12 May 2011

Clean Week, day one

AKA the Green Apple and Anthropologie post.

So I survived my first day of Clean Week! (I ended up forgetting my lunch at home so I just went hungry and had my delicious salad when I got home from school instead.) I told myself over and over than an apple is an acceptable form of dessert until I actually believed myself. It was a good apple, too.

food today:
breakfast: homemade smoothie
late lunch: salad and apple
dinner (in a few hours): fish, broccoli, and potatoes (all home-cooked, thank you mother)

here we have me. looking tired. eating an apple. in my living room. on the coffee table. with a cat.

 Thus, I have had Beatles songs stuck in my head for the past hour or so. 

jeans: Delia's // shirt: Anthropologie // jewelry: various
 I redeemed this ring from Threadsence via Chictopia. Amazing, right? My collection of humongous rings is growing.

^^^ this video for some reason has awesome Spanish subtitles, for true multicultural sing-along.


  1. Well done! But please*please*please... don't faint. If you forget your lunch, steal something from a friend, like a banana or something. Because fainting sucks.

  2. Yeah, I never skip meals so I was pretty famished by the time I got home. I drank a lot of water, which made me feel more full. Plus, our lunch period is at 10:45 am (when I usually eat breakfast) and I was back by 2:30, so I was only about an hour behind my weekend eating schedule.

  3. My! Do you wear gorgeous clothes every day?! I never see posts with you in just a t-shirt and jeans. =) Your clothes are lovely!

  4. I do sometimes just wear jeans and a top, like today, but I always wear a lot of jewelry so it sort of evens out. Thank you!

  5. Good for you! It sounds like you had a very healthy day. :)

  6. I love your pictures & and the big rings..

  7. love your outfit! and your many chunky bracelets. and your rings! :D

  8. I love your bracelets olivia :)

  9. I love apples :)
    Good luck on your clean week!

  10. Why are the orders of your posts all mixed up?!

  11. Fruit is one of my favorite things for desert, but I'm more of a berry type girl myself. P.S. That ring is fabulous!!

  12. Love your outfit! :)) hey I'm on my iPod touch right now and I know you have mobile on so I can read it better....would you mind telling me how you got this? Or if you just added something to HTML. or the link you used to make it? If you don't that's okay. :)

  13. hey gurl love ur nails! we should do ours sometime but could i please have my white back :)


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