11 May 2011

Clean Week

This quote has basically been my motto for, like, ever. I am ninja when it comes to procrastination. I am not-so-ninja (okay, let's face it, I move at the pace of Jabba the Hutt) when it comes to eating right, exercising, and all that jazz. I'd much rather click through a million web sites by people who are actually doing that stuff and storing information away for later like a little procrastinating squirrel.

No longer! I've started running. I try to run at least a mile five times a week. And starting tomorrow I'm going a week without eating processed foods of any sort... cookies, bread, sugar, anything from a box or can or package. Yeah. So no sandwiches for lunch, no bagels for breakfast. I'm allowing myself yogurt because it's not too processed, and without my morning smoothie I'd die of sadness. But other than that?


Once our garden starts producing I'm going to have a raw foods week too, but that's farther in the future.

Back to the non-processed week. I'm calling it my "Clean Week" because it's supposed to be a cleansing sort of thing, like a fast. Where you can eat.

Anyway, if anyone wants to join be I'll be doing updates throughout the week. Leave me your link and I'd love to check in on you throughout the week. You know, strength in numbers. Must. Resist. Cookie.


  1. awesome. plain and simple, awesomeness

  2. A beautiful quote & idea, dear! I'm not sure I would survive - willpower is the key, and, unfortunately, what I lack in bucketfuls.

    Erica. xoxo.

    P.S. Just out of curiosity, have the notebooks been shipped yet? :)

  3. Good job! I have been trying to do that as well, but haven't been blogging about it. Clean Week is a good idea :) I run track, so running at least 5 days a week is a given, but thanks for the inspiration to eat healthier!

  4. Hmmm... raw foods week sounds pretty good -- let me know when you're starting that and i'll do it.

    the thing is, the non-processing week would pretty much be raw food week for me because most of the food in our house is processed. and I have nowhere to run here. Soooo -- when you start the raw foods one, I'll start it with you. :)


  5. I have actually been trying to do like a no sweets week, but Snapple and Dr. Pepper keep calling my name...right next to my ear. Maybe I'll start tomorrow. I have actually been waiting for someone else to do it so I don't feel completely hopeless doing it myself. And maybe if I post about it, that will help me too. So here's my link: http://thewayimgrowingup.blogspot.com/

    Bethany. :)

    P.s. Sorry this comment was SO long.

  6. Hey - wonderful idea! I am mainly drinking lots of water and riding my bike each day. *swoon*

    If you want any raw diet recipes, just let me know and I know EXACTLY who to do to! ^_^

  7. Good job! I don't know if I could do that though : )
    I really need to fast on something sometime. I haven't ever done it before.

  8. wow, that's pretty inspiring, olivia!! keep us updated, OK?

  9. love this! I'm pretty careful of what I eat, though I do allow myself an occasional unhealthy food here and there ;) it definitely helps that we have no processed food in the house -- and my mom grinds the wheat and makes all our bread. I'd still love to have a no sugar week, though...

    Good luck!

  10. Cool! I'd love to do it, except for I'm having two sleepovers during the weekend LOL.

  11. I wouldn't be much help with that as I ate cookies for breakfast and am sipping a happy hour frap from Starbucks right now. But I'm happy for you!

  12. what a great idea to do a week long challenge! I've been avoiding processed foods for about a week now and I really love it. I just don't feel the need to eat all of the processed junk now, especially knowing about the excess ingredients that our bodies weren't made to use.

    Also, on the smoothie thing. Instead of yogurt, try spinach. It sounds a little weird, but I promise, aside from the green color, it tastes the exact same as a regular smoothie. Just add a handful or two of spinach, ice, and the fruit you want and blend it all up like you normally would. Delicious and healthy! I especially like mine with bananas. :) I like to add tons of ice to make it super thick, but it's all up to your personal preferences.

    good luck!!

  13. I'm making JAM today. So I think I'll pass. :-D

  14. I admire your willpower Olivia, but since pretty much every food in our house is processed, I'm not sure if I'll be able to join you on this one. Raw foods week I can do, though!


  15. Yeah, i've decided to jog in the morning now. I am seriously a terrible jogger/ runner person.
    A word of warning, though. Eating non-processed foods obsessively can be an eating disorder- orthorexia. So try to be careful- let this only last a week or something. Plus, how are sandwiches/ smoothies processed? Bread, veggies, meat, fruit, milk, all of which you can buy organic.
    But good idea with the "spring cleaning"- I'll try it too!

  16. A few months ago I was running on a regular basis, but then life got busy. I had just gotten up to two miles a day and was pretty proud of myself for losing over ten pounds and then I had to stop. I haven't gained the weight back, but I know when I do start running again I'll be way back at the start.

  17. I am horrible as well at not eating sugar, and my problem is that I don't gain weight in my stomach, I do in my thighs. Yeah. It's frustrating. We live really, really far out from everywhere (at least an hour from a Publix)- so I don't think a non-processed food thing would work, considering everything in our house is processed. But, I am planning on starting a new "thing" for myself and only eating dessert after dinner 3 times a week (instead of 5 or 6!) And the max for ice-cream per week is one ;) What is really bad for me though, is I have a secret candy stash in my bedroom, and I can eat that whenever! Ha- no one knows about it. I'm going to have to monitor that as well..... hmm

    http://totallybailee.blogspot.com (opening soon!)

    PS: sorry, i bet this is longest comment you have ever received ;)

  18. Awesome! I may join in with you a wee bit... I run every week at soccer and 3 miles on Thursdays. :P I need to start eating healthier, too- junk food makes me feel awful, even if it tastes good. :)

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  20. Good for you! It's definitely a good thing to fast from processed foods, but keep in mind that a little wee bit of sugar here and there is actually good for you. Crazy, right?

    Good luck! I'll pray that all works out well. :)

  21. Good luck to you! I've been trying the same thing {well, along those lines}. I've been working out every day, walking my dog every day, eating more veggies/fruits, drinking less nasty stuff {sodas & such}, and cut down snacks to a minimum.

    I shall run with you! :D

  22. Whilst I'm not planning on cutting out any foods from my diet {I'm on lactose-supplement things that taste like chalk}, I would love to get fitter and also healthier food = better complexion which is always nice.
    Good luck, Olivia!

  23. My Mom abhors processed foods so we never have (or if we do very little) of that nasty chemical filled food in my house. So I don't eat it. It's funny because if you try to eat it after not for a long time you can actually taste the chemicals. Utterly revolting, really. :) Anyway, good luck!

  24. You know healthy stuff rocks! (if it has a little sugar in it) :) Good job! I should try that!



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