02 April 2011

Liquid Sunshine Giveaway & Blog Party is on!

All done! Click here for winners!

Clarification: Guys, please do NOT comment to enter! I've had like ten people already try that; I'm sorry, your comments were not published. This is a blog party; you answer the questions in a post on your blog (or tumblr or vlog or whatever) and then add the link to the Linky tool in THIS POST, then the winners are selected from the Linky! Guess that wasn't clear enough.

Anyway, the party is on! What's it all about, what are the questions, and what are the magnificent prizes? Click here to find out and enter away using the Linky at the bottom of this post!

Here're mine:

Favorite season, and why?
Fall, because I love how the air smells, and how it's chilly but not freezing. Anything above 80º and I start wilting. Like a delicate flower. A delicate flower that sweats.

How would you describe your personal style? 
Vintage chic with a modern twist. I like experimenting with different styles, and 90% of my clothes are either high-end from Goodwill or vintage from my basement. I guess you could call me "cheap chic"; does that exist?

What's one weird thing you can do? (The stranger the better!)
If my hands are tied/handcuffed together, I can step right over them. For some reason this weirds people out. I think it's a useful skill in case I'm ever kidnapped, arrested, or otherwise trying to escape from something.

Rain or shine?
My answer is found in the lyrics of the Beatles song Rain. I don't really mind. Probably more of shine because my hair doesn't like the rain. My mind does, though.

Confession time... what's a flaw of yours?
I can be over-confident. A lot. For some people this equals "vain and narcissistic". Personally, I think it's better to have a too-high self-esteem than a too-low one. I mean, if you stand in front of a mirror looking awful and are able to say "I look great", then walk to school with your head held high, nobody's going to say you look awful. They're going to say "hmm that must be some new trend" and go about their business.

Favorite music?
Honestly, on my iPod Eminem and Enya are right next to each other. It's very varied. I like Rihanna and Owl City, the Beatles and the Gorillaz, Space vs Speed (hi dad) and Ke$ha, Regina Spektor and Paramore. Right now my favorite weird-music song is this chunk of amazingness.

Have you ever made a decision you instantly regretted? What was it?
Yup, I've made lots. Perhaps the most humorous was when I decided (at age four) it would be a great idea to stick my head through the back of a chair. It took me what seemed like hours to get out.

Who do you admire/look up to?
Huge Audrey Hepburn girl right here. Classy, fashionable, full of words of wisdom like "I believe in pink." Because that is the best quote ever. I also love Michelle Obama.

You've just won an unlimited lifetime supply of... what?
Clothes. All sorts of clothes, whatever clothes I wanted. I'd pretty much die of happiness. (Is that materialistic?)

If you were an animal, what would you be?
A sparrow! It's taken my ages to come up with the perfect answer, and I finally figured it out. Sparrow, sparrow, sparrow. Think about it: sparrows are brown and quick and never stay still and are talkative and like being the center of attention. And they're spunky. I consider myself pretty spunky. So me = sparrow.

If you knew you were going to die in a year, what would you do with your time?
I'd spend my year visiting every city and remote island I could across the entire world and giving away all my stuff in the final month. Anyone want the birdcage? (Kidding. I'm keeping my birdcage. I'm not dying. Sorry.)

You're now a gazillionaire... where do you go to spend your money?
Three guesses what my answer is, y'all... clothes and shoe and makeup stores, of course. Like, a million of them. « wow. that sounds really shallow. true, though.

Classical music: love it or hate it?
I used to truly despise it and the entire radio station of NPR. Since I discovered This American Life I tolerate NPR. For some reason that's linked in my mind to classical music, so I tolerate it, I suppose.

Lakes. Lakes, ponds, rivers, brooks, streams, and any fresh water that doesn't have a healthy dose of chlorine in it. I can't explain it; I love the ocean and would much prefer to swim in an ocean over a pool. But it takes a great deal of coaxing/pulling/kidnapping to get me into even Sebago Lake, which is probably the cleanest and clearest lake in Maine.

Hop on a plane and go live somewhere for a year... where is it, and why?
London. Because I've never been, and I think it would be awesome. (I would say Paris, but at the moment I do not speak French. Sad sad sad.)

Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
Extrovert. Do you want a hug or a handshake?

Would you/do you perform on stage?
Yuppers. I act, I've sung, I've played an instrument, I've played an instrument and sung and acted at the same time.

Okay everyone, let's see your answers! Be sure to LINK BACK HERE in your post so people can join the fun, or grab this handy button:

And don't forget to add your link to the list, k?


  1. Sorry to be a pain, but I thought I would ask again before I enter:
    Are prizes shipped internationally? Ta.

  2. Most, I think. And the gift certificate ones, just look at their shops.

  3. I have a question too- the prizes are shipped by the sellers, right? My parents have an internet- safety phobia...


  4. I entered! Wow Olivia, you and I are so much different than eachother, and yet so much alike. Can't wait to see the winner ;)

  5. Hi! So.... I answered the questions, and linked up, but I didn't know this was how you entered the giveaway...... I wasn't really planning on entering, so...... Could you unenter me?


    This questionare, is really fun, BTW....:)




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