22 June 2011

LOVES // summer is.

001. Fresh strawberries from the garden, with the earthy flavor before you wash them and the juicy one after.

002. Stupid songs sung badly.

003. Haircuts and the lightness you feel afterwards.

004. Pretty new tops. (this one from Target)
this photo was pre-haircut

005. Photobooth.
the words say "my SHELL burst", by the way.

006. Dresses with boots.

007. Awkward tan lines.

What's your summer?


  1. What tan line? I don't see a thing..oh wait. I see it. It's not bad! You should see mine. It's insane.
    I LOVE YOUR DRESS WITH THE BOOTS!! You like gorgeous in everything. I'm jealous. Your haircut is lovely!!
    Great post :))
    -Jocee <3
    P.S. I like the way you number things, you know: 001, and 002. I'm "stealing" that from you ;)

  2. My summer is many of these things, particularly awkward sunburns since none of my bathing suit tops have the same cut.
    My summer is also long hours of reading, writing, playing outside (even if I am 15 xD), sleeping in, staying up till 2, summer dresses, and Lord of the Rings in theatres once again!!!

  3. Does 'sung badly' actually mean 'sung beautifully'? Because your voice is really lovely. :) I really love your dress with boots ensemble, too.

  4. I would just like to say that I think you are absolutely gorgeous, and look great in that dress. :)

    love and smiles,


  5. lol

    i was just scrolling past the pic of you and ur friend doing the heart thing, and she exclaimed, "My Hell burst came! WHAT?!?!??" Right as I pointed at what you'd written underneath that pic.
    Wow. Sisters. ;S

    Anyhoo, my summer this year is painting sea creatures for my church's VBS called Sonshine Camp this next week. Andddd... moving to Ohio with my family.
    Getting letters from the bestest friend in the whole wide world who lives in a different state FOUR INSANELY LONG HOURS AWAY. *tears*
    And, ermmm, listening to music and working on catching up in my school before next year. Yikes.

    So ya.


  6. Ahhh, your hair is gorgeous. I very much wish my curly/poofy hair would behave the way yours does.

    And those strawberry pictures are simply beautiful. ^.^

  7. love the tan lines!! haha and the song is pretty!(:

  8. I know how it feels getting your hair cut. I just got mine done a week ago. Feels so light.

  9. I love strawberries.

    It is Winter here in Austraila. :( You are lucky to have Summer. :D

  10. I adore that necklace you're wearing in that last photo! Summer is downright amazing, and I couldn't love it more! <3

  11. Awesome post Olivia, love that top, and your dress and boots, and your haircut! And of course I love strawberries too, I can't leave those out! My summer is: shopping with friends, flying a kite, walks in the woods, driving with the windows down, and so much more! :)

  12. i love the haircut, i'm so jealous of your curls! my hair is dead straight... not even i bit wavy, it's so boring. i love your shirt too; i have a dress that looks a bit like that.
    oh and thanks for the follow on my blog. i must admit that i spazzed out a bit. ;)
    have a great day xoxo

  13. Lots of things, basically lots of what you said. :D I love your top and dress! I also have aw question, I am thinking of getting a Nikon d60, and I am trying to save up for one (along with some parent help) and I was wondering where you got yours. Is there any special place you got yours? Thanks@

  14. Love the strawberries and your dress... and your haircut... and...

    Okay. Let's just say I love everything in this post. :)

  15. my summer is 6 months away!! woohoo, can't wait.

  16. Your haircut looks fabulous ! What is it about new haircuts that have every girl strutting?

  17. great pics! i heart summer too :)

  18. heheh :) love your list of summer :D Sounds a lot like mine! I love getting summer haircuts, makes my mess of a hair feel lighter :)

  19. your photographic style is so BEAUTIFUL! so pretty.
    (dang...now I want some strawberries!)


    your haircut looks great, by the way!

  20. Those outfits are cute and fashionable!~You look great : )


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