03 August 2011

FASHION // dingoes ate my baby

Megakudos to anyone who gets the reference in the title.

skirt: Forever XXI // sweater: Abercrombie // boots: Dingo
I am such a cheapie

I'm totally psyched about these boots. My mom found them at Goodwill for ten bucks — total score. I've been looking for fringe boots forEVER. Now I can cross them off my shopping list for tomorrow! Squee.

This is using the Wunderlist app, which is pretty much the most exciting thing in the universe. Besides the boots.
Plus I just updated to OS X Lion, which totally rocks my world. The whole Mission Control thing is genius. And you can have like twenty million different backgrounds, one for each Space! Ruche backgrounds, here I come.

But the boots... wow.

They are fantastic. And possibly vintage.
Who knows. They look nice and that's all I need.


and okay, I relent. this is the reason for the title.
kind of obscure.
I dearly love Oz, though.

oh, and now I'm a country populated by dancing zombies.


  1. What adorable boots! You are so lucky your Gooddwille actually has nice looking, stylish, cute stuff. Ours...well...let's put it this way: It is apparently where ladies way up in their years donate their clothing. Ahem.

  2. Was I the first commenter? Please tell me I was!

  3. Cool Boots!!! they look great on you!!! :D

  4. reference = Seinfeld! love. that. episode.

  5. Still watching Buffy, I presume? ;) Love the title!

    LOVE those boots!

  6. Awesome boots Olivia! Love them! :)

  7. oh yes, i love the boots. can't believe you got such a good deal; your mom sounds like one awesome thrifter! :)
    oh & BTW, i'm gonna be the annoying blogger and ask if you got my guest post email?? let me know!

  8. Those boots are so cool! I laughed out loud when I saw the title!


  9. Oooo I love those boots! And your skirt is darling!


  10. LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY! I admit I'm not MUCH on fashion, but .... those boots for ten dollars? AGH! That kills me. :)

  11. cute outfit! love the boots - what a score!

  12. The whole outfitt is adorable!

  13. Love love love the boots! Absolutely a cute look!
    The skirt is my favorite part of the outfit.

  14. Gorgeous boots!!!! You don't really want them do you? Envious to the extreme here. I should seriously look into Buffy.

  15. The reference... I like it. I like how you can get basically *anything* and make it look good XD

  16. you're so creative! I had a dream last night you gave me the boots. O__o I also dreamt our family was in hiding from the Germans. don't worry, it's nothing personal against you or anything, I just have weird dreams.

  17. fringe boots? *gasps* gorgeous!!!! Love the shirt too.

  18. "Maybe a dingo ate your baby!" xD

    Those boots are ULTRA cute.

  19. What lovely boots!

    I have a new giveaway and i think you may like it ;)

    SpaeksandFireworks Giveaway

  20. I don't think they're *possibly* vintage. I think they're *totally* vintage. So adorable. I just love those boots, they *so-totally-goshbubbley-lovelu-happily* go with that skirt and top. Too cute. I'm going to Forever21 again. Soon :))
    -Jocee <3

  21. @Rachel: dingdingding! We have a winner.

    @Anna Gray: Oh, we get some of that stuff too. But I've decided it is possible to punk up ANYTHING, so stay tuned for some old-lady stuff.


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