19 August 2011

big huge stupendous deal

Today, a LUCKY SEVEN will get $30 off a custom blog design.

Seven people.

Blog Design. Usually $80, today just $50.

Pretty good deal, y'all.

You're helping me pay for a car.
Like this one!
Awww it's so cute and buggity.
And look at those suitcases.
This car just screams "own me Olivia, I am lonely and need someone to drive me to interesting places."
Can't you hear its sad little voice?

Now, go.
Email and claim your prize.

I raised my prices, so I'd hurry up if I were you.

By the way, these designs are still the full package.
And they can be used for anything.
Your blog.
A gift to a friend.
A giveaway.
Save it for later.

I'll let y'all know when the list is full.

xoxo lovelies!

(PS: Sorry I've been all MIA lately. I've been painting the exterior of my house and that doesn't lend itself to spectacular fashion opportuities.)
(Also, pretty design, yes?)


  1. Aw!! I just got mine done... But this is soooo tempting!!

  2. I love mine, I'm just being dumb. Haha!

  3. Um, yes, LOVE your new design of course! :) Are you really going to buy a car?

  4. I love the new design Olivia! It's gorgeous and so beautifully simple. :) And it would be amazing if you could actually buy that kind of car. I've actually want a Beetle-ish thing for my first car for a few years now, but I'm only 13, so I guess I have to wait. You look at least 15! :)


    XD I seriously do love it though. I would totally support you.. if I have the money to!

  6. LOVE the design; i'm thinking of shaking things up on the ol' blog too!

  7. this design is one of my favorites! :D

  8. Oh, how I would love to re-do my blog. I fail miserably at blog design. As much as I would love to help you acquire such a lovely vehicle, I need to save my money right now. Boo. :(

    ps. Your new design is all kinds of lovely! soft blue + chevron + arrows = love.

  9. I would love to have mine done but Im unfortuantly not allowed to spend any money on my blog :( But, I do love the car you picked, and I hope you get one. I have a yellow one that I cannot drive yet ( Wayy to young) But Its in my name so..yeah. sorry If I am rambiling on again. I have a tendancy to do that.

    Alanna ( I appear 'anonymous'as it won't let me post in my google account?)

  10. AAAHHHH!!! that design is LOVE ♥ the chevrons are perfect--i think this is my favorite or possibly second favorite of your designs. (your red and grey January one holds some stiff competition, girl!)

  11. Gotta admit - the side headers bug me.
    --Love MCat

  12. I Love ur design! So lovely!

  13. I ♥ your new blog header! It seems to be all the rage at the moment on blogs! (who can work out how to do it!)
    That deal is pretty good! Ashame I'm broke at the moment : (

  14. Nice pic! And awesome design! :) House painting, sounds fun!

  15. I like your new blog design. Lovely! And that car is to die for!!! You have exquisite taste, Olivia. My friends probably wouldn't agree with me. They prefer the LATEST stuff over VINTAGE/ANTIQUE CHIC. I wish I had friends like you. *sigh*

  16. I do like the new blog design, but I thought the old one was nicer. Classier. Simpler. I would take that stupendous deal, but I have no blog. :)

  17. And how fast do you think you'll be at getting a car selling blog designs??
    You know, kid, cars cost a little more than barbie dolls.

  18. Awesome Car Olivia! Good Luck- I'm sure you'll ahve one in no time at all! Sorry, but I'm not in for the blog design- I'm super dooper saving!
    If you have an etsy shop sale, I'd probably go and help you out though! ( :


  19. Love the car xD LUCKY!!!
    I'm stuck with a 12-year-old suberu that doesn't have heat or AC :P But I love it anyway;)
    Sorry that I can't help! I don't have any money...
    Plus, I kinda like designing my blog... it's super fun!

    ps can you pretty please give us a teaser of your new novel?? I really want to read it!


  20. @ Anonymous: WOW! I'm so glad you're a pessimistic jerk! We need more of those in the world.
    To answer your question, I make a couple hundred dollars a month, my good sir (or obnoxious ma'am), so hopefully in a year or so.
    By the way, I never really liked my Barbie dolls. They all died interesting deaths.

    @Lupus: Sorry, I'm keeping this one private.

  21. Sorry... I normally wouldn't have said that... been having a rough few days. Had to put my dog down, and had only about an hour warning :P He broke his jaw, and I have no idea how. Anywho hope you get the car.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Okay... let me know if it gets published!
    When it's finished, what publishing companies are you sending it to? Polar Bear & Co is pretty good-- small, but really kind people that run it. They are worried about bankruptcy, though, so they aren't going to be picking up any new manuscripts for a few months:( I was disappointed when they told me that that was why they couldn't publish my novella :(( Do you have any tips when it comes to getting your work published?


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