08 April 2011

FASHION // it's friday

And you know what that means, everyone. That means that yesterday was Thursday and Saturday comes afterwards.

sorry, couldn't resist.. 

Seriously, though, I am so excited for the weekend. This week seemed to be endless. Blah.
My outfit for today (linking up) ... Several people decided that I looked like Sacagawea and went around saying "how" to me all day. Smile and wave, people, smile and wave. This vest was my uncle's... when he was ten.

dress: Delia's // boots: Timberland // vest: vintage // earrings: handmade + vintage

 I guess they were *kinda* justified in the whole "Indian Princess" (that's a direct quote, guys) theme; my earrings were unintentionally dreamcatcher-ish. I combined some vintage earrings with a pair of feather earrings.

Only one — count 'em, one — person actually caught on to the whole "bohemian" thing. Gawd. Why do I live here? If it isn't brand name it doesn't count around here. (Anyone from my school: I still love you. I just love New York-ish places as well.)

And — ahhhhh — guess what's poking out of the ground at this very moment?

Yes. Crocuses. Springtime is COMING. (Never mind there's still snow covering half our yard...)

^^^ I know those aren't watermarked, but please don't take. thanks. ^^^

xoxo... xoxo to springtime too.

ps: last day to enter the Liquid Sunshine party/giveaway! Linky list closes at midnight tonight and the winners will be announced tomorrow.


  1. Olivia, how can you always pull of the most beautiful and unique outfits!? Gorgeous.
    P.S.- Thanks for getting that stuck in my head...again.

  2. That song has such deep lyrics. Ha. :)
    (^^so says my sister's boss's husband... yeah)

    I love the first flower photo, so pretty!

  3. yay for Friday! :) love the outfit, you are always dressing so cute. Yesterday I sold my canon and tomorrow i'm getting my nikon! thought you might wanna know since your a nikon girl. ha, you probably don't care! have a great weekend ♥

  4. Love your outfit! I'm going to go dress shopping {and makeup shopping-mom's letting me wear eyeshadow now} soon and get a couple of nice spring dresses.

    You're the third person I know to make a 'Friday' joke. That song is so catchy, but to me, it's catchy in that annoying way. It's just so weird {no offense to people who like that song}.

    Tomorrow is Saturday,
    And Sunday comes afterwords.

    Fun, fun, fun, fun...

  5. My friends were singing that song last friday, and I was like who on earth was Rebecca Black? Now I know :)
    That outfit is so effective! Wow!

  6. Can't wait for the winners! Everyone at my school mocks that song ;)
    I love the vest! You are so pretty! I am SO excited that I can now go outside in a t-shirt without dying! The crocus discovery must have been very exciting! :)

  7. Why are people so judge-mental about differences. In case they haven't realized, everyone is different! ;)

  8. Isn't Friday awesome? This week is Spring Break for me, though. :D I LOVE your outfit! I think the 3rd picture is my favorite. :)

  9. Oh that song. That is all I have to say. The chickens in the background just make the picture! :)

  10. yay for friday! boo for that song!

  11. That dress is so pretty- actually, the whole outfit is, but that's my favorite part. :)

  12. Haha, every friday I think of that song. I feel bad for the girl because everyone hates her. Awesome outfit! :) Your clothes are always so unique and interesting. Different, but in a good way! I love your sense of style! Ya for flowers and spring! :)

  13. good thing i was planning on posting about the blog party tonight!! :)
    great outfit, as always.

  14. That's soo cool! What an awesome post, and I LOVE your new blog design!! Your outfit is GORGEOUS. *coughcoughjealouscough* Lol, Rebecca Black. Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  15. Okay, is it even possible for anyone to have an outfit that cute?!?! Apparently it is, because your wearing it! Seriously, so. epic. I would totally wear that.

    Awesome photos!

    <3 Hannah

  16. I so love the outfit you're wearing! The fringed vest and the dress are totally lovely. It's very Indian-ish.

    And lol to the Friday song. :D

  17. awhehhew....Rebecca Black;) I love the outfit<3

  18. ahh! spring!! Today was the last day of spring break, the ONLY day that the sun was actually out. -.- I'm not seeing any flowers where I live yet, but the cherry blossoms are beautiful (in a wilty sort of way thanks to all the rain and gloom).

  19. Oh also you should try to make the earrings kind of like the ones you made and put them on etsy.com I would totally by them. and other or handmade in some past posts:)

  20. I love you outfit! Everyone at my school bags that song too! What program do you use to edit your photos? x

  21. Lovely dress! Glad to know that spring's finally catching up in your backyard. (:

  22. Neat vest! I love the fringe. :)

  23. I love, love, LOVE the font that you used to spell crocuses. Which font is it?? I'll be checking this post's comments hoping for a reply from you. :) Thanks soo much..
    great post.


    p.s. I was at the market and saw a bohemian dress there... it was so nice... and I thought of you like crazy!

  24. It's called "learning curve." :)

    beautiful <3



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