03 April 2011

INSPIRATION // unhealthily obsessed with bohemia

So I walk into the doctor's office, sit down on that sticky plastic examination table with its paper covering, wishing I had some crayons so I could draw or write "OLIVIA WAS HERE". The doctor walks in, asks me what's wrong...

"I'm addicted, Doctor. I think I might need rehab."

"Addicted to what? Drugs, alcohol, bungee jumping?"

"Bohemian stuff."

Doctor pauses, stares for a second, then gravely types in a note on her computer monitor. "That's very serious," she says. "I'm afraid we may not yet have a cure for that." Her eyes are sad, and she regards me as one would a patient recently diagnosed with terminal cancer.

"That's okay. I don't mind." I hop off the table and go on my merry way, braided hair swinging and tassled bag swishing. The desk lady frowns as I leave, and as I look over my shoulder I see the doctor's puzzled face leaning out of the examination room. I hop in my VW and drive away.

Just kidding. I did not, of course, go to the doctor's yesterday inquiring about rehab — and there is the problem of me not being able to drive yet. Curses. But recently I've been really truly obsessed with all things bohemian. Yup, bohemian. Hippy, boho, whatever you want to call it. I downloaded Poladroid to my computer (best thing in the universe!!! all polaroided photos in this post were made with Poladroid) and started browsing, looking for pretty inspiring things.

And worst of all... I was bored. And you guys know how I get when I'm bored. Not good for keeping everything in one piece.

So I looked around for style inspiration... (from weheartit, Free People, and Spell & The Gypsy Collective « if you've never heard of them you need to head over RIGHT NOW)

this one is actually me...

via Chictopia

me want. me want bad.

i am so doing this on Easter...

And look at all these pretty pictures of Gypsy lair rooms. (from weheartit and pinterest)

i don't have to tell you how much i want a swing in MY ceiling, right?

So my room, which HAD looked like this (excuse the mess)...

... a couple hours later looked like this.
rugs! oh, beautiful rugs. die, evil orange floor, die. (these all from various travels to Peru and the like, except the sheepskins, they're from IKEA)
all these pictures were on my idea board... remember?
even Miss Mannequin got a makeover. that necklace is from the Amazon.
Um, yeah. Bohemian enough? Nope. I'm looking for a big Indian sari-type bedspread thing, with it going up the wall, swooping over the bed, and going down a little bit: an amazing canopy, get it? Apparently they were ten bucks in the early nineties, but now they've all but disappeared. My mom's going to ask her friends to see if anyone still has a couple... but it would look like a slightly less awesome version of the first inspiration photo. Only less awesome because it won't be in tent formation. Never have I wanted a funny-shaped bed, but now I do, just so I can do THAT.

Best of all? This room cost $0 to transfer from romantic and white to bohemian and ethnic. The rugs were all in my basement, as were the new wall hangings and sheepskins and everything. I love our basement. The oar over my bed I had bought when we lived in Panama from the Kuna natives. (Follow the link... see the canoe? It's called an ulu. Look at the oar. Yup. It's the real thing.) Real sea-Gypsy stories, in that oar. And the big portrait over my desk? My mom painted that. The girl's name is Raina.

It gave me good dreams so sleep in the new room, weirdly enough. Raina's not that creepy once you get used to her.


watch the video, seriously, it's totally like Yellow Submarine.
and she's very bohemian in general. slutty, but bohemian.
minus the glitter and general prostitute vibe, she could make a good style inspiration.


  1. Oh, bohemian is awesome. I love all those pictures; you find the best inspirations. :) Your room turned out really nice, too. I like all the white.


  2. I love the bohemian look, such lovely inspirational photos, and I love that you switched up your room to go with your new found inspiration! Gorgeous!

  3. Its good to know someone is as obsessed with boho as me! Its always been my preferred style...seriously, I was that baby in Portland who unwittingly nabbed a hemp beanie at Rose Festival because I thought it was awesome (for the record, the people noticed me and they let me keep it...in my defense, I was 1ish).
    In fact, most of my friends refer to me as the "hippie" (I like to think boho is a bit more sophisticated than "hippie" however.)
    Loved the post!
    the eggs are epic and that swing is most definitely awesome sign me up for one of those too!

  4. oh. mi. gosh. you've got me hooked to bohemian!! thank you sooo much!! :) ♥

  5. I totally thought you really went to the doctor!! That's really hilarious! Now you've got me hooked, I totally agree with Hayley. Wow, that's soo awesome! :))
    -Jocee <3

  6. Oh my gosh!!! I love it!! I know other people have said this, buuuuut, *sigh* you've got me hooked on bohemian! I LOVE your room! :)

  7. I would love to have one of those for my bed too! I kind of have an obsession for INDIA!!

  8. Everyone who is now hooked on bohemia: I apologize. It's contagious. You will now proceed to gradually change your life to more and more resemble the 1970s. Sorry. ;)

  9. The bohemian look is very freeing. I want to explore it more but I'm not sure how to start! The hair is beautiful and I love the feathers to accent!

  10. This may be a dumb sounding question, but what is Bohemian? ^_^

  11. COOL. Love that car! And some of those clothes I actually really love. You did an amazing job with your room! Insanely creative, Olivia. And your mum is an amazing artist.

  12. Oh how beautiful! Love love love the "Rose Royce"

  13. Anna Gray, bohemian style is sort of hippie-ish... tribal and ethnic, flowy and floaty. Lots of feather, leather, and fur. Picture the seventies. ;)

  14. Awesome pictures, especially the eggs with mustaches! :) Before this post, I didn't even know what bohemian was. Very unique fashion!

  15. Cool how did you do that sneak peek picture? And what program? I love how you can see the picture through the words.

    Bohemian and the 70s aren't really my thing, but I do think your room turned out nice. :)

  16. How utterly gorgeous is your blog?


    : ) Thanks for the mention by the way! too flattering!
    Lizzy xx

  17. Lovely inspiration! And, since you live in America this is probably no use to you, but Brick Lane in London is renowned for saris. Seriously, I was talking to my mum about going shopping in London and she's all like, "Do you want a sari? Because we could go to Brick Lane if so!". Which was random, but I digress.
    And obviously it's up to the blogger, but have you considered crediting photos? There was a really good piece on it at Frolic! about crediting photos and I always like it because then you can trawl round the photographer's flickr/blog/shop/website or whatever.

  18. i love bohemian style.

    and your room is absolutely inspiring! I love all the rugs and the painting over your desk. And the mirror hanging over your bed!

  19. Oh ok! Thank you for the description. :)

    I actually asked my mom if I could hang a swing on my ceiling...her response was staring at me blankly. ^_^

  20. Libby, I have done that when I don't have a ton of photos, but most are from weheartit and those are tumbled so it's really tricky to cite each one... I try to do my best, though. :)

  21. Okay. now you totally have me wanting to dress like a hippie. I love the headbands. You seriously find the best inspirations!
    Your room turned out great. Your mom is a wonderful artist too!
    Oh, when I was little we lived in this little old cabin looking thing in the mountains and I had a swing in the middle of the house. Sometimes I wish I could bring it out again and hang it up.
    Great post Olivia!
    Tessa Brooke

  22. I love, Love, LOVE the skirt in the picture right above the hands picture!!! *FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!*
    And I am totally going to copy the mustache eggs and the "take a smile" thing - those both RULE!!! (And I ALWAYS run out of good ideas for Easter eggs!)
    And, of course, a swing in the ceiling... *sigh* that would be the best of all, I think. I envy whoever's ceiling that is/was. Deeply. lol
    Thanks for sharing all of these!

  23. Oh, and give Raina my love! lol Your mom is very talented and amazing! =D

  24. Ps. I love the "I walked into the doctor" bit of your post at the start - I got this whole image of "bohemian's anonymous" and how Im gonna have to join... Haha :) very nice xx lizzy

  25. @Spell: And you have no idea how thrilled I am you came for a visit! I love your blog & shop. :)

  26. I am pretty obsessed with this style too!<3

  27. you do the boho look great! i'd like to see some more, pleaseandthankyou. :)

  28. wow, I like the way you write! the first part was hilarious hehe. And the painting your mom made is absolutely amazing! ♥

  29. Your room looks rad!!



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