18 June 2011

LIFE // my room is changed (again) and this time it is truly awesome

Well, I am officially out of school! I pulled myself together and managed a B in math (I do NOT belong in the Honors class, because math and I are NOT friends), so that means I made Honor Roll this past quarter. :) My highest grade was a 98. In gym, of all things, which until this year I absolutely failed. I also got a 95 in English, which made me happy.

Quick homage to Mrs. P: I loved my English teacher this year — once when I forgot my stuff to do an assignment on the Odyssey, I wrote her a short story instead. It was from Penelope's perspective and was very gloomy. She gave me full credit and an A because I entertained her while she was grading papers. It was a depressing story, too. I'm sure I still have it somewhere; I could post it in a bit.

Anyway, now I'm free for a couple days until the dreaded summer gym class starts, working on a short screenplay/indie film (more on that soon). But... you know what I'm going to say next...

Surprise, surprise — I got bored a while ago and decided to rearrange my room. Again. I brought in the awesome old 50's Singer that I got for $40 off Craigslist — it has its own little table and everything — and got rid of one of my bookcases since it was just a lot of empty space. Add in a bunch of posters and oddities on the walls and I feel quite at home.

Ke$ha (until my giant poster arrives, that's my temporary fix), the X-Files, Roadsaw, Chanel, a tarot card, feathers, a small dried horseshoe crab (I have so many of these...), etc. My wall is kind of a paradox.

BEFORE (very messy)

AFTER (but before the posters in the 1st photo)

I cut all those letters out with an Xacto knife — they're lyrics to this song by A Fine Frenzy. 

weird picture we found at a yard sale... it's an old hand-tinted photograph of a shoreline, but someone painted over the splashing waves with rough white paint so it's kind of a paintograph instead of a photograph or a painting.

PS: I totally forgot that I guest posted over here a couple days ago. Oops.


  1. i love this! especially all the little pictures on the wall :)

  2. i rearranged my room too, yesterday! it's just so fun. ahh, I love a clean room.
    my mom posted about it here if you want to see. :) http://www.andthen-shesnapped.com/2011/06/before-and-after-girls-room.html

  3. I love 'messing up' my room. You have a unique style too.

  4. Your room is so cute! Love the decor and all the white-ness :)

  5. I'm so in love with A Fine Frenzy... it's ridiculous. Also, your sewing machine is pretty beast. I just passed down my gorgeous, vintage machine to my younger sisters, and they've certainly gotten some use out of it.

  6. My shell burst, out came birds.
    I love that.

  7. Nice!
    My highest grade for this past year was a 99 in music :)

  8. I would love to read that story! Please post!

  9. I love your bedroom makeover. Especially the singer, we have on at home but it is a different singer. :) x

  10. You have a nice room. Love all the white!

    By the way, what did you use to stick those letter cut-outs on your wall?

  11. the movie is absoulety awesome and ispiring

  12. Very nice! you inspired me to redo my room. :)

  13. I'm kinda stuck in that stage now too...thanks for some inspiration!!



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