15 February 2011


I wore this last Wednesday to school and never posted it. My original idea included feathers and winged headbands and shoes (see sketch in second photo; that's from my moleskine ideabook) but — alas — such a thing was nowhere to be found and I was left with a rather average outfit. *sobs*

blouse: Timberland // skirt: vintage // tights: American Eagle // shoes: thrifted // hat: Timberland
{My aunt works at Timberland and gives me fantastic goodies. That's why all the Timberland stuff. In case you were wondering.}

Wednesday was a grey sort of day, not at all good flying weather (so even if I'd found those shoes, it would have been useless). It gave me a good excuse to draw a bunch of other funky outfits in my ideabook, though, so expect more very soon...

clockwise from left: original sketch // the skirt just loves twirling // quite possibly my favorite shoes // tuxedo-blouse has excellent detail
There's been an awful lot of fashion posts lately, hasn't there? What can I say? I'm getting very into it. I am thinking of applying to be a Teen Vogue Click Blogger and I found a site called chictopia which is like an interactive street-style magazine. Quite simply, I am in love with fashion right now.

I'd love to hear your ideas for outfits! I need to go through the Big Cardboard Box Full Of Vintage Stuff in my basement once more, since I had overlook yesterday's fantabulous dress. The horror. There's so much stuff I never wear; I need to find more outfits.


  1. I love fashion but I don't have much. Can't wait to see some more outfits of yours!


  2. Mm, you've got me already addicted to chictopia! <3 I love that outfit!

  3. very cool! I've always wanted some winged shoes. :)

  4. Beautiful combination. My mum is forever throwing away clothes and my house doesn't have a basement so the chances of me finding a Big Cardboard Box Of Vintage Stuff are very slim, but how about a vintage fair? Have you ever been to one? I'm going in a couple of weeks and would love to hear about your experience if you've been!

  5. I have an Idea! I love your sense of right now, but I think you should go more 60's, 70's 80's ish. My friend and I go with the 90's most of the time, but sometimes I go with the 80's. Well I hope you can find some more ideas!!


  6. oooooo i love it!!!! that's such a cool idea!!!

    I think the only thing that I would change about it (maybe this is my idea for an outfit :P) would be to have a looser blouse, because they could possibly make you think of the Greek togas :P

    Just a thought though: the outfit is super cute!!

  7. I have an idea book too! I doodle a bunch of crazy stuff, until I come up with something I like. It's a good way to sort through all your outfit ideas. :)

    I had an idea the other day, of wearing a sheer sleeveless blouse over a bright colored shirt. (such as mauve, tangerine, or sun-yellow)

    Also, I have seen some people wearing shorts over leggings, and that looks cool, too. :)

    Love you!

  8. Gah, I love it!!! :D I wish I had clothes like yours!! You have so much vintage awesomeness, lol. :) Keep up the good work girl!


  9. Libby: No, I haven't! I've been to a vintage flea market, but at that point I was only looking at furniture.

    Hannah: Two posts before this one I was experimenting with 50's/60's style and I like it a lot; I'd like to find more of that stuff to wear it more. I wear 90's stuff not because I really love the time period (for me, "awesome" stops at 1989) but because I have so much of it thanks to my mother. I do agree that 60s-80s is better... I think I may have to try a maxi dress sometime soon. Ack, I never thought I'd say that...

    Nahla: Oh, togas would be lovely! I adore that Grecian look.

    Bree: The blouse idea is lovely! I may have to find something I can do that with. I have several shirts that would be good for underneath, I just need to find a blouse... I may have to break down and just sew one.
    Shorts over leggings isn't the best idea where I live since we have gigantic piles of snow everywhere and your eyes freeze in your skull when you step outside... perhaps someday, though. If this winter ever ends.

  10. Loving the outfit! You truly do have a passion for fassion (no pun intended!). :)

    Idea for an outfit? Feather earrings, leggings with jeaned shorts, boots, and for a shirt...Hmmm...You decide on that one. :)

  11. P.S. The whole leggings with jeaned shorts didn't come out of nowhere - but I once saw a girl in her early twenties wearing that (she does Broadway in New York) and it looked super de duperty awesome!

  12. Awesome outfit Olivia! I love it! It doesn't look average one bit! :) Love all the fahsion posts! I'll have to check out that site, it sounds really cool!

  13. I love that outfit! Even without the wings and feathers, it's still cute. :)


  14. I really like the drawing, especially the wing shoes & headband :) I think it would be a great idea if you applied to be a teen vogue click blogger. And I really like the fashion posts :)

  15. This is one of my favorite outfits so far. (:

  16. Hi, I love your blog I just found it.

    For winged and feather headbands go to etsy.com
    And type that in on the search. TO make an etsy is free. Just thought I would give you the tip!!


  17. Hi,

    I actually found your blog through Chictopia. ;)

    I love the little detailing on the shirt and shoes! ♥ Nice outfit!


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