23 July 2011

LIFE // in which my bedroom gets a facelift

I've been very bad and rearranged my room again. Last time I did that was... um... about a month ago. Obviously it was quite overdue. Ahem. Sarcasm.

I realized that I never really use a desk, I always write on my laptop sitting in bed. So the desk got banished the the basement. As did the table above my amazing free wicker trunk, which was just collecting junk.

Like these 3-D glasses I punched the lenses out of. I knew they'd be handy for something. Now I'm all geeky and have an adorable laptop decal.

I neglected to take any messy before pictures, so here's three from when it was clean:

And now...

A wall full of ads removed from Teen Vogue...

A painting by my mother in her art school days...

And... well... more space.

Yeah. Did I ever mention that the lips and words of my Ke$ha poster glow in the dark? It's awesome.
My mother hates the poster, so I had to put it somewhere she won't see it from the doorway when she walks by. Sort of funny really.


  1. love it! oh, and how do you do the drop down menu in your sidebar? the one that says "sponsor, weekly giveaway, share the love, subscribe, and contact?"


  2. Gorgeous! Love the redecorating job!

  3. I did that with my 3D glasses too, and yes, I agree they are really fun and nerdy :)


  4. Love it! It looks great! Nice Ke$ha poster :). Is she stabbing herself with a knife though? Love the wall art!

  5. ooh! Sweet room. I just rearranged mine too. Although, it is at least half the size of yours.

  6. I love the new room, girl!

    Ke$ha's lips probably rock in the dark. Haha

    Love your style, so similar to mine.. it's amazing.

    -Rachel Lynn <3

  7. Niiice. :D I wish I had a basement/attic full of junk. Sadly, our landlord is creepy and won't let us use anything from the attic or basement. xP Weirdo.
    That's disturbing, about the glow-in-the-dark lips. o.O At least it's not her eyes. ;) I'd never sleep again.

  8. That'd be so freaky: To wake up in the middle of the night and the first thing you'd see was a pair of glow in the dark lips.
    ANYWAY, love the makeover! Okay, it's not really a makeover, just a rearrangement. I love your wall of Vogue. So cool.
    I would rearrange my room, but I'm too lazy + I like it the way it is + I don't want to look at the crazy montage of stuff that's lurking underneath my bed. And I'm pretty sure there's a whole universe somewhere in that crazy montage.
    Your mom's painting is so cool! I wish I could paint. I can draw...but not paint. At all. ANYWAY...
    You've inspired me to change some things in my room! You and Carlotta and Emily and Abbey have induced this love for vintage, and nautical things and crafting. Thanks alot. {That was a very sincere thank you, by the way. No sarcasm intended}.
    Okay, I'm pretty sure I broke the record for longest, ramblingest comment :)) :P ;)
    -Jocee <3

  9. It looks fantastic, Olivia! I love how, with white walls, your room appears so open. I must rearrange my room soon.

  10. I knew I couldn't be the only one who used those 3D glasses for fashionable purposes.

  11. Your wall with all the ads is so amazing :)

  12. For some reason, I really, really like the first picture. ♥

  13. I love your room. It's so you : )
    That photo of you is so helarious! Did you take it?

  14. Olivia your room is so adorable! And so very creative :) The teen vogue collage? Yes, please! And the art and the Mannequin? And the bed frame? And the black writing? I Love it all :)

  15. Love what you did with the room! I might have to redo my own room this coming weekend :)

    Autumn (http://www.weekendsix.blogspot.com)

  16. I love love love your room! Also I love how you used ads from teen vogue :)

  17. Love your room; and your blog(:

  18. Wow! That looks awe4some1

  19. oh your room is so big! i am i love with the mural under 'shell', LOVE et.

  20. I like your laptop decal. And you did great in redecorating your room. It looks fabulous! Olivia, you are one creative gal.

    By the way, what did you use to stick those magazine ads on your wall? Ordinary tape?

    p.s. Lovin' the new layout. :)

  21. @Isabal: Haha, nope, she has a cool old sword resting on her shoulder. :)

  22. I seriously love your room. It's awesome!

  23. Ooh, pretty! It's very arsty-looking. :)


  24. Nice redesigning and reorganizing Olivia! Looks great! :)

  25. Great job! I recognize some of those teen vogue ads:)


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