19 September 2011

FASHION // practical magic

I had to totally psych myself up to wear this last Monday (I've been saving it), but here's what I showed up to school in:

I go to a pretty preppy high school (WHY do I not live in New York City?!), mind you. I got some really, really, REALLY weird looks. A couple people asked if I was dressed up as a theme for a sports game.

No, I said. I'm Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic, the BEST MOVIE EVER. The whole 90s Wicca vibe is rocking my world.

So of course that means purple velvet maxi skirts are fair game.

A few people knew what I was talking about... the rest probably just think I'm even weirder than they did before. Oh well.

skirt: Kathryn Dianos (via my amazing godmother, circa the 90s) // tee: Pretty Little Liars (eeeee) // velvet blouse: Valerie Stevens Evening (via my mother in the 90s) // shoes: Steve Madden

necklace: vintage (via my grandmother) // earrings: Forever 21 // arm party: let's not list all that out, shall we?

I loved shooting this in the woods. I think the focus of these photos is pretty good considering all I had was a tripod and self-timer... and no way to focus on me...
I love the forest...

it's like post-apocalyptic weirdness meets Lord of the Flies meets the dream I had last night.
I love it.

People, please stop telling me I need to dress more modestly {by the way, how much more "modest" can you get than a maxi skirt?!} and that I shouldn't even mention the word "wicca". Seriously, guys, take a pill... this is, y'know, my blog... and it's like I'm the captain of a ship; I get to be judge, jury, and executioner (plus I get to preform marriages but somehow I doubt that will happen).
Thus, I will now state my belief that all religions are kind of intermingled, so yes I am Christian (and soon taking my confirmation class, actually) but I also think that it's okay to be a little Buddhist or Hindu or even, yes, Wiccan. Send me to hell if you wish, but that's what I think. That doesn't mean I'm anti-Christ or anything, I AM still Christian, just wacky Christian.
I hope you're all mature enough to respect that.
*instantly loses half of followers*


  1. I think you look great :) love the pics, Im a new follower!

    http://filthylittlethings.blogspot.com/ Hope you can check my blog out too (and follow if you like haha) xx

  2. Nice outfit! I could never pull that off... you look great, though! :)

  3. That's a pretty outfit!! Love the pictures too!

  4. The outfit is very unique, and don't worry -- I get people calling me weird too. And your pictures turned out great, I love the woods too.

  5. Just realized how many times I said 'too' in that comment. o__O haha.

  6. I love how bold you are, Olivia. I totally admire it. You're awesome.

  7. Ah, I don't care what people think of me. I love wearing multi-colored hair extensions and then a cute knee length dress and seeing people's faces! ;) It's the best thing ever! I also LOVE wearing cute jeans and weird top just to see people's faces! :)

    You look gorgeous! I would totally wear this outfit! I love the entire look.

    BTW- Your not alone! I wish I lived in NY. IL is great and all, and Chicago is a amazing city, but one day I'm hoping to live in NY. I LOVE everything about it!

  8. I think it's awesome! You've inspired me to be bolder and choose clothes that "normal" people wouldn't wear. And those kids at your school? They might think your weird, but do they have 804 followers on their blog? I think not. :)

    Love ya :)

  9. Love this! Your outfit is really cool and unique. I'm liking it. And, um, the pictures are gorgeous. You remind me of an elf in them. LOVE. And, haha, that's totally what I do! Self-timer, tripod, hoping the focus turns out right. That feeling of accomplishment when the pictures are sharp. Yes! ;)

    PS: Remember that curly hair post you did a while back? Thanks for answering my question! Because I went to the store and found some Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner... Let's just say my hair is thanking you. :D

  10. Such a great outfit. People at your highschool might not appreiate it, but your blog readers do!

  11. Oh my gosh. I love it! I totally agree with you on the 90s Wicca vibe! Its amazing! Oh, and the mushrooms and toadstools looked nice too. I wish I lived near a forest.

    Oh and that film was made in the same year that I was born!

  12. I think you look great! And I'm homeschooled, so the only person who'd be giving me weird looks is my sister {who thinks everyone should wear princess dresses} and my dad {who wants me to wear turtlenecks. okay, not really, but still!}
    I must say I've never seen that movie {I was two when it came out...so...yeah.} but it looks pretty good. I just may have to watch it.
    Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  13. i love this gorgeous 90s Wicca vibe. it's so suited to you, and you look so gorgeous.

    be bold and be you. <3

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  15. The outfit is cool (love your boots), and congrats on getting the courage to wear that to school! But....Wicca is evil. It's not something you want to get "into".

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  17. Pretty, pretty! Goodness, I love the colors in all of these photos too! You are so beautiful, miss Olivia.

  18. I love it!!! :) And I love how tall this outfit makes you look!

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  20. Whoa, some wacky anon comments, there! I love the forest pictures, and you are my hero for wearing this to school :)

  21. Love those photos! :)
    ~Lily bellefluerphotography.blogspot.com

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  23. Awesome! I love, love the forest as a background. I wish I had woods in my backyard... :)

    Also, guys, just because she's taking inspiration from a movie about wicca does not mean she's...practicing it. It's just an outfit. And it's her blog; she can do what she wants with it.

  24. I knew people would start hatin' on the Wicca vibe...

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  27. Honestly, some of the anonymous commenters need to calm down. It's just an outfit, and wearing something in the "wicca vibe" doesn't mean you practice or support it. There is no need to be rude.

    Love the outfit, Olivia, and I love that you wear what you want without caring what others think.

  28. Okay, guys, if you don't have the guts to say I'm evil using your own name then you should just shut up. Seriously. Sorry to the one Anon (above) who is great, but no more anonymous commenting. Thanks for ruining it for the others who might not have accounts, people... And I will run my life as I see fit.

  29. PS: @ the Anon who said I was "scantily clad"... dude, I'm wearing a maxi skirt, how much more "clad" could I be? A turtleneck? Or maybe a burka?
    For the record, I've tried a burka. It was itchy. Never doing that again...

  30. Fun! And, I have to agree with you-- how is that "scanitly clad"? A burka? That sounds interesting. I think we would all like the story on that one! I love your profile picture, by the way! Hats win.

  31. Hey Olivai,
    Woo! Awesomeness filling you for wearing this to your first day of school- though it may not be what I'd wear, I still think you are totally awesome and terrifiic for wearing it, and though I didn't get to read the awful comments you seem to have been getting, I think you are brill.
    BRILL! (Underlined.)
    I hope people never try to ruin the bloggers experiance for you, because that would be devistating and I'd then have to do a GET OLIVIA BACK campaing.
    I salute you.

  32. Yeah -- you anon. guys lay it off. Olivia is being herself & you're probably just jealous that she has a good fashion style. Simply because she mentions the word 'wicca' doesn't mean she's going to hell.

    And haha, a burka?! I used to live in a couple middle eastern countries as a missionary kid; so I know what you're talking about. Those things are HOT and . . . gah. Don't wanna talk about it.

    By the way, your new design is ah-mazin'. Just sayin.

  33. Hi, Liv!
    Sorry I haven't commented in forever. Just wanted to say I <3 your out fit {well, I love all of them} and I totally agree with you on the 'mind your own business' thing.

    People are evil. They need to... walk the plank or something! :D

    <3 Brooke

  34. Oh, I'm curious to know where you bought the dress and belt in your profile picture. It's really pretty! (:

  35. Quick question ladies- just because I happen to watch Percy Jackson, does that mean that I believe in Greek Gods? No. Just because someone in this case Olivia happens to mention wicca, it doesn't mean she's into it. I take inspiration from movies and stuff all the time. It's not a sin to mention something. It's a sin if you practice it. Not to be rude, but like Olivia said, she doesn't practice wicca so maybe people need to back down and get a ice water bath or something. ;)

    And as for dressing more modestly, this outfit is pretty darn modest if you ask me! Olivia isn't in a micro mini skirt and bra. She's wearing a completely modest outfit. (that is totally cute!) I love every single one of Olivia's outfits.

    Everyone has different modesty standards. For example- I don't wear shorts if they are above my knee. (personal preference) Olivia on the other hand does. Does that make her any better then me? No. I wear jeans, my bff doesn't. Does that make me a sinner? No.

    BTW- I have never seen Olivia dress in anything that makes her look like a hooker or a tramp. Her outfits are always adorable. Do I wear mini skirts? No. But that doesn't mean I hate Olivia or bash her because she does! Olivia will wear what she wants to wear and we will wear what we want to wear. And it doesn't make any of us any better because of it!

    Olivia- don't listen to the haters! You are one amazing girl! I get nasty e-mails, notes, and comments all the time. I just ignore them! People who are nasty have chips on their shoulders. They are just jealous because you happen to look like a goddess in every single photo! ;)

    Ok,I'll shut up and get off my soap box. I just happen to have a soft spot for people that get bashed by nasty people. <3

    P.S. If y'all hate Olivia so much why do you read her blog?????

  36. Your pictures could not be more perfect!

    x Aliya

  37. At first, I didn't like it, but as I kept looking at the photos, the outfit grew on me. Velvet wouldn't be my 1st choice, since it looks kind of heavy... but I'm not you, right?!?!?! LOL I do like the shirt, tho, sorta..... :)


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  39. i really like that outfit, and it takes guts to wear it - and of course you pulled it off!
    here in nyc is pretty nice, but i've never been to maine and i hear its really pretty (my friend lives there). to be honest, i like quieter places more than big cities like the one i live in, idk why lol

    im now at sunshineandshadowsx.blogspot.com!
    but please keep in mind that there are no posts yet and im not done designing so...yeah lol but you can follow if you want!

    {btw i loooove your hair. it. is. gorgeous.}

  40. What is with the anon comments these days. It seems like they get ruder and ruder by the minute.

    Anyway don't let some people that are to scared to face you on their account ruin your inspiration. Just because she dressed in that vibe does not mean she has to practice that. I'm just saying.

  41. Here's the deal:

    Olivia, I love your blog. Always have, since I discovered it last year. And I'm not a whiny follower who is going to complain about your changes in taste. We all change. We're human. Duh.

    But saying that these things - inappropriate fashion blogs, Pretty Little Liars, wicca, Kesha, etc., do not have an influence on you is never going to be true. We are influenced by the things that we pursue. They determine what type of person we are.

    I agree - this outfit is completely modest. But some of the others - like the yellow Forever 21 skirt that I could almost see all the way up and the Kesha-inspired outfit (which quite honestly made you look like a stripper, putting it nicely), do not do you justice. You don't need to go to those extremes to get noticed. Know why? You're a lovely young woman. You are gifted in writing and photography and acting, like all of us who follow you for inspiration.

    I, for the most part, love your fashion. I love reading your thoughts and seeing your photography. But personally I do not believe that you are a Christian.
    But I am still following your blog. Why? I want to see you grow. I want to see who you turn out to be. You will not lose followers if you go a little less extreme with the outfits.

    --Love MCat

  42. You've got a great sense of style and amazing outfits, Olivia. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you need to stop wearing what you're wearing. Think about those of us who love you and your style and don't take those stupid anonymous commenters personally. Your blog is entertaining and lovely and you're certainly not losing a follower here.
    And God loves everyone; I don't think being a Christian has anything to do with the way you dress.

  43. Hmm, I actually am going to agree with Mary Catherine up there. I truly am not posting this to bash you or to make you feel bad; I promise. Christ said to love your neighbor as yourself and I do. And yes - that includes you.

    Your outfit on here is darling and most certainly not innapropriate. However, some of the others (like the Forever 21 skirt and the Ke$ha outfit) did look provocative and extremely flesh baring. Yes, this is your blog and it is most certainly your right to post what you want - BUT, my dear, you have this blog for people to READ. And if we do not agree with something, we shouldn't feel obligated to post our opinion.

    This is one of those posts that some of us did not agree with. In my previous comment (which is deleted) I stated how you shouldn't actually get "into" wicca. Was I accusing you falsely of doing it? No. Was I implying that you were going to do it? No. I was simply stating that wicca is not something to mess around with (because of its danges and because of real life facts about it).

    I think that why we are coming across as "annoying" and "rude" to you is because for the most part every single person who reads your blog looks up to you. The majority of people love your fashion and agree with what you have to say. However - this is a time where we don't agree with you and you aren't used to hearing the nitty gritty, hard core truth.

    Like I said before, I am not posting this to bash you or be all "in your face" I am posting this to encourage you. It may not seem like encourgement - but it is. It is nitty gritty, hard core encouragement. We want to see you grow in your relationship with Christ. :)

  44. Olivia, You shouldn't be so harsh in your word choice. Get over yourself. Your not a christian because you do not portray Christ living in your life. stop saying " it's my life i will live it as best i see fit" because it's not just your life. it's also Christs. So until you start showing God and your followers more respect, I'm going to stop following you for awhile. Your disappointing. I pray for the day you will be mature enough to admit that.

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  47. Yes you should where what you want without caring what other people think, but you should care what God thinks. Now I would probably be one of the people that you would call overboard
    ( I wear skirts all the time and I don't wear low neck shirts, or tight ones ), I wrote all that so you know what I'm taking about.
    You said in your post that how can you get more modest then a maxi skirt, skirts can be bad too, so can some shirts. So you have to be careful and not have fashion get in the way of doing what is right. Honestly
    If i didn't know that you claim to be a Christian, I would never have known, I'm not trying to hurt you or anything, but I thought you should know that.

    Please don't be angry, I am just telling you what I think. And What I believe God Thinks.


    You said in your post that it is Ok to be a little Buddhist or Hindu or Wiccan.
    That is Wrong right there. Jesus Himself said

    " The only way to the Father is through ME"

    So if you participate in any other religion
    I'm sorry, that won't go by God.
    Buying shirts that are Buddhist or Hindu or Wiccan. No you can't do that,

    It has to be all for God or nothing.
    It's better to be cold then luke warm.

  48. omfg.
    people, seriously??? i've just read the above comments, and good lord, you all really need to calm down. does it really fulfill you to going about telling people "you're not a christian" simply because you don't dress like a bloody nun or something (it seems like that's what you expect)???
    olivia, i don't think you dress like a slut or "hooker" at all, i was honestly dumbfounded by the comments above. sweet jesus, you should see things girls i know wear and it'd make you look like a saint. if you followed half the "rules" the people on here seem to have you'd hardly classify for a fashion blog at all.
    i'm being kind of brutally honest here, but seriously, i'm just really pissed off at what people are saying. besides, i've only got 20 followers so don't think this comment'll harm me too much!!


    ps. i really really really love this outfit; i admire your boldness in your fashion sense. wish i had your confidence, girl.

  49. **cough** I didn't say Olivia dressed like a hooker. I said I have NEVER seen her dress like a hooker.

    While I wouldn't wear all of your outfits m'dear, I don't judge you for wearing them. True, we are called to follow God, but everyone will have a different walk with God. And we can't judge others for what they wear or what they do.

    Everyone is different. Like I stated in my above comment I don't wear mini skirts, but I don't hate or judge Olivia because she does. And just because I wear jeans, my friends don't judge me because I do.

    We cannot judge other people for what they wear. It's not right or biblical. God calls us to love everyone. And we don't show Christ's love by leaving anonymous nasty comments.

    BTW- I dress modestly, but the last thing that I want to do is look like a nun or a frump. Don't get me wrong, I choose not to wear short shorts or mini skirts because I have had bad experiences with guys, and it's a personal choice, but dressing frumpish is the last thing on my mind! I follow the latest trends and I make them my own!

    What it all comes down to is that this is a stupid argument. In my lifetime I have received many hurtful comments from so-called friends telling me that my dress made me look like a slut (it didn't), I shouldn't wear nail polish or makeup. AND that I shouldn't wear pants. I'm conservative, but I'm not super conservative. I try to dress decent, while looking fashionable. I wear long skirts, but I also wear dresses above the knee. I wear shorts and I also wear jeans.

    If you don't like the way Olivia dresses then don't read her blog. I know most of you left nice comments and a few of you voiced your options nicely, but please be nice! Judgmental comments hurt! I'm sorry if I come across as rude or nasty, that's not my intention. I just think it's STUPID to be arguing over what's modest and what's not. True, being modest is important, but it's what's in your HEART is also important.

    Love your blog Olivia! You are amazing and you are a beautiful young woman! Keep up the good work! <3 <3 <3

  50. In my family we talk about modesty alot, and in my opinion, this outfit is completely modest. And also, NONE of Olivia's outfits make her look like a "hooker"! My mother doesn't let me wear short skirts or short shorts, but I don't hate people who DO wear them!! If you don't like it then don't come here.

    I am also a Christian, but I agree with Katie that it's not true that all religions are intermingled. Not trying to be hurtful, just stating my beliefs as well.

    I enjoy your blog and love getting some fashion inspiration from you now and then, and I am also trying to be kind. I think that even if people disagree with you, they should be mature enough to show respect.

    I dress modestly because I choose too. And it's truly the inside that counts with God.


  51. Sometimes it is best to ignore all the rules everyone else puts forth and just read the Bible for yourself. Others don't need to be condemning or judging you because of the way you dress -- it just makes Jesus seem totally critical, which he isn't. Jesus said that we should take the log out of our own eye before we try to take the speck of dust out of someone else's eye. The main thing we all should be worried about is chastity until marriage and receiving salvation. You won't go to hell because of how you dress.

    I don't have anything to say about your religious beliefs, because i don't feel it is in my place to tell someone how they ought to go about their relationship with the Lord. I'm only a gal of 15 years old, still trying to figure out half the bible myself. who am i to advise you on your Christian walk?

  52. Olivia,

    May I just say that you will never loose me as a follower because I think that you are amazing, in the sense that you have amazing fashion sense, are amazing at photography and I really enjoy reading your posts.

    The above would never change because of what religion you are. I am not going to say what religion I am because I would probably get shouted at by others, but that's not the point.

    Sorry If that made no sense to you at all, I have a light headache. Sorry.

    Alanna :D

  53. Oh, and I love the new look for HF...

  54. I agree 100% with what you said Sheean! Very, very, very well put! :)

    In my opinion (ha!) everyone will have their own standards and we can't judge them for that. You won't go to hell if you dress in a mini-skirt, and you also won't go to hell for watching a movie about wicca. For example- Personally, I have seen quite a few "secular" movies and enjoyed them. While I don't endorse everything in them, I do like the movies, and I won't go to hell because I watched them.

    Okay, I'll shut up and get off my soapbox. Y'all are probably sick of hearing me comment! ;)

  55. Katie, I agree with you as well about the whole "better being cold than lukewarm." Christians worship God and God only. There is nowhere in the Bible where Jesus says that it is ok to worship/be a part of other religions. If you believe that it is ok to be part Hindu, part wicca, etc. you might as well throw away your Bible and believe you don't need Christianity to get to Heaven.

  56. @Anna- I do agree that you can only be cold, luke-warm, or hot in your Christianity. But, we also cannot say whether or not others are cold or hot in their faith. That is for God to decide and not us.

    Remember, God see's others hearts! We can't.

  57. I'm going to leave all those comments up because I'm all about free speech. But let's just say that you and I obviously have different ideas. I'm happy that your ways work for you, but don't go missionary on MY blog.
    As well meaning as you may be, saying that YOUR way is the ONLY way is very offensive. If, say, a Muslim came up to you and told you that you were going to hell for not following each letter if the Koran, what would YOU do?
    I honestly do not believe in heaven or hell. There are aspects if each religion that I find appealing. I appreciate your concern but I don't need to be "saved" nor do I need prayers that I will walk the righteous path.
    Oh and while I'm at it: GO GAYS!

  58. Ps: @Katie Wegner: I honestly feel sorry for you. Seriously. I'm dreadfully horribly sorry for you.

  59. And @MCat: I am sure as hell not changing the way I dress because a couple close-minded individuals put up a fuss!

  60. Okay, one last comment then I'm done:
    Big hugs to everyone who contributed to this little catfight. It was funny.
    Let's be clear. I'm not changing my faith, my fashion sense, or my blog. NOT DOING IT. All three are personal and while it's fine to have an opinion it would be nice if you'd keep it to yourself about religion. I don't care if you think I dress like a slut because I and everyone else knows that no, I don't sell sex.
    But to say there is only one truth and one way of worship is, in my opinion, completely ridiculous. I'm as stubborn as the next girl but if you get to say that your way is the only right one then I get to say that you sorts of people are the reason I am uncomfortable labeling myself as a Christian.
    (by the way, I've always wondered: do you guys still think we should stone people to death? It's in the bible, after all...)
    Okay, all done. Let the unfollows commence and good riddance if you're so closed minded.

  61. Olivia, oh I am sitting at my computer screen laughing! Oh, I wish I had your guts! Unfortunately, I might be opinionated, but I wish I could just speak my mind like you do! ;)

    Let me get one thing straight, I think we should all just tone this down. This is stupid. We aren't honoring God by arguing about what's right and what's wrong. Ok? So girls, let's just stop. That's just my two cents! ;)

  62. One last thing for me as well (unless, that is, you wish to continue on) on. #1 The Koran is not even true. #2 I am not claiming to be Muslim, am I?

    What can I say? We are a world that gets offended very easily by many things and if you think what WE are saying is offensive, you yourself should think hard about what you have put.

  63. One last thing- there is no right or wrong way to be a Christian. Everyone's walk will be different. My walk is different from Olivia's and Olivia's is different from Anna's. And we can't argue over there being a right or wrong way.

    BTW- How did this cat fight go from modesty to religion anyways??????

    Olivia is probably going to ban me from her blog after all my comments right????

  64. RJ: Actually, weird as it may seem. We are honoring God (or at least those of us taking up for our salvation are). We are taking up for our religion and our salvation and therefore it IS arguing for a good reason. The Bible even states that man was made to argue. This is most certainly not stupid and just because Olivia is not happy with our comments doesn't mean this all is stupid or "not honoring God."

  65. Olivia,
    The Bible has guidelines for modesty and tells us why witchcraft is a sin. I am not judging you - I am just telling you what The Word says.

    You do not believe in one way to heaven? Or that there is a heaven or hell?

    Oh, so you're an atheist, then. No true beliefs - you just follow whatever religions "interest" you.

    I will pray for you. After I unfollow.

    --Love MCat

  66. PS: Thank you, Anna, for standing with me. I appreciate it.

  67. Mary Catherine, it is my pleasure. When it comes to Christianity and standing up for my beliefs...I TOO am the "stubborn girl next door." Your points were very true and I applaud you for standing up for your beliefs.

    For those of you who think this argument is stupid and pointless, take a look at this verse (at least those of you who are Believers):

    "Come now, let us reason together," says the LORD. "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool."

  68. By the way - Olivia, your arguments for the most part have been "Ad Hominem" which means instead of only trying to argue your point and prove your point, you are verablly attacking the person (being those of us who are trying to prove our points).

  69. I agree with May Catherine and Anna Gray, and I'm standing by both of you.
    But I also agree with other people, that everyone's Christian walk is different. But Olivia I'm sorry you can't say that you can have a little bit of both all religions.

    " I am the WAY the Truth and the Light, No one
    comes to the Father but through ME"

    I think that says it right there that you can't choose what you want out of each religion to fit your life style, and I can see how that is what your doing. And to say Go Gays. I'm so Sorry, where in the bible does it say that it is OK to be Gay?

    Olivia I don't want you to feel sorry for me,
    I'm not perfect, and I need to strive more in my walk with Christ, But I feel VERY SORRY FOR YOU TOO! lol I guess we are even.


  70. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  71. Ok, I really don't want to argue about this, personally (no offense) but I think it's pointless.

  72. Ok, here's another thing, (and I'm sorry if this adds fuel to the fire) but we can voice or opinion without being rude or too opinionated!

    Obviously, non-christians read Olivia's blog, but what kind of impression are we giving them of Christians if we come across as judgmental, pushy, and rude??? If I have come across that way I am truly sorry.

    God loves everyone. And everyone will have different standards of modesty and they will have a different walk with God. And we CANNOT judge other's for how they dress or what they do. One of my closet friends is a atheist, but I still love her to death and don't hate and judge her because of it.

    Just some thoughts......

  73. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  74. I'm kind of offended here. Olivia is freely expressing her beliefs and is now laughing at our beliefs. And she's also being very rude to those of us who are sending our condolences! I 100% agree with Anna Gray's comment. I do not see Christian fruit in Olivia's life. I'm very disappointed in the direction this conversation has gone in. Seriously, Olivia, if you can't choose one religion to fully believe in you might as well be an atheist. I'm not asking you to change your religion or the way you dress. I honestly think that you look amazing in everything you put on. But I am very, very disappointed.


  75. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  76. number one. LOVVEEE the new design. like seriously. love.

    number two. i am a strong Christian and I don't think your outfit is immodest at all. I really don't. Your bra strap is showing but you know what? I don't think you did that on purpose.

    number three. Anna Gray, I agree with everything your saying. I just don't wanna be in this argument. ♥

    number four. what you want to wear, talk about, and do with your life/blog/whatever is up to you. good luck to you, girl.

  77. I find it interesting that you all get offended when I say that YOU are wrong but you're perfectly fine with telling me (very forcefully) that I am wrong. The only one who can judge who's right and who's wrong us whatever divine power you choose to believe in. And you're not that power. So do shut up.

    This has just gotten out of control. Thanks to the people who contributed reasonably to this discussion. Those who were abrasive and rude, please get off my blog. You're not welcome here. Kay?

    Comments closed.


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