17 June 2011

LOVES // five awesome things

The week is almost over, can I get a cheer? It's Friday, so here's seven fantastic things of the week.

001. This song, and this video. The song's been stuck in my head all week, and the video... it's just weird. And interesting.

002. Chocolate-peanutbutter-frozen-bananas. Need I say more? Make here. (I excluded the coconut, and used a bit more chocolate chips than peanut butter, and went un-vegan. THEY ARE DELICIOUS.)

003. This hat. It is my new favorite. I got it at a yard sale for a quarter. The nails I painted, then dipped in sparkles, and painted over with clear. It lasted a surprisingly long time.

004. Remember this? I had more fun, and this time Twiggy got brought into the picture.
You know what I realized? Her eyes are lopsided. Mine are too. You can't tell as much because I use makeup to even them out, but they are just as off as hers. I feel proud.
(ps: no claim on any of the images... except the circles ^_^)

005. Today is my LAST DAY of final exams, and then I am FREE!
(I do have to return on Tuesday for a two-week summer gym class... since I need it out of the way before IB program junior year, and next year I'll be a sophomore, and it can't fit into my schedule next year, I have to take it during the summer. Which rots. But let's not think about that.)

006. I'm channeling Ke$ha with this outfit, and I kind of love it. Plus it was a lot of fun to mess around with flash in my (messy/dirty) basement.
Mossimo tank top, Goodwill belt, vintage vest, Payless boots, unknown shorts, Forever 21 necklace + earrings
(this would be the I-am-poor outfit)

007. The mice are now reduced to two, but those two are looking fat and healthy so hopefully they'll make it! They've been moved to the laundry room...


  1. Your toenail polish is BLINDING! It's so bright but I love it :P

  2. great post, olivia! i love the outfit and the art things are awesome! have you watched the 'last friday night' music video by katy perry? i love it. anyway, i hope you have a great friday! :)

  3. I .l.o.v.e. this post!
    1. yellow + silver sparkles + extra shine = perfection. Like seriously.
    2. Your hat and the editing done to the picture where you're sitting on a picnic table -- loveleeeeee! (not to mention the out fit you wore! -- soo beautiful!)
    3. Just about everything I liked!
    xxxxx cassia

  4. I LOVE that outfit! It's so very hippie/native of you :p

    And glitter ALWAYS lasts for ages on your nails. It's also a bitch to remove haha.

  5. That hat is too adorable. Aaannd I love your artsy...things...I'm not sure what to call them. But they're cool. =) You like those red circles, don't you? ;P

    Also, something random that you may or may not want to know: I dreamed that I met you last night. xD We were at a play that was also a grad party that was also a subway station, and I believe we started talking about your hair [which is gorgeous by the way]. It was strange. Anywho...

    You're not out of school yet?? Agh, I'm sorry for you. But you're SO.CLOSE! Hurrah!


  6. I hope the mice survive, and your nails are really cool. I'm really hoping to transfer a dictionary page onto my nails.

  7. Wow,your hair is getting so long! My hair doesn't like to grow *pout*.....Oh,well the curls make up for it ;)

    Aw,I hope the other 2 make it! :)

  8. I like that song; I have it on my iPod :)

    Make sure to get those mice vaccinated... don't want anyone to get sick from them. They are SO cute as if I haven't said that 389247698324765349875 times! Will you name them?

  9. those banana balls look delish!! send some to me, mkay? ;)

  10. Absolutely enjoy reading this post and you look gorgeous doll

    <3 Marina


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