24 June 2011

BEAUTY // she has freckles on her nose and dark circles on her eyes, and she lives in a world of greyed-out skies.

I have no idea if those are actual song lyrics or not, but they should be. If I could sing a bit better I'd come up with a song for them, but for now they'll remain the quasi-depressing words to a blog post title.


It's raining and my face is not at its prettiest right now — no makeup, goggle rings from swimming, etc. Naturally I figured it would be a good time to rebuke the "how do you always look so pretty?" comments I get occasionally.

Always so pretty, eh?

I rest my case.

Just wanted to disperse of the illusion that I am by any stretch of the imagination perfect. Because this is a blog and not real life, you guys usually don't get to see me on bad hair/makeup/face days. I think everyone sort of assumes that people can be perfect (I mean look in People magazine... not a zit one one of those starry faces) but I've decided to make it my mission to start a rebellion against that.

I call it the People Are Imperfect Campaign For Bloggers Who Are Awesome, or PeArImCaFoBlWhArAw for short, or PAICFBWAA for short-short.

Kidding. I'm not starting a rebellion, though that would be entertaining. I would love it if you'd muster your courage and post an embarrassing/unattractive photo of yourself on your blog and leave me the link. PAICFBWAA forever! Fight the celebrities! Say no to airbrushing!

We need a handshake.


  1. I very much want to join the magic that is PAICFBWAA. Keep your eyes out for an unattractive picture of me coming soon!

    And yes, we do need a handshake.

  2. http://jenecasblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/to-spare-you-pimpley-post.html
    It's at the very bottom of the post.. ROFLWK {rolling on the floor laughing, with kangaroos.}
    PAICFBWAA forever!

  3. I get your approach, girl. ;) Too many bloggers only show the "perfect" side of themselves. What about the norm? No one expects you to dress up in your best jeans for a couple of blog post pictures. :)

    As for you - I still think you're gorgeous. I love the color of your eyes. :)

    PAICFBWAA for always. xoxo.

  4. That was really...what I needed to hear. I know everyone isn't perfect, but more often than not I feel like the only imperfect person in the entire world. :P I almost don't like it when people say I'm beautiful because I know they're actually talking to that cute hat I got [to hide that snarl I couldn't untangle in my hair], or the mascara on my eyelashes [to make them look longer], or the long floral skirt I'm wearing [to hid the scratches I got from climbing my tree].
    Three cheers for PAICFBWAA!!

    ~hannah grace

  5. Ps: I don't sing very well either, but I write songs, and I reeeaaally wanna steal your title for my latest song. Purdy please? :)

  6. Very ture. I love it. :)
    (I still think you look pretty though. :))

  7. Way to go Olivia, you're so brave! :D

    PAICFBWAA forever!! :)

  8. Wow. I'm so joining the rebellion ;). We got jackets, riiiight? Kidding.

    I don't get acne, but I did post a true blue photo of me a the end of this post: http://www.michaelac.com/2011/05/clothes-cameras-and-coffee.html (if you see things that look like zits, they're freckles ;).)

  9. Welll I still think you're pretty. xD
    But yea, PAICFBWAA is my kind of group!!!!

  10. I have permanent goggle-rings from the 3+ hours I spend swimming every day...I know exactly how you feel.

  11. I want to join the group! Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to post pictures of myself on the internet, otherwise I would have an absolute plethora of un-pretty pictures to choose from.

  12. I adore the idea of a rebellion.
    PAICFBWAA is my kinda thing

  13. This is awesome C:
    But really, you look awesome even with goggle rings and no makeup.

  14. hahaha this is brilliant. i must admit whenever i feel bad about my appearance i go on the internet and look at pretty people. PAICFBWAA all the way.

  15. Haha, they're perfect because they're airbrushed ;) Well, except for Jessica Alba. She looks FREAKING AMAZING with no makeup!

  16. PAICFBWAA ROCKS! Say no to eyeshodow! (wait, did I just say that???) ;)

  17. This was really brave of you to do. I salute you, Olivia! PAICFBWAA all the way!

    By the way, I still think you look pretty. :)

  18. PAICFBWAA love it!!!! Will post a picture of myself soon (ish)

  19. Awesome idea. Because of so many women looking perfect in magazines (mostly because of makeup & photo editing) girls are starting to think they need to look perfect too.

    I took some pictures yesterday for PAICFBWAA, but I haven't got them all edited (no worries, I'm not editing my looks, just re-sizing) and posted on my blog. I'll hopefully do that soon, when I do I'll let you know.

  20. I love your blog!

    ♥Book blogger


  21. Alrighty, I broke down and took a picture of my blood-shot eyed, messy haired, self.


    Yep - I linked up.

  22. lol,ah,yes,if everybody could see everybody on their bad days,it would be one scary room! ;)

    Those people use makeup is HIGH Grade,thick.With pro. artist to make it look so. Plus they do photo editing.

    (heck, I've even seen them do photo editing on Keira Knightly's body for a movie,to make her body more perfect.)

    But I must say they are more careful on what they do,eat,etc....

    moisturizing there skin, drinking lots of water (which makes you skin supple as well as healthier) staying away from chocolate,workign out..etc..

  23. Here's mine! Hope you enjoy c:

    -aBBi giRL

  24. http://dramaticelegance.blogspot.com/2011/06/sans.html

    I did it. Just for you. I also linked back to you. <3

  25. Hahahahaaaaa what a great idea :)

  26. Awesome Post, and Gr8 Point. I agree!
    btw nice blog :)


  27. This is so great!!

    Girl, you're so purty!! :)

    I'll post mine asap...

  28. http://meanderingiris.blogspot.com/2011/06/im-forcing-myself-to-write-this.html
    I did two pics, they might not be exactly what you were expecting.

  29. I did it! I'm joining, Olivia Dear. :) Kudos to you for starting this rebellion! ;) I'm a no-makeup gal anyways, so every picture on my blog IS natural, but..I like to use contrast/red-cheeks-toner-downer..this time, I didn't. :)



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