29 August 2011

a nod to mod (a guest post by Sarah Beckman)

Hi there -- I'm guest posting for Olivia today. Olivia, we're all so glad you didn't blow away last night -- or lose power!

If I had to pick my favorite fashion trend right now, it would have to be mod. Mod makes me think of little skirts, big lashes, stripes, peter pan collars, pixie cuts -- all things that scream classy retro. I want to share with you my three mod inspirations.

A muse of Andy Warhol and a shopoholic socialite, Edie Sedgwick's fashion influence is still felt today. Edie was known for wearing her jazz ballet garb on the street. Leotards, shoulder duster earrings, tights, dark eye makeup, and fur were Edie's favorites.

Fun fact about Edie: After she shopped away her inheritance, Edie used waterpaints to do her dark makeup.

Gorgeous and gamine, Twiggy was the world's first supermodel. Her big, doe eyes  and pixie cut made her the "Face of '66." Twiggy was known for big patterns, big accessories, and pea coats.

If you haven't seen Rosemary's Baby yet, stop whatever you're doing and go watch it right now. Besides the awesomely eerie story, you'll see Mia Farrow wearing the most adorable tent and trapeze dresses of the 60s.

Tell me, do you love mod style? Who's your inspiration?

Author bio: Sarah's a bride-to-be with a love for vintage style and antiques. She works as an editor at Affordable Style.


  1. Fun! I love the collages you put together.
    Inspiration? -- Ruche and Gap and Pinterest.

  2. nice styles! you're great with fashion. :)

  3. Love your picks! The mod look is so lovely :)

  4. LOVE <3 this post. i must get more stripes for my wardrobe, STAT!

  5. interesting styles, but i don't particuarly like them!


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