11 June 2011

LIFE // how I got nommed by a snake

Knocking off Hyperbole and a Half today and bringing you  a badly illustrated (yet hopefully humorous) tale from my childhood.

(you can click on all these to make them bigger.)

It started off with my well-meaning father (at that time with longish hair and beard) attempting to introduce me (at age five/six or so) to the wonderful world of reptiles. I was not afraid of reptiles, but apparently my parents had a tremendous fear of all things Barbie and Princess, so I was raised to play with animals instead.
-----» read more about this tomorrow, with another somewhat-decent comic and a really good explanation of why my personality is so wigged out.

I looked at the snake. I liked the snake. The snake and I were destined to become great friends, I was sure of it. And then — o joy —I held the snake.

The snake was not pleased. It probably knew that in the near future I would be imprisoning its cousins in fish tanks-turned-terrariums.

So it acted.

My dad was not pleased. He probably expected me to burst into tears or fling the snake away or scream bloody murder or something.

I did not.

The End.

ps: in case you were wondering, garter snakes have no teeth. Or fangs. Or venom. Or any of that stuff. So I was not injured and thus not traumatized. 


  1. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry. Since I'm laughing, let's go with laugh. That seems like the right thing to do. This is crazy, bizarre and interesting.

  2. You totally made my day! I'm a good friend with reptiles too. :)


  3. Bahahahahaha!!! Olivia, this is hilarious! I can't believe this is a true story. If that was me, I would have asked my father to exact revenge.

    You are the bravest and toughest gal I know! Seriously.

    By the way, are you scared of spiders and cockroaches? Just wondering.

  4. haha oh my gosh, those are so cute. love the last one. ♥

  5. @Hazelnut: Spiders, no... cockroaches, YES. And earwigs. And lakes. Can't stand lakes.

  6. LOL,I would probably just fling,and be like aw man it bit me. Or stare at it in surprise!

  7. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Love it! SUPER FUNNY! =D

  8. How hilarious - & your cartoons are so adorable. :)

    Do you own any reptiles now?

  9. Oh, my goodness! That is SOOOOOOOO funnny!!! lol! I wouldn't have touched the snake in the first place. :P

  10. I guess I'm like you! My sisters freak out about snakes, but I've always loved them. Yesterday I was swimming in the creek and a water snake was about two feet away, and I just watched it swim to the side. After all, they're probably more afraid of you than you are afraid of them. =P

    Cute story, by the way! ;)

  11. I cracked up. :)
    --Love MCat

  12. Oh my word!!!!!!!! This was ah-mazing!!!!!!! I laughed SO HARD!!!!!!! :D


  13. Oh my goooood! That was WONDERFUL!! I luv all things reptile, too!

  14. Ha ha ha haaaaaaaa! Awesome.

    Love the drawings - I love Hyperbole & A Half too.

  15. pahahhaha that made me giggle! That's awesome

  16. Heh, I loved the illustrations. I was bitten by a garter snake once too, and even though it hurt, I wasn't near as freaked out as my mom was. ;P

  17. Haha! This is just hilarious. I love your illustrations. Thank-you for making me smile :)

  18. Haha awesome. Hyperbole and a Half is such a great blog.

    strawberry freckleface

  19. Ohhh my goodness!! Olivia, this is so super hilarious. And the drawings are adorable!! Cuteness!!


  20. This is absolutely adorable :)

  21. AHHHHHH! OMGoodness! I LUVVVVV your handwriting! mine, let's just say it's not as good as yours.


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