24 July 2011

VIDEO // two videos and that is all

Okay, chocolate chip cookie lovers, look inside your cupboard for your chocolate chips if you've been caught in the same heatwave I have. Ours... their consistency resembled toothpaste and thus they had to be squeezed out of the package in a way very similar to toothpaste. (Irony?)

Oh, and there were cool sunflares.

My video quality isn't great because I only have a dinky little Flip camera. Sigh. But the song is "Babe" by Evenings. Very cool little band/guy; he's not even on iTunes yet so if you have a Facebook like his page. We love you, Nathan.

The dress I'm wearing in the video is from here. And though it looks like when I'm mixing things I am not wearing a shirt, I promise I was wearing a sports bra type tank top thing. I had been running. Stupidly.

On a different note, your life is not complete unless you've seen the below video. That is all.
This is what our cats do all the time... except... it's an OWL.


  1. (1) hey this is the song you didn't want to use last time! (2) that is my favorites dress ever, and have you seen her shop recently? (3) those cookies look delicious and its like 100 degrees right now. (4) i love owls.

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  3. Wow, i wish it was that hot here! That owl is so cute. I want one.

  4. lol, that bird is too funny.
    i want one.

  5. LOVE YOur dress so cute!
    And your videos are amazing ;) Flips r dinky but great ;)

  6. Such a cute dress Olivia!
    And that owl? I want one as well. :)

  7. Oooh, very nice video! The music was soothing, I guess you could say. :)

  8. that owl video is hilarious! haha my cat does that all the time :P

  9. that owl video is probably the most adorable thing I have ever seen! :)
    --Sara Beth

  10. I am hungry after watching the first 60 seconds of that first video. The rest I want to sneak into your house and steal that dress. At night. In the dark. Okay? ;)

    Owls are cute and I want a pet one.

  11. yum! I love the dress! That owl is hilarious!

  12. Cute dress! Although, it does look a wee bit too short for my taste. :)


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