10 May 2011

LIFE // mother's day & shop my closet

Before I get started, I have a very exciting announcement: I went through my closet and found some things I never got a chance to wear (mainly because they are too big or small for me). I was going to sell them at our next yard sale, but I remembered a few people saying they'd like to shop my closet... well, your wish is my command. You can now go here to do just that! So far there's only a couple things up — I had gym class today and I am in no state to be modeling anything quite yet. More soon, I promise.

Now, Mother's Day. My particular mother elected to spend her day doing garden work, so I made a lemon-lemon-lemon cake. What's this? you say. Lemon cake, lemon frosting, and lemon curd... is your mouth watering yet? Yes? Mine too. This makes a big tall cake, and it was all gone by this evening. *sob* I've typed up the recipe for this deliciousness for you to make yourself should you so choose.

I was also in charge of table decorating. I floated a tea light and various flowers in a bowl for the centerpiece.
Actually, the whole theme was flowers. I taped up some temporary posters.
om nom nom. grilled chicken, asparagus, and zucchini with baked potatoes.
The Cake. i'm proud that the frosting survived, i am the worst at frosting cakes.
blurry picture, don't judge. I just wanted to show you the pansies on top. did you know pansies are edible? when the garden store lady told me i was all surprised. i think i might have asked her which plants were poisonous if you put them on a cake... she looked concerned, like maybe the cops were needed. it was a bad brain day, okay?
i do not lie when I say that this is THE BEST CAKE in the entire world. especially if you like lemons.

Agh. Now I am totally wishing I hadn't eaten the last slice of the cake. I need a Full Belly Bowl to multiply this cake into infinity.

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  1. Mmm... that cake looks delicious! Lemon is one of my favorite flavors. :)

  2. I LOVE lemon cakes!! Those pictures are spectacular!! I love the pansies on top :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. Oh goodness, what a delicious looking cake! Anything lemon is right up my alley, just sayin'.

    Ooooh, I may purchase something from your closet! ^_^

  4. i.want.that.cake.

    wowsers, it looks delightfully SCRUMPTIOUS! and i do love lemon maringue (spl???), so I'm sure i would gobble your cake right up!!! heheh

    oh, i took a peek at those few things you put in your shop. I really really love that sweater!!! :) but sadly, i'm broke, and also, i have no way of trying it on before i would buy it. oh well! ;)

  5. nom nom! That cake looks scrumptious :)
    I'm sure your mother had a fantastic mother's day!
    Your table decorating skills are excellent :D
    The water, flowers and fire are amazing!

  6. I've never had lemon cake--but it looks delicious. :)

  7. that cake does look good -- even though i don't really like lemon i'm sure it's delicious! great pictures as always.


  8. Wow, I love the photos! That cake is amazing! I love icing cakes! I had cake decorating lessons one term a couple of yeas ago : )
    Would you believe it, most of my family pretty much forgot about Mother's Day until it arrived! How shocking! I'll try better next year : )

  9. The flower posters are just my thing, and the cake looks like yummness. I really enjoyed this post. *winks*

  10. Ooh, your cake looks lovely!! <3 Olivia, your photography is amaazing as usual. :) Speaking of photography~~I would love it if you would consider entering my "Of Shadows and Silhouettes" photography contest! I am co-hosting it with another young lady, and we are hoping it will be a sucess. I think you would have a good chance of winning...and there are to be a few awesome prizes involved, too! ;) For more info, go here:


    ..Hope you decide to enter! <3


  11. Question: did you actually eat the pansies? Or did you just remove it when you sliced the cake?

    You've got awesome table-decorating skills! Love the centerpiece! (:

  12. beautiful photos...as always!! off to check out your closet... :)

  13. Oh my word - I so have to make that cake. Mmmm! And great job with the cake and the decorating, it all looks gorgeous.


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