16 July 2011

this is quite an unwelcome surprise upon my return.

Hello beautiful people! I hope the guest posters treated you well.

Tis true, I have just (and I mean ten-minutes-ago just) returned from my sailing trip, which was full of bruises and salt air. (Starting tomorrow I'll be posting my photos and such.)

And what do I find?

Blogger in Draft has taken away my "Edit HTML" button.

What. Is. This.

I am not amused.

Who knows how long until the feature will be removed from Blogger altogether?

If/when this happens, I'm switching to Wordpress. I've already started moving some posts over to my Wordpress URL just in case.

It's really distressing.

UPDATE: Thanks to Kinga and Emily Sacra, who told me exactly how to edit my template:
If you click on "Template" and scroll down all the way, you'll find "Edit Template" right in between "Backup/Restore" and "Revert to classic templates."

Duh. Blonde moment.
(No offense to blonde people. I'm considering being blonde someday. It's just a figure of speech.)


Also, I owe Verizon $60 because somehow I went over my texting plan. I think it's time to switch to unlimited.

And one of our chickens died while we were away. My favorite one. Fatima.
She had a whole book.
It is very sad.

And one of the cats hacked up a furball onto my floor.


Time for some sleep and a long shower. Please expect a real post tomorrow.

much love


  1. I've been contemplating a wordpresss move as well. Just not liking how expensive it is. And I have blogger in draft and I can still edit the HTML -- I just went to template and scrolled to the bottom and clicked edit template and there it was. Perhaps my version isn't updated. ;)

  2. I know; I know... I can't believe it. I'm really considering wordpress but it's kind of ugly.

  3. I have no issue with my HTML edit currently...maybe the hell is yet to come. I'm not going to Wordpress though. I love Blogger and I'm sticking with it, regardless.

  4. I don't have that problem yet, which I'm glad about. But, really, why do they have to be so mean?? I hope you get everything worked out!

  5. Are you sure? I'm still able to access my html...oh wait, you're right - have you tried going back into it the old way by signing into your blog? I think you can still do that. I'll be moving to WP in the fall.

  6. Golly gee. :P What a lovely welcome home. Sorry about that...but PLEASE DON'T MOVE TO WORDPRESS!!! :( I'm sure there'll always be some way to edit HTML!

  7. That's strange...mine is still here. Blogger has some serious issues!

  8. Actually; you can edit your html with the new blogger dashboard. Just click on the little house button and then click on template. Then scroll all the way down to 'edit template', that's the same a edit html.

    I would die if blogger did remove it!

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  10. Ditto with everybody above...

  11. I'm sorry about your chicken :'(

  12. You definitely still can edit your HTML. If you click on "Template" and scroll down all the way, you'll find "Edit Template" right in between "Backup/Restore" and "Revert to classic templates." (Basically what Megan just said).
    And I'm sorry about Fatima.

  13. OH NO!! I will die if they take away mine. Thankfully it hasn't happened yet but I think you can get it back. I'm not going to repeat what everyone else but I do believe they are correct. :D

  14. That is really weird. My Edit HTML button is still there. Somethings going on...

  15. My HTML button is still there. But if they dare take it away. >:(

    You name your chickens too?!?! :D

  16. It would make me SO mad if Blogger did that! I would move to Wordpress too. And I hate their new design! Ugh. But I just checked my Blogger in Draft, and it says that I can edit my template... Hmm, I hope it doesn't change!!!


  17. It says you can edit the template, but not the HTML. And for everyone who says theirs is still there, I mean in Blogger in Draft. :)

  18. Ugh! Blogger will certainly lose a lot of people. Poor fatima. :( May she RIP.

  19. Maybe you have a more advanced Blogger in Draft? Because I go to Template>Scroll down>Edit Template and it all shows up! It also shows you can switch to 'classic template', which I would SO do! Unless I don't move to Wordpress first... :P

  20. So sorry about Fatima! And PLEASE don't switch to Wordpress - no one can have followers and we wouldn't be able to keep up with your posts!

    --Love MCat

  21. I'm so sorry about your chicken. I feel your pain.
    My three polish chickens {Jeans, Mary, Star, Nellie, Miranda/Ginger} ALL DIED last year after I sent them away to a friends house for the winter.

  22. You're back! Can't wait to see your pictures! I'm sorry your hen died and you had some Blogger problems. I utterly dislike it when glitches occur. But I'm glad you got your blog fixed! I'd be really sad if you'd move to Wordpress. :P

  23. Yay! I am so happy my grueling wait for another real horsefeathers post is over! I can't wait to see all of your exotic pictures from sailing!

  24. No! Not Fatima! D: Aww, I'm so sorry, I will mourn for your loss. :C
    & ew, who's the hairball culprit? D:

  25. I'm sorry about Fatmia! :( :( I hope you had a awesome vacation! I missed ya!

  26. How do you get to the template button? I MUST FIND IT.

  27. Poor Fatima!! I'm so sorry she died. I really enjoyed reading her story. Must have been very upsetting to come home to.


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