10 September 2011

DIY // cutout skull tee shirt

Hey everyone, sorry I've been all MIA for a while. We have our auditions for our fall musical, Grease, coming up on Tuesday and things have been 100% insane with school and drama and work.

And I'm falling behind here... Sad Olivia wishes you would vote for her. Yes she does. *hug*

So it's been a while since I posted a DIY, hasn't it? Never fear. This quick and easy tutorial makes a plain white tee into a fantastical smiley skull face. And it's kind of cute, isn't it? Sort of like Jack Skellington.

1// find a long, loose-fitting white tee shirt. oversize tees are cute too. this one's from Forever 21.

2// sketch the face (I used charcoal but you can use a pencil). don't use sharpie, in case you need to go back and fix something. the eyes should be at your bust, the nose should end at your belly button, and the teeth should be around your hips.

3// cut it out on the lines and ta-da! done and ready for wear over a black tank top (or second black tee, just make sure it doesn't have a higher neckline than the skull shirt, because that always looks weird when a layering tee goes higher than the outermost shirt).

Well, what are you waiting for? It takes less than ten minutes and now I have this great graphic tee that is 100% one-of-a-kind. Shoo.
And show us what you make!

PS: Art class is making me draw a "mechanical being". So I made it a sketchy-looking horse.
But I also added in muscles over the metal, because just a plain clockwork horse is too steampunk for me. (If you look closely, there's tiny cogs and wheels in between the ropes of muscle. And the pupil is one of the little spiky wheel things.) The background will be a dark city street (that's the very rough start of a streetlamp behind the horse) and the foreground will have a beggar or two... it's not my first choice of subject but it's better than the alternative: a view inside our pots-and-pans cabinet. (I know, right?)
I feel like I'd be pretty scared, actually, if I saw this thing. It belongs on a battlefield or something. Metal in general is just scary.


  1. Wow, I love the shirt! Very creative.

    1. I just found this blog and have high hopes for it to continue. Keep up the great work, its hard to find good ones. I have added to my favorites. Thank You. cute tees

  2. Woah! You draw amazingly well!! :) xx

  3. Great drawing! Give me a pencil and it'll look worse than a 1 year old. =P Haha.

  4. ooh cool! now I want to make a shirt like that!

    awesome horse too by the way :D

  5. I'm going to make that shirt soon! Only I may do something else other than a skull, since I'm not one for wearing those.
    And I love your drawing! I wish I could draw like that. I mostly copy what others do to perfect my skills, but I'm still not that good, yet! Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  6. I voted for you again with my old facebook account :)
    I love the drawing!

  7. Cute tutorial! and I love the metal type horse thing! definitely terrifying ;) I'm sorry you're falling behind, I would vote for you but I don't have facebook :P

  8. You should definitely show us the finished project of the drawing. It looks really terrifying already. ;)

  9. the shirt and drawing is awesome!! :D

  10. That looks like something I saw in a book once, but yours is a lot nicer. :)))

  11. The horse is epic. I feel the sudden urge to write a story about him. But I won't be all unethical-writer and do that to you. :D

  12. i hate wearing anything to do with skulls!
    but i can see that it's a great tutorial/insturctions for people who actually like wearing them!
    you're auditioning for a musical! i've just finished auditioning for a play and rehearsals have just started!

  13. You're very creative! Love the idea and love the look.
    Also, you're talented at drawing! What a legend. :P

  14. Love the shirt, could I use these instructions to make it into something else, preferably not a scull?

    Also, I voted for you with my animal's FB accounts too. And some of my friends voted too.


  15. Cute shirt, wish I could make one.... My mom would kill me, though! LOL

  16. So cool!! And my school is putting on a production of Grease this year too!! Woooo.

  17. Nice shirt! It won't look good on my figure, though:/ Loose shirts make my shoulders look boney.
    I love the steal-horse!

    Could you write a post on novel writing? I've only had one person interested in publishing one of mine, and they whent bank-rupt:(((


  18. This is so cool, I love it!!!! Well done, you're really talented :)

  19. Hey Olivia,
    I gave you the One Lovely Blog award!

  20. I like this painting very much! So well made, and such an interesting idea! Could be a horse for a new hollywood movie))

  21. lovelovelove the shirt :)

    your drawing is amazing, pots and pan cupboard!? thats an awful concept haha

    http://filthylittlethings.blogspot.com/ xx

  22. The drawing reminds me of the Iron Horse in "The Iron King" *grins* So neat!
    ~ Mirriam


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