30 August 2011

LIFE // welcome to the last day of your life

Literally. You're going to die.

No, you're not. I mean, you might. But it's unlikely.

You know what, forget about that. Just appreciate the pretty bird photo.

It's the last day of MY life. Free life, to be specific. Real life. Non-school life.

You know, I've been thinking lately what a horrible thing slavery is...

I'm not making any sense, am I.

What I'm trying to say is that I start a new year of school tomorrow. Sophomore. Into double-digits now.

I have a quiz in Honors Chem on the first day back, isn't that fun? 42 chemical formulas and ions to memorize over the summer. That's why I'm so senseless right now, I think.

I have my first-day outfit, though. Remember the Countess Nikolaevna Rusalka Anastasia Karina? I'm wearing that dress and lace... thing. Only I put a safety pin in the back so the dress is a little less shapeless. And I'm wearing my Dingoes.

And I'm getting a snazzy haircut at 4:30 pm today (Akari FTW)... probably just going to touch up / hack at my layers but keep it megalong in the back. Guess what I discovered in the shower today? When it's wet it goes down to my hips. Yeah. And the bottom of my ribcage when it's all ringlety.'

And pretty nails. (Wearing Delia's gold for base and Delia's black crackle on ring finger.

So basically today I've been sweeping around in my first-day outfit making sure it won't be too uncomfortable, listening to pump-up music on Pandora, cleaning my room, packing my schoolbag, etc.

Not very exciting.


Last day of life...


PS: I got drawn! Thanks Jess!

listening to: 1, 2, Step by Ciara
^ not really my style of music, as you've probably guessed, but does make you pumped up for whatever. ^


  1. My school starts tomorrow....oh, joy. It got delayed a day because of the "Tropical Storm". Great way to start off the school year. :) Good luck on your test!

  2. lol, love your title!! yup. school is not good.
    maths is even worse.
    here is something you might wanna have a peek at:
    Just for fun. Recognize one of the people?

  3. Gorgeous nails. I like that style.


  4. this is cool! I love your first day of school outfit! I hope you have a good day, Olivia :) and I hope it's not the last day of your life! beautiful bird photo :D

  5. Love the photo, so cute how his head is tilted. He's like "what, im going to die today!?" lol. :)

    My first day of school is on the first of Novemember, and even though I'm dreading giving up my free summer days, I'm actually kind of excited for school.

  6. Well, I hope your last day of life goes well. :)
    I start school next Tuesday. Not exactly looking forward to it....but, you gotta' do what cha' gotta do. Sadly.


  7. ugh, school :( love your nails though!

  8. I love the outfit! My last day of life is next Monday, but I still get to go to the beach this weekend :) good luck at school! I took honors chemistry too; it was so hard, but vaguely interesting.

  9. Enjoy your first day of school, although that's probably not possible. :D Hehe.

  10. Im so sad I want to cry. I don't want school

  11. yeah, I just started school on Monday. with an extra subject, my sophomore year is going to be BUSY! not a lot of freedom.

    that's neat that we are both sophomores, though. :) oh, and I LOOOOOOVE the picture.

  12. I start classes tomorrow too! Good luck on your first day and on your quiz!

  13. I can't wait until spring holidays! Only two more weeks of school!!!

  14. Lucky! I started school last monday. The photo of the bird is darling, by the way. I'm pretty sure I wore a tshirt the first day of school. Shows what a fashionista I am. :)

  15. Bew-tee-ful birdie picture. Love it. Wow, that chem. sounds pretty dreadful, though. Haha. I am sure you'll do great; way to go on honors classes.

  16. hope it goes well! you'll look awesome in your countess outfit! i love it ♥

  17. Remember your mustache necklace from Etsy? Now here's a shirt to go with it :)


  18. great nails and i <3 the outfit ideaa
    my school starts next wednesday-save me!
    lovely drawing-it looks a lot like you :)

  19. School started for me about 3 weeks ago:(

  20. My school might start next week... it was flooded during the hurricane, so if may start later:)

    That's cool that you're going into honers chemistry! I might be going to the "Early Start" English class at the local community collage! I won't be able to go, though, until the spring cementer (I'm too young otherwise). Yeah, Sophomores!


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