10 June 2011

le important photography announcements

Three things I'd like to share:

001. New site design. View here and please leave me some feedback!

002. Buy one, get one free this week at my Etsy shop! That's a $50 value for $25. Just tell me which you'd like as your free print in the message to seller at checkout.

003. If there's a photo from the blog you'd like to purchase, but it isn't in my Etsy store, just email me and I'll put it up. I keep 99% of my blog photos in their original form so chances are good that I have it squirreled away somewhere.

Okay. All done.


  1. I think the new look is beautiful. Very simple and professional looking as usual, belle. And oh, look how much subscribers you have - awesome. Bet you by the end of the day, you'll reach 700!


  2. I like the new blog!! Pretty Pretty!!

  3. design is gorgeous! i love it, it suits the style of your blog perfectly! good choice, olivia!!

    amalia <3

  4. i love the design.. it really shows your style of photography.. if that makes sense?
    y u so good at designing

  5. Awesome! :D

    By the way you have an award from my blog!



  6. I LOVE the new site. The phrase 'Maine and around the world' is just so endearing.

    May I enter the give-away here?
    If so, my most favorite things from Molly's shop are as follows...

    1. the beekeeper locket necklace--because my grandparents have kept bees and sold the honey at their ranch here in CA. Bees are significant to me in so many ways. And obviously the necklace itself is just too lovely.

    2. the princess bride earrings--must I explain this? They are Princess Bride earrings! Enough said.

    3. the constance necklace--because it is antique brass, pearl, and called Constance. What more can I say?

    4. However, my favorite of hers is actually the necklace in your post. Woodland beauty at it's loveliest!

    Thanks for the gorgeous giveaway! So sweet!

    My. Do you think this comment is long enough? *such sarcasm*



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