06 April 2011


Pairs of things that make my heart happy and cheer me up when the crushing realization comes that the week is only half over:

cake & milk.

birds & flowers.

yellow & grey.
source unknown

lace & guitars.

fishtails & retro effects. (I need to learn how to fishtail...)
source unknown

... & being too lazy to do a proper post. shh.
source unknown

listening to: Selling His Guns - Lincolnville
check out the first picture under the title, the guy in the middle is my dad. ^^

PS: Notice anything different?


  1. haha. I know what you mean. It will most likely hit me tomorrow. Wednesday just happens to be one of my favorite days because of my youth group. yay youth group!
    Yellow and grey are the best colors together.
    Tessa Brooke

  2. I love fishtail braids! I don't wear them cause my hair isn't quite long enough :P

  3. your cake looks delicious...mmm. and i love yellow and grey too - so pretty!

  4. I love all those things! But what's a fishtail, exactly?????
    And oh ya baby, yellow and gray!!! Bring it. ;)

    Love your posts, Olivia! Keep 'em coming!!!


  5. I need some cake now.

    I am determined to learn how to fishtail too. We'll see what happens! :)

  6. I know how to fishtail! I used to do them on my friends perfectly, but they are rather lumpy when I do them on myself, sadly.

    Lovely post.

  7. Aww what a cute post!! And I'm die hard IN LOVE with fishtail braids!! I want to wear them so badly but my hair isn't the right hair for it...oh goshbubbles!! I love your pictures, what kind of camera do you use? I love it :))
    -Jocee <3

  8. I vote that you do a giveaway for the cake itself. :p

  9. I think the cake & milk one is probably my favorite. Mmm. I love all the photos though. :)


  10. Would you believe I love the 'yellow & grey' combination? My friend got this new bedspread that I adore. The two colors together are just so modern and pretty.

  11. If you learn to do a fishtail...
    you better teach me.


  12. That picture of the cake and milk was torture to look at! I love the birds and flowers picture<3

  13. I've always wanted to learn how to fishtail.

    I love birds and flowers, or bird that look like they're cut out of paper. Birds make me happy :)

  14. Notice anything different!? YEAH! The blog layout is beeyoutiful! Your cake and milk reminds me of Harriet the spy, which is an amazing book {your cake is making me very hungry. Is it chocolate raspberry?}

  15. Yes, I do notcie something different! Cool new look Olivia! I really like it! :) And yes, sadly the week is getting closer to the end, but the lovely thing is that it will always start again next week! :)

  16. @Charlotte: That is EXACTLY what I had in mind when I set up this shot! "Time for my cake and milk, for my milk and cake!" There's rarely cake in the house so I was psyched beyond words to have my cake and milk. It's chocolate with strawberry cream cheese frosting. :)

    @Shelley: Oof, is that sarcasm? I'm counting the days until summer vacation.

    @Anna Gray: I don't think it would ship very well. ;)

    @Amanda: It's like a braid but it has four strands instead of three.

  17. Oh cruel! I'm trying to cut back on the amount of sugar I'm consuming and that cake looks really good! Thank goodness there is nothing sweet in my house lol.

  18. Okay, the new design is beautiful. It's so clean, simple, and fresh, yet so captivating.

    P.S. I'm not sure if you watch American Idol, but you look SO much like Haley Reinhart! (Which is a huge compliment because I think she is gorgeous.)

    Lovely post, as always!

  19. I love fishtail! I think it's pretty easy to do....:)

  20. I really like the new design! Before this one, it took SO long for it to load (and we have high speed internet) but this loaded in a flash!

    My Mom can fishtail.

    And now I want Cake. Bad.

  21. Awesome new layout! You never cease to amaze me with your blog designs. Can't believe you're so talented. (:

  22. @Ashley: good! That's one of the things I was trying to improve.

  23. I love your new design! :)

  24. I love to fish tail, once me and my friends sat around and watched movies and did fish tails. :)

    I like the new design by the way, MUCH better than the old one.

    Oh, and I'm dying to see more of your own photography. It's so pretty, and there hasn't been much of it, just fashion posts. You're such a good photographer and I love seeing your work!

  25. Anything new? Well, only a pretty new blog layout! Love it.
    And it's refreshing to see just snippets of life in between the fashion.
    Fishtail plaits look beautiful. I'm attempting to learn.

  26. Olivia,

    Would it be okay if I didn't put the giveaway button on my Liquid Sunshine blog post? I don't have access to a computer that can copy and paste right now, so is a link okay?

    Love. Your. Blog {smile} .

  27. Olivia, I entered myself in the giveaway but I wasn't thinking about it, and changed my blog's name and address.. I didn't know if it would still link you there or not, In case you haven't read it yet. Here it is,
    And, What kind of cake is that? It look's amazing!!

  28. YUM!! Your new layout is so clean and beautiful! You are very good at blogging :)
    I have know idea how to do fish tails but I'll see if I can try somewhere. Do you think they'd have a demonstartion somewhere like Youtube??

  29. As I look at this blog for the first time, I noticed that it was truly different than any other blog yet(:
    Truly amazing writing!

    With Love,


  30. Lovely new design!(:

    Haha, I tryed baking a cake the other day... it turned out really yummy, but was by far, one of the ugliest cakes I have ever seen. :P

  31. hi there! I love your outfit, and I totally understand the whole indian/boho ordeal. I come from the same type of place. Noone gets it!
    Simple minded people...

    I noticed you wanted to learn how to fishtail braid. I learned how through this video:
    I hope it helps you!!!



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