28 August 2011

FASHION // didn't you hear, there's a hurricane coming

Hurricane Irene — who will be demoted to Tropical Storm Irene by the time she gets up here to Maine — is coming. Everything is windy and rainy.

And I'm going shopping with my friend. I'm not even going to spend any money. She wants me there, she'll buy me something, I'm in.

So far nothing exciting has happened, and this being Maine — The Most Boring Place On Earth (™) — I sort of doubt that it will. But just in case our power does go out for a few hours / a few days / a few million years, a surprise guest poster will be supplying reading material for you tomorrow. The weeklygiveaway will be put on hold until next week — starting school and everything is just too crazy for me to be doing all that. But hey, extra week to enter the current one if you haven't already!

Today I'm dressed in rainy-day hurricane colors.

tights & belt: unknown // top & shorts: forever xxi // shoes: Steve Madden


EDITED AT 4:30pm:
Well, there's some rain. And some wind — a lot of wind. But nothing hurricane-worthy so far. We haven't even lost power. (Though on the way back from the mall one of the traffic lights was out!)
So basically I'm just chilling in my new threads (heheh aren't I gangsta?). You can't see it in the photo, but I got some cute little gym shorts with a tribal print on them — love. Plus a black tank top and this sweater from H&M.
This is basically how I'll be spending the rest of the day. Looking out the window in slippers and my sweater.

Nothing happened. Nothing at all. There was some wind last night and now there isn't a cloud in the sky. We didn't lose power. No branches dropped from our millions of trees. The "hurricane", to be honest, didn't seem to different from a nor'easter  (see here if you don't know what that is), except the wind was warm instead of cold.

listening to : Hurricane Drunk by Florence + the Machine


  1. good luck out there! hope it's adventurous, yet safe :)

    xoxo flor

  2. love this! your outfit is adorable, and love the perspective also. :)
    have a blessed day Olivia!

  3. I was wondering if you would mention the hurricane.
    Loooove your outfit!!

  4. I hope you guys made it through ok! Love love this outfit and picture!

  5. Hjkdsajklfghdsjkglhjiesorghkflnbvffdnsajkfldjsakl. I love your outfit.

  6. looooooooove the outfit, great as always :)
    the news made a huge deal of the hurricane/tropical storm thing here in ny, but so far we've only had rain, rain, and more rain, not much of a storm...

  7. we have sunshine where I live, but LOTS of wind. Hold on to your hats, people! :)

    Love that outfit! So adorable. Isn't forever xxi the best?


  8. Hope you guys are okay! Love the outfit, as always. ;)

  9. enjoy the hurricane, and stay safe. :)

  10. Ha ha! Yep in New York (state) all we've gotten all day was wind and rain!

  11. have fun, hope nothing too bad happens. ;)

  12. love the outfit! here in south carolina the only thing we got was a puff of wind. not even any rain or anything!

  13. I ADORE your outfit :) and the whole picture is simply epic!

  14. Praying for all the ppl possibly affected/going to be affected by the hurricane!

    BTW, love your outfit!!!

  15. I Just Went Through Irene And It Wasn't Too Bad , I Mean For Me. There Were A Couple Of Trees Down And Some People On The Beach Had To Evacaute. Our Power Went Out For About 24 Hours-ish And We Just Got It Back. Hope Its Eases Up A Bit For Ya.

  16. Hurricane colors are my favorite! Excellent outfit. Welll stay safe and warm and dry. :)

  17. Hope all goes well! Be praying for ya-but at the same time, you want something exciting to happen? So maybe the power could go out for a day or two. Candles are cool.

    btw-I forgot to give you the link to the post I did about your giveaway.


  18. Hmmm, I had the sudden urge to sketch both of those pictures upon seeing them....

  19. I just love that first photo! I'm soo longing for a nice ole' thunderstorm. Summers in California read like this: temp: 95 humidity: 9% sky: blue & cloudless. For May till September.

    You're so cute in the last picture! :)

    P.S. Love that song.

  20. Love your outfit in the first photo!! And your striped sweater is cute.

  21. keep safe. love your outfit!!
    oh, and the last photo of you makes you look so pretty! you're adorabel : )

  22. Glad to know that nothing happened and that you're okay! :)

  23. I think we're all glad you didn't die. :)

  24. HA. Irene dumped all her rain on US in NC. glad you stayed safe though!!

  25. Ha, I have a couple buddies who are supposed to be hitting the coast for some work when this hurricane hits... That was 3 days ago & yet they're still in Arkansas. *sigh* The weather is so Un-predictable. You're gorgeous, dear :)

  26. I love rainy day outfits. Cute!


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