25 June 2011

guest posters wanted!

I have ten lovely ladies who will be making superb posts for you all. Thanks to everyone who emailed!

Okay, beautiful people. (People who joined the PACIFBWAA revolution are especially beautiful!) Here's the shake. I'm leaving for two weeks next Saturday — one week from today. I will be on my family's sailboat with absolutely no wifi, since we're going up to the most rural parts of costal Maine, where they really do say ayuh.

But it goes against my grain to leave poor little of horsefeathers abandoned for that time.

So here's what I need from YOU.

I need ten guest posters for that time. I'll add you as authors and all, and the blog will be yours for one day. You get to link to your blog/shop/twitter/facebook/whatever and shamelessly self-promote for a paragraph at the end of the post during the "about the author" section.

Sounds good? I'd love to have everyone who's interested be able to post, but I don't want to get beyond 10. So email me with your ideas for a post and I'll select the ten that I feel would be most interesting to readers of horsefeathers.

Good luck! I'll create a group email once I have ten people that will tell you what your post should look like and when you should make it.

Poladroid is just too much fun to not post.

(PS: WEEKLYGIVEAWAY will be postponed until my return. Sorry everyone!)


  1. Olivia, it won't show me your email address. Won't let me email you, etc. Could you please comment with your email so I can do it from my gmail account? Thank you!

    -aBBi giRL

  2. I emailed you. ;) Have a great vacation!

  3. I emailed you. And I reckon lampshade hats could be a hot new trend.
    Or something like that...

  4. Nice lampshade.
    I emailed you!

  5. I sent you an email. And, that's pretty awesome that your family has a sailboat. Would it be creepy if I tried to sneak on? ;)

    PS. Your lampshade hat is quite lovely, if I do say so myself.

  6. I'd love to do it for you and maybe you for me! :)

  7. Sent you an email. I hope that you have a great vacation! :)


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