16 September 2011

LIFE // weekend update

Okay, guys, let's have a huge round of applause for hitting 800 followers! *confetti, bells, and whistles*

And also (squeak) I've been keeping this on the down-low (actually the whole blog's been on the down-low, because my Honors classes are running me ragged in school!) but our fall musical in drama club this year is — ready? — Grease.

I know. Flip-out time, right? I was totally pumped. My two favorite characters are Rizzo and Frenchy. I auditioned for Rizzo but I was hoping for Frenchy... partially because I love her, and partially because I do not love singing (and singing does not love me) and she doesn't have a solo song.

Our auditions were Tuesday and Wednesday... Cast list was posted Thursday... Our first rehearsal was today.

Oh, wait, my role... The ditzy blonde/pink/brunette/whatever-she-is herself, Frenchy. I pretty much had an aneurism in the hallway when I read the list. Major hugging of anyone who didn't run away from me ensued.

Shout-out to everyone else who auditioned: You were all amazing, all of you. ALL OF YOU. And Gabby, if you're reading this, your singing audition blew me away. Your voice is gorgeous.

So that was exciting...

Real content soon, I promise.

PS: My design site got a facelift! Check it out. 


  1. congrats on getting to 800 followers, oliva!your blog is amazing you deserve it! ;)

  2. Congratulations of everything!

  3. Congrats for, one: hitting 800 followers!! and two; Getting a big part in the show your putting on!!
    I hope the show goes well for you....

  4. Gabby is a freshman perhaps? I may know her.

  5. wow! congrats on hitting a 800 followers and getting the part in the play! i've never done speaking parts in plays/skits. good luck!

  6. Congrats on hitting the 800 mark! I'm one of those 800. :) And glad of it!
    Hope all goes well with Grease!

  7. Haha, I know the feeling of having a heart attack plus massive hugging when you get the role you want. Same thing happened to me when I found out I was Emma, the lead role in a theatrical adaption of Jane Austen's Emma...only I happened to find out at about 1am. ;P

    So congratulations dear! I'm sure you'll have a blast with Grease. (:

  8. I. LOVE. GREASE. I love Frenchy, too! Make sure to post lots of pictures from your experience! Sounds like a blast.
    And girl, you're not the only one. Singing likes me, but we kind of have a love/hate relationship. I mean, one day my voice is great, the next, oy vey. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up :))
    Great post!
    -Jocee <3

  9. Congrats on the part! I just made my fall musical as well.
    Oh and you had already mentioned that it was Grease btw... :)
    --Love MCat

  10. Congratulaitons on 800 followers and your part in the play!

    Could you PLEASE give me some auditioning tips. I'm auditioning for a play (Cronicles of Narnia) on Wed. or Thurs. (depends on whats happening) and I've never tried out for one before,I just want to make sure I do my absolute best.


  11. Congrats, Olivia! You totally deserve it. I agree with Blythe, could we please have some of your *professional* advice on auditioning? ;)

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  13. congrats on the 800 followers AND the part in the play!! you'll do so great, girl.

  14. Awesome! Oh and we both have the smae birthday!!! Except I was born in 1999 :)

  15. When are we going to know the giveaway winners??

  16. Yayyy 800 followers!!!
    I'm so happy for you!!! :D

  17. Yayyyy! So happy for you! You deserve 800 followers!

    BTW- Voted for ya! Hope you win! :)

  18. hi olivia! i have a few questions for you:
    first of all, i am working on designing my blog, but i don't really know where to start as far as a template goes. could you tell me what template designer you used for your blog and/or what template designer you recommend for me to use?
    the other problem is, i don't have a lot of money to be using on a blog, especially since it's not really a huge commitment for me. more of something fun to do in my free time. do you know of any good, free or cheap, blog designers?
    i really enjoy reading your blog, and looking at your incredible photography. it makes me happy :)

  19. oh wait. how very observant of me. you have your own blog designing website, and the link/button is in the sidebar. i did not notice... oops.
    one more question though: how much (if at all) do you edit your photos?


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