04 August 2011

bloggers wardrobe = a beautiful thing, and i need your help

 and Olivia = perfect because her reader base is young and growing, because she's ahead of the trend, because she spends too much time online.


  1. this is infinitely confusing.
    maybe a little explanation, please?

  2. Sorry, it could only be 30 words. Basically it's this association of fashion bloggers, and a store-type-thing for approved bloggers where everything is free. I had to write up a little "why I'm good for the program" blurb that was 30 words or less, and however many clicks the link gets helps my chances of making it.

  3. Ah! That makes more sense now.

  4. Oh, okay! And I clicked. ♥ sounds awesome!

  5. After reading your comment reply to Katie, it all makes since. I clicked the link!

  6. does it count by unique visits, or just clicks? because if it's clicks, I'll go there over and over and over so it counts more for you. :)


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