06 February 2011

Synonyms for Weekend

For me, the weekend is Friday afternoon through Sunday night. That gives me two days and three nights to do something awesome before it's time to take the plunge back into school-world.

weekend = shopping trip
Friday afternoon
My friend Anne was having a bad week and I think that nothing cheers a girl up more than a little shopping trip. So my mother graciously dropped us off at the mall and we just had fun wandering around, eating pretzels, not really buying anything. Though I did buy a pair of big hoops and a little shrug from Forever 21... those will pop up later in fashion posts, I'm sure.

weekend = good music
Friday night
It came to my attention that my dad's band, Space Versus Speed (who I believe I have mentioned before) was playing at Port City Music Hall for their CD release party. Of course, I wanted to go. So my dad asked the manager of the club if his fourteen-year-old daughter was allowed — kind of a strange request — and I got in. I did get two black Xs on my hands; no drinks for Olivia.
The deal was that my job was to take photos. Now, all the other times I've seen my dad play, he's been pretty far away, and a telephoto lens was a good idea. So of course I brought my telephoto. And of course I SHOULD have brought my wide-angle. But I managed.
PS: All these photos are unedited (except for cropping and watermark). The first one amazes me... smoke + lights turned out great.

that's my daddy :)

Spose was there for one of the songs. Not quite sure what to think of him. Rap isn't really my thing.

But oh, what a good excuse to get dressed up!
please ignore the awfulness of this phone photo.

weekend = inspiration
Saturday morning
I am now in love with houzz.com. It is seriously the best thing since sliced bread, if you're a design-geek like me.

weekend = relaxation
Saturday afternoon
Complete with facial steam and volcanic mud mask that makes me look like the Thing from the Black Lagoon.

weekend = key lime pie
Saturday night
The best dessert in the world, if you ask me. And oh-so-easy to make! It didn't take me 45 minutes to make a delicious pie that was gone in less than 24 hours. I added a little something extra when I made the crust: a healthy dose of allspice. It gives it a very unique — and yummy — flavor, a nice offset to the acidity and sugar of the filling.

weekend = cleaning spree
Sunday morning
Sunday is my cleaning day. Clean room, clean mind.

weekend = new music
Sunday midday
Recently discovered a song called "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri and I like it. The chords of her voice are slightly dissonant, which is interesting. Her vocals feel very raw.
Also loving Sara Bareilles — if you like Regina Spektor (*heart*) then you'll like her. And Natasha Bedingfield is pretty awesome too.

weekend = X-Files
Friday night - Sunday night
We're making it tradition. Every weekend night we watch X-Files. Yep. That trippy, paranoid, incredibly awesome TV show from the nineties. We're watching every episode of every season, in order. We're almost through Season 8... Season 9 is the last one... I don't know what we'll do once it's over!

weekend = being in denial
Sunday night
My Google chat status... sigh.


  1. Wow, awesome pictures! I really like the key lime pie one.

  2. Ooh shopping sounds amazing right now.:)

  3. I love the random "this wallpaper is awesome!" and the first picture. The one of the strobe lights is really cool too.

  4. I want that dessert! (I heart anything sweet)
    Those are some good pictures of that band.

  5. nice! yup last night, after spending the whole weekend at shows and cast parties i was totally in denial of the fact that i had to get up and go to school today. blah. in fact...i'm still in denial.

  6. =D I have the marker theme for my Gmail too!

  7. Not to sound rude, but why did you blur out your last name on the google chat status when you watermark it on your photos? LOL, just wondering...

  8. Blue Jeans: I was having a blonde moment. Duh, Olivia...

  9. That is so cool! I wish my dad was in a band! hehe.
    I love it all as usual! :D
    Tessa Voccola

  10. Speaking of Regina, I always think that you look like she does on the cover of Begin To Hope.

  11. Awesome! My dad and brother are both in bands. It's pretty awesome. :D

    Though I wonder why you blocked out your name and email. Your last name is on your photos.


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