13 July 2011

You Are Beautiful {a guest post by Libby}

Hello there,
My name is Libby, and I'm going to tell you something which you should already know, although you probably don't realise it all the time--even though it's always true.
You are beautiful.
Do you hear {or, rather, read} that? You, my dear, are beautiful. And him, and her, and you too. It's true. Sometimes, you won't realise it. Sometimes, you'll be called names. Sometimes, you'll think that you are too fat, too thin, too tall, too short. Sometimes, you will think that you're the exact opposite of beautiful, but we know that you are beautiful.
Don't get beautiful confused with perfect. Frankly, we'll all get spots and dark circles and scars. But these spots and dark circles and scars don't make you ugly--they make you human.Oh--and you know that rumour, about how everyone apart from you is always immaculate? It's just a rumour! Because as much as I believe Kani, Elsie and Olivia are eternally gorgeous and perfect, they're not, because they're human. Some people are more photogenic than others, but that doesn't make them more beautiful, or you more ugly. Whenever I share outfit posts, I try and hide my face, because for a while I felt I wasn't good enough to share my style. But now, I'm getting more comfortable with realising that it takes time to be natural in front of a camera, and I know I'm not ugly. My hats are a fashion statement now, like below.
And please, promise me one thing: you will never let anyone else deny you your beautifulness because of what they say. Make a bumpy nose or a freckled nose or a wrinkly nose beautiful. Because, remember they are a part of you. And you are beautiful.

{this was written in nail polish, lipgloss & eyeliner}
So, yes, I like pretty dresses and flicky eyeliner and styling my hair. But to me, that's just pretty and an outer shell. I don't think that's quite the same as beauty. Beauty is more innate than that. It's also something creative, something unique, something just waiting for ignition. So create your utmost beauty not just through following a trend but through the poetry you writes, the colours you combine, the photos you take.
Go, be beautiful. Tell me, what makes you feel most beautiful?


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  1. My punk-rock get-up (spikes, mini-skirt, spikes, fish-net tights, spikes, band tee & denim vest... did I mention SPIKES?) Why spikes? Cause they're hard to pull off, and I get lots of complements when I'm extra spiky :)
    Also, The fact that I am a novel writer... I have written three novels already, and am finishing my fourth. I do not consider my self to be a good writer normally. I am told I 'put myself down' and am 'wicked hard on myself'...
    But I am no longer quite so... what's the opposite of vain? Cause the guy I like read an exert of my latest piece, and said I'm an amazing writer :)

    Oh, gawd. Now I feal like I've been boasting.


  2. That was a very beautiful post. Very well written and very encouraging. :)
    The thing that makes me feel beautiful is my smile, and my hair.

    I hope you have a wonderful day! xxxx~Kelsey

  3. That was such a great post. Very encouraging! :D

  4. Very nice post, Libby! I think it was good for everyone to hear that. Beautiful post! ^_^

  5. amazing post! :) It's nice to let people know that once and awhile !

  6. I love this post, so inspiring!

  7. Oh, Libby. You're amazing. I'm sure you put a smile on many people's faces today, including mine. I hope your day is, well... beautiful. :)

  8. I needed this today. :) Thanks so much Libby!



  9. Great post. Every gal needs to hear that shes beautiful...... although like you said we are human and sometimes we watch a movie and see how drop dead gorgeous movie stars are look at ourselves and then you feel bad cause you think they are way prettier then you. (Which by the way they do loads of makeup and special lighting,even though it doesn't look like it.)

    What always gets me is their figures.... Now I'm 'Built" big,not as in fat,but broad shouldered, big hips. I used to think that I was kinda fat,but my hip bones sticking out a little kind of ruled that out. Now I have a sister who is the oppisite of me and another sister whos a mix of us.
    (which stinks cause we can't borrow clothes.)

    But I decided God make us the way we are for a reason....hey,wait I can over power my sisters too. ;) God made you like you are weather you think your beautiful or not.
    God loves you and your all beautiful.

    Thank you for this inspiring post! :)

  10. What a lovely reminder, Libby! Great job. :)

  11. Thank you. I think we all need to hear that about ourselves every now and then.

    What makes me feel most beautiful? I have big dark brown eyes with super long lashes. I think it does make me look pretty.:)

  12. Great post!! And you rock that hat, Miss Libby.

    I'm really tall and thin, but instead of feeling beautiful that way, I feel self-conscious, because that's the public's "image" of beautiful and I don't like it. :D

  13. I went to a conference yesterday, for girls, and the slogan is "be yourself, everyone else is taken." And your post meshed in nicely with that! (Wait, am I using that word properly?! It just popped into my head!) Anyway, beautiful post. ♥

  14. Great post! We all need to be told we are beautiful, unique. Because we are. We're all different and beautiful.

  15. Thank you so much! I really needed this post.

  16. This is an amazingly beautiful post!

  17. Wow its so neat to read this. I just wrote a post about struggling with insecurity, http://kadydidkt.blogspot.com/2011/07/feeling-insecure.html, and reading this helped me.

  18. A lovely and timely read! Good job picking this one Olivia. :)

  19. Thank you so much for this post :) I've been called ugly before, ,and I used ot feel reaaaally insecure. But I've learned not to feel so insecure and really be myself. Again, this post really helped. :3

  20. Great post! We ALL need to realize that we are beautiful. I have a small bust, a tiny waist, and a larger pair of hips. I'm not fat, but I struggle with thinking that I am fat. (if that makes any sense!) I am very critical of myself and have low self esteem, so it's hard for me to find the good in myself. So thanks for the reminder! ;) One of my favorite songs is Who Says by Selana Gomez. AWESOME song btw! You all should listen to it! It's a great reminder that we are beautiful and that we should be ourselves!

  21. Lovely post Libby you're completely right. We are all beautiful and we just need to appreciate how lucky the majority of us all are that we have healthy bodies and we should make good use of them - not spend our lives looking in the mirror criticising everything we see xxx

  22. Great post!! So simple and true <3


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