17 July 2011

LIFE // PHOTOS // the high seas, part one

p a r t   0 0 1 :   J e w e l l   I s l a n d

Our first island hop was to Jewell Island. This is a pretty popular anchorage, so there were a few other boats, but not nearly as many as there usually are.

The island has lots of history, and lots of legend. Bootleggers and pirates — including, according to the stories, Captain Kidd and Mary Reed — used the island to hide liquor and (if you believe the legends) treasure. In WWII, like many Casco Bay islands, bunkers were built and manned, as well as two peculiar towers. These are said to be haunted.

view from the top of one of the twin towers.

Don't laugh at me, but when I was exploring a bunker (picture a long, dark, damp, square concrete tunnel underground — nearly pitch black, just enough light from the entrance to see rows of darkened doorways staring at you), stupidly without a flashlight, and stupidly alone... I totally, one hundred percent heard footsteps. And I can guarantee no other hikers were in there.
It was dead scary. I screamed and got as far away from there as possible. I have it on video, too.

So yes, the bunkers (at least) are haunted.

Other structures from WWII litter the island, like a strange crumbling building with bars on the windows...

The bones of a huge ship...

And small rusty huts.

I'm still not over the footsteps. They freaked me out because they sounded like they were coming towards me. Looking back on it I wish I'd stayed and perhaps seen the ghost/whatever, but I got too scared. So now I'm kicking myself.

Oh yes, and you'll want to see what the boat looks like. Here we have the view from my cabin/bedroom, which is about the size of your average couch smushed into a triangle shape. It contains two triangular beds, two shelves, and about .75 square feet of floor space. In this picture you can see my mother for scale. This is the dining room, living room, and kitchen.
It is quite a small boat, not to mention this is the same boat we lived on for two years in the Caribbean.


  1. Oh,a place full of mystery and history.
    I love it already!

  2. Sounds like you had fun! :) And don't worry, at least you THOUGHT about staying and seeing the ghost. I would have just run away, screaming, and have no second thoughts afterwards :p

  3. Oh, creepy! But fun! We always need some adventure and mystery to spruce up this dull life of ours. ;)

    Thanks for the pictures!

  4. I wannna see the video! Of you running away from the "ghost." My sister heard someone open and close a door while she was practicing piano at our church. No one answered when she called so she grabbed her stuff and ran. xD Now I'm scared of going in there alone...

  5. Welcome back, lovely! I am so excited to hear more about your mysteriously beautiful adventure. :)

  6. You have to show us the video! That sounds so fun. Yea, sometimes I wonder about ghosts...
    Once I kept hearing this scratching on my door. My dog was in my bedroom already and no one was outside. Every time I opened the door it went away.
    After about a week of this terrifying scratching I started nearly loosing my head! Then the scratching all at once got louder and louder and louder. Someone on the T.V said 'four', someone outside {like a golfer-but we don't have a golf place near our house...} screamed 'four!' and then I whip open my door to see a-


  7. that's so extraordinary! creepy but neat all the same! any way you'd want to put that video up for us to see!? ;)

  8. welcome back! loved your shots -- and oh girl, if that were me in that bunker, I'd have screamed bloody murder too. creepy.

  9. Sounds fun! I love it already!


  10. love the pictures! lol, they probably wired up the bunkers with sound!! jk
    nice to have you back:-)

  11. Cool!Ooh~ haunted. Lucky, I've never been to Jewell Island. Now you've inspired me to go explore those bunkers! ;P

  12. @nzkiwigirl: I seriously doubt it... there is zero electricity, inhabitants, etc.

  13. History+Mystery=Awesomeness

    The trip sounds awesome so far! Can't wait to hear more! :P

  14. Oooh, how fun! Nice little boat you have there too! Oh gravy, if I heard the footsteps, I would have had a major adrenalin rush, shrieked, and ran for my life. Creepy, indeed.

    Maybe it was the ghost of a pirate. Oh. Yes. ^_^

  15. P.S. How can you tell us about the ghost and not post the video? You HAVE to post the video!

  16. Sounds like a lot of fun! Love the pictures and the boat.

  17. whoa, that's freaky. :o the rest of it sounds insanely awesome, though! can't wait for part two! :)

  18. Your trip sounds awesome!!!! And "the ghost" well, that is insanely creepy. But, even if you had stayed who is to know if you would've seen something. It could have been invisible and you might have just heard this deep, mysterious voice asking you your name or something and then maybe its invisible hand touched yours and THEN you run out screaming. Okay, what I just wrote sounds a little weird. But, I would say being in the environment you where WWII ruins and pirates etc. That there is a 95 % chance it was a ghost.
    Video please!!!!!!

  19. Beautiful pictures! That is scary1 We need the video!

  20. Looks like fun!
    Could we see the 'spooky' video??!!!


  21. I don't know! I was disTRAUGHT! I was actually watching that exact part when I read your comment

  22. love the pictures, can't wait for part 2! [and 3, 4, 5? haha just kidding.]

  23. ooh! That is creepy! Man, I wish you had stayed and seen the ghost!! Oh well. A trip to remember eh? ;) *wink*

  24. I WANT TO GO THERE! That looks like an awesome and exciting vacay. I still can't believe you lived on the Carribean for two years. Was it fun or boring?

  25. Sounds like an adventure. Loved the pics!


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