21 August 2011

FASHION // the red queen

dress: American Eagle Outfitters // belt: obi from Japan // boots: Dingo // purse: Marc Jacobs

So guess what I found today?


*freaking out*

This Marc Jacobs bag was at Goodwill for $20. I got it for less because of a discount.
Considering it was originally like $350 I'm pretty pumped.

It's pretty and leather and has a cool inside. And a long strap! When all the way extended, over one shoulder, it goes down to my knee, which I like. Or it can go as short as my waist. Oh Marc, you know how to make me happy.

Look at the secret compartment in the flap! I'm in love.




I'm going to have pizza with Emily tonight for her birthday. (Happy birthday, Em! Another year older and another year slower. May you live to be as old as Dumbledore.) I decided that it would be a good idea to paint my lips and nails red.

Because red lips are fun.

And they match my obi! My grandmother brought it to me. It's the thing used to tie up a kimono. Snazzy, right?

Anyhoo. I'm off but be sure to check back in tomorrow for the winners of the weeklygiveaway!


PS: Emily's present.... shh! Don't tell! It's a book on digital photography.


  1. Loooove this post. The outfit is lovely, the purse is a score, and the present's wrapping paper is adorable. Sigh.

  2. Is that a painting that you're giving her? Or is that just the paper? Either way, it's pretty good:)

  3. Oh my gosh, what a find! That bag is gorgeous, congratulations! xo

  4. That bag is an incredible score! =)

  5. The red lipstick looks good on you.
    Oh,I won't tell Em... =)

  6. love the red lipstick and red nails!

  7. The dress is so cute and simple, love it! And the red lipstick is amazing too.

  8. I said this on Emily's blog, but I am SO jealous of the Goodwill you guys have up there. Ugh, mine stinks! What a great find though! :)

  9. DUDE. I have a Marc Jacobs bag too!! It's white and it was made in Italy. It's more like a clutch, so I use it for special occasions or times when I NEED to use it with the outfit I might be wearing. And I love that lipstick and dress!! So snazzy. And oohhh I know Emily is going to love her present! Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  10. That outfit is wonderful! By the way, I love her present! That's awesome!

  11. Wow, cute outfit. Emily will love that pressie!

    I am not jealous or anything I just have something to say. I am not a mean commentor or anything but do you think perhaps you could post more about your life. Like, your fashion posts are awesome but I'd love to see what other stuff happens in your world. You know, like maybe a trip down to the beach or park or a sleepover at a friends house. You know? Stuff like that.


  12. That purse is adorable! I just might come over and steal it off you, ok?
    Glad we've got that sorted now : )
    That wrapping paper is so cute!!!

  13. Great bag. What an amazing discount! I have to go to America just for Goodwill, it's calling my name and I'm pretty sure me + Goodwill would be really good friends.
    Love the lipstick! Have fun with the pizza.

  14. Happy birthday Emily! That bag is awesome!

  15. Cute outfit, Olivia! Love the purse! And you look great with red lips. Suits you very well. :)

  16. Oh my. Oh my. *Freaking out* That purse? --what an amazing deal. You my dear are one very good second hand shopper.
    Eeep! Thought that picture of you with lipstick on wasn't you, but some professional picture. :{) Ok... yeah, I know! -- you are professional, right?? ;)
    Happy b-day, Em! Hope you guys had the best time evahh!

    xoxo A

  17. wow, you know how to find the deals, my friend! i'm excited with you about that purse. :)
    also? you're too cute. love that outfit on you!!

  18. what a great birthday gift! :)

  19. If i had read this any earlier, your would've ruined the surprise of my present!

  20. @ Emily: I added it after your party. ;)


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