14 February 2011

Happy Sappy Love Story Day

Sigh. Couples were kissing in the hallways all day today and red hearts bedecked the school. I don't know... I'm the first to admit I'm overly dramatic but Valentine's Day just seems a little much.

But it is a good excuse for cute cards, cookies, and cake, so I'll forgive it...

I included these literal hearts in the cookie package to my friend Sammy, for her to gag about while eating her cookies.
Ready for the oven...
... and ready for delivery.


  1. Haha, I totally agree with you. :) I mean, can't everyone love each other just as much as they would on Valentine's Day? *Blissful sigh* :)

  2. looks dee-lish. the cookies, i mean.

    and yeah -- can't we all get along? just one day of the year?

  3. We should love each other every day! Oh, and cookies are *way* better than candy on Valentine's day. ;)

  4. The hearts- ha :)
    I'm 12, so basically the only reason I even like valentines day is the excess sugar... Your cookies look so good that even though I'm on the verge of being sick I want to eat one! Cute sweater!

  5. darling! <3 hope you had a nice valentine's day! :)

  6. i feel the love, olivia! :D
    great post and pictures...as always.

  7. Pretty cookies. I agree about Valentine's day. A little overkill. I hope you had a good one! :)

  8. Definitely agree with you. I enjoy making cookies on Valentine's day too =] Its always fun! Love your photography by the way.



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