurricane Katrina had taken a side trip up to my bedroom floor. So I plotted and I planned and my mom got out her layout paper (though not an architect herself, she comes from a family chock-full of them). I decided on a shabby chic, vintage look. So we went hunting for photos to use as inspiration (I call it inspo). After many garage sales, many dollars (of my own money, btw), much driving, and a lotta white paint, I had something like this... but not as good.

That was all well and good but me being me I started getting annoyed. I wanted something that had more modern stuff in it, not so froofy, more sophisticated. So I looked for my own inspo, and found this.
Gasp... I am in LOVE. Both of these are from Apartment Therapy (a website dear to my heart). I love how modern and vintage elements are all mixed together. I wanted clutter to look natural (as well as wanting less clutter). I didn't want to feel suffocated. I wanted something fresh and light. Plus, if you look at the floor of the bed photo, you'll see... it's orange. Aha.

What started out as a simple room cleaning...

it needed a good clean!

Turned into this.

Nothing hugely major changed. I bought no new paint, no new furniture, no rugs or lamps or artwork. Anything that wasn't in my room before came from my basement.

Here's where I tell you that my parents are very into Danish-modern-design stuff. I think my temporary fling with frilliness was a sort of subconscious rebellion against that. So we have a ton of weird furniture in our basement. Plus, my mother was a painter (I keep telling her she needs to start up again) so we have lots of her artwork as well as those of people we know.
This basket/trunk was free... look how awesome!

Okay, thanks for slogging through that, everyone. The interior-design enthusiasts among you may like it, who knows. But here's what you've all been waiting for...
Out of 37 entries...
The winner of the Words for Snow art contest, and the new holder of a $50 gift certificate to Robin Blogs...
The fantastic artisan...

Melody was one of the few who entered something other than a photo. I love, love, love her entry. It conveys a lot of emotion without a lot of flowery talk, and the sentiment/view is an unusual one (but one I personally love).
Congratulations! Please email me to claim your prize.

A few people who ought to be recognized, because their entries were also amazing:
Hot Coffee Mama with her adorable photo...
and HayHay with her amazing red picture.
Since both of you were very close seconds, I'd like to reward you two with a $25 gift certificate each. Please also email me.


  1. i love interior design, as well as any design. that includes web design, and just coming up with different outfits. i definitly loved this post.

  2. i want to re-do my room now! Thanks for the AWESOME ideas Olivia!

  3. I was able to redo my room last year, and decided to disregard everything that people ever thought of me and do it all monochromatically pink. I have an awesome white double loft bed and all of these silver lamps. I always wanted a room where everything matched perfectly, and now I do! The sad thing is that my brothers kicked me out of my big room a few years back and my current room only has one window. :)
    I agree with you, Olivia, when I get a house it will definitely have lots and lots of floor to ceiling windows!

  4. Wow, cute room! Love it.

  5. It looks really good although I did like the chair you had it gave it a vintage chic look.

  6. I loved that chair too... unfortunately, being from the 50's, it had a distinctive musty smell that gave me a headache. It's gone to a portrait photographer and I got $75 (versus buying it for $35 originally)... so it will be loved elsewhere. :)

  7. Congrats to all the winners! :)

    And Olivia, I absolutely love your room! I'm going home tomorrow with a resolve to officially clean my room. Ever since I moved (over 8 months ago) it's never really been clean. I don't know if a makeover is in store...except I need a new bookshelf, and would LOVE a little writing desk...I think you know how much difference a clean room can be. :)

    I was planning on documenting it too, if anyone wanted to check ahead soon on my blog.

    ~Liz B

  8. amazing how a regular messy room can turn into such a unique clean cute room!

  9. Your room is beautiful! You are so lucky you have a room to yourself. I share with my two sisters, and it is impossible to do anything to our room. They are young and....messy. Congrats to all the winners!

  10. Oh my gosh I love that trunk! I've been telling my parents about how I really want a trunk... a really cool vintage one. The detailing on yours is amazing!

    I am at a total loss for words... I can't believe that I got second place, $25!? I can't tell you enough how excited I am. (eep!) Thank you so much! :D

  11. I love your room, I really, REALLY need to clean mine, it's in my resolutions :) haha

    Congrats to the winners :)

  12. O.O
    Your room is AWESOME!
    That is the exact style that I love! xD
    At the moment, I cannot redecorate my room, but as soon as I can, you will be my inspiration. =D


  13. Wow! Those are so pretty, Olivia!

    ~Iona Nicole

  14. I love that melon red splash at the end of your bed ^_^ Room decorating is so much fun...even though it can get expensive :P

  15. Wow. Your room is really cute! I'd love to redecorate mine too.

  16. WOAH! I was not expecting that! I'm so glad you liked my entry - so many of the entries were absolutely gorgeous! Congrats to everyone else who entered as well! :)


  17. Love, love, love your new room look! I'm getting ready to redo mine in a few months and can't wait!

  18. Hey, nice room! And thanks for picking my pic as second, I'm really honored.

  19. I LOOVE your room! So cute. :)

    I was wondering where you found your inspiration for decorating your room. I'm thinking about redecorating my room too, but I need some fun ideas. If you could let me know through e-mail, that would be great! My email is kaylee-188@hotmail.com


  20. Thank you so much for the idea to redecorate my room!! I love yours! I could NEVER EVER clean my room that nicely! GREAT JOB!!



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