28 February 2011


{what's a hobthrush? nothing more than an amusing word that conjures up a terribly interesting image.}

Well, here I am, waiting for my turn onstage at drama rehearsal, watching two of my fellow thespians struggle through the twentieth repetition of an incredibly awkward stage kiss.

skirt and hat: goodwill // tights: american eagle // boots: timberland
// shirt and sweater: abercrombie & fitch
{my outfit yesterday}

Here I am, half-doing my homework, annoyed at the world for making me go back to school.

I wore my mustache necklace for the first time today and I've lost count of how many people said "why do you have a mustache around your neck?" I mean, what do you say to that? Because I feel like it? Because I'm just that manly? Mainly I just raise it to my lip and ask why they were staring at me.

Here I am, aching and tired (I don't think my new mattress quite agrees with me), hating the Victorian people who invented badminton, the curse I now must perform in gym class, my makeup smudged from laughing so hard that I cried backstage.

Here I am, back at school after a week of vacation, my messenger bag heavy and my Converse squeaking on the floor wet with slush and melted snow. People say today ought to have been a snow day, it was snowing so hard, but now it's all turned to nasty rain.

Also from yesterday. Sigh. Come back, summer, please...

Here I am, counting the days until April vacation, and it isn't even March yet.

Here I am, about to get up and go recite my lines.

Here I am, looking forward to going home so I can install the new look for March.

Here I am.

{Oof. I just read through all that and wow, that is a big potato sack full of complain! What can I say? I was having a bad day. Maybe I should just stick to posting on happy days, haha... *wanders off glassy-eyed to turn off the radio* ...or on days when I am not quite so tired.}


  1. yuck. I know, I'm hating this weather too!

    Love the photos & the new look. I REALLY love this new look! I can't get over it. the green and grew look really nice together.

  2. omigoodness. I *adore* the new look olivia! How do you come up with these things? You just keep inspiring me more and more. :)

  3. =) Silly me! I meant, the green and Grey look good together. HaHa.

  4. Eh, we all just need to vent sometimes.

    On the positive side your blog looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g! :)

  5. we all need to get out our frustrations at one time or another. don't apologize! I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you. and I love the new look! I'm head over heels for the simple elegance of your header...gorgeous.

  6. Oh, Olivia, I love your new look. It's so serene and peaceful!! Definitely gets me thinking about spring!! It's so lovely, sweet! :)

    Hope your day gets better! :] <--- incredibly awkward grin

    ♥, Ara

  7. *gasp* Oliviayouaresoamazingwithblogdesign. I am jealous. ;-)

    On the other hand, it's okay. Sometimes we just have bad days and need to let some steam out.

    By the way, my brother is Noah Estes, [wheelsfornoah.com] I saw that you donated a free picture from your Etsy shop...thank you! That was really sweet. <3

    ~Hannah Grace

  8. Eek! I just love your look! So cute! :)

  9. first, I LOVE the new look. Like LOVE it. Because it is so clean and inviting.

    Second, I love that outfit. And the skirt is pretty adorable. I would definitly wear it.

    and thirdly, you don't realize how much I look forward to reading your posts. like honestly.

    Lauren Anne

  10. I had a day like that yesterday... and the day before that. But today was fine. It gets better!
    --Love MCat

  11. I hope today was a much better day.

    Oh, and your blog design. It's *absolutely* springy yet modern at the same time. ;)

  12. I just wanted to take the time to comment and say that your new design is:

    More than Fabulous!!!

    It looks, so professional,it doesn't have that just a blog that has someone that can design look,it has more of a I'm a blogger that is a professional designer look!! :) If that makes sense!

  13. Your blog looks lovely. :) It's super elegant but simple too. Love it.
    You are involved in theatre! Me too! What are you acting in?

  14. Love the new design and your outfit has me green with envy!


  15. Love the new look, Olivia! Great job. :)

    It's ok about the venting - we all have to get it out some way.

    Cheer up - it's finally march!



  16. If you don't want your snow, I'D BE SO HAPPY TO TAKE IT OFF OF YOUR HANDS!! Anything to cancel swim pratice. Please.
    You dress so beautifully! I'm jealous. I need to go shopping really badly. But my mom won't, because she hates shopping. A real bummer, but I love getting inspiration from you :))
    -Jocee <3

  17. I love your outfit! and I'm hating the weather lately too...its been freezing!


  18. I'm in love with your new design!! Next new design (which I shouldn't be needing for a while... lol!) I'll totally get it like this! :D

  19. Love the new looks...great job! You definitely have a talent for design.

  20. Like your new design Olivia! And your awesome outfit! :) When people asked about your necklace, you should've said, 'Why don't you have a mustache around your neck?' haha, I wonder why people asked you that. What kinda question is that?! :)

  21. I just found your blog linked from someone else's. Great job on it! I love your pictures:)

  22. I have a name tag I wear in my hair, and I get lots of questions about it too :)

    I really like the skirt you're wearing! It reminds me of my kilt I have to wear when I dance {which weighs 3000 pounds! :P}

    Eek! A stage kiss would be so awkward!

    I actually used the sentence 'my converse squeaking on the floor' in a story once!

    I like the new layout for your blog! It's really clean and 'March'-y!



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